Every Day's a Festival in Cannes - FREE Music to Enjoy!


Every Day’s a Festival in Cannes

Click on this YouTube link to listen and thrill to Leo King’s exuberant new song for the Côte d’Azur!!!



Leo King  +33626938081  clubline@clubline.uk.com


Allons Viral!  Love it, Sing it, Share it!  Spread the joy!  Forward and promote the link to friends, family, contacts, copains et copines.  Broadcast, email, Tweet, Blog, IG, WA…  Festival should be pumping out of Alpes Maritimes radio stations, and beyond, soaring globally across the internet!


Performers and Instrumentalists:  Feel free to play Festival, busk it, be-bop it, rap it.  Let’s hear saxes, guitars, and keyboards playing it, live, and people happily singing along with you, in Riviera bars, cafés, clubs and streets!


Calling all artistes, managers, producers, promoters, event organizers, and entrepreneurs

Anyone in or having connections with the music, entertainment, event and hospitality industries: please let’s partner in developing Every Day's a Festival in Cannes, and release it commercially.  (And how about a funky new Festival dance to go with it – shall we call it the Cannes-Cannes…?).  All proposals considered.  Perhaps there is a Big Name Artist or Celeb out there looking for a great new anthemic hit song?


The Composer

Leo King’s ‘Sydney Two Thousand’s The Place To Be’, blending musically with Banjo Patterson’s famous ‘Waltzing Matilda’, featured on Australian radio in the run-up to the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.  His compositions in the pop/rock genre include ‘Save The Blues’, marking the 50th anniversary in 2004 of the birth of rock’n’roll.  With ‘The Diamond Jubilee Anthem’ he produced in 2012 a magnificent instrumental and choral work celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years on the throne.


A Special Song Just for You

Music always enhances a corporate, family, personal, public or community occasion.  Dramas, videos and movies work best with a sensitive, dynamic, tailored score underpinning atmospheric sound design.  Leo will compose and produce your very own standalone musical work, theme branding, or incidental score, creating a uniquely awesome, exciting musical jewel just for you!


Please Contact:  Leo King  +33626938081  clubline@clubline.uk.com



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