Private Property Manager

Posted by: danieldrosa1 · 1593423128

HighlI am a highly effective Senior Specialist with over 20 years of experience performing tailored assist and specialist services to High-Network Individual’s, such as managing and protecting their extensive assets.

From a previous successful Military career, furthermore as Private Security Detail as well as Private Investigator before turning into Private Property Management & Safety. Engaged with natural governance attitude, I possess the natural instincts and insight needed to percept and identify deficiencies and the personal fortitude and integrity needed to take the appropriate actions to unclear situations, issues and problems.

I am currently looking for an opportunity, geared towards providing a significant assistance on behalf of a private employer who rewards hard work, appreciates ability and loyalty. This objective will be achieved by employing each practice and component of the proficiencies attained from my preceding career topics to present-day prominence alongwith the insight of discretion and confidentiality.