Everyday Shaman


Be the difference and make a difference in your life

  • Learn to see the world through the eyes of the Shaman. 
  • Experience techniques to release old habits, patterns and blocks in your life. 
  • Discover the power that is always within you to say YES to your life. 
  • Realize that you are significant and that you do make a difference.

Classes at Les Vallées facilitate you to delve deeply into the philosophy of the Peruvian Shaman.

A place where you learn how your energy field holds the script for the life that you live and how you can change the script.

Experience simple and effective ways of releasing heavy energy (old beliefs, emotions and habits) from the energy body so lightening the load on the physical body and your physical life.

Learn the different levels of engagement. Here the shaman share with us ways of accessing our inner wisdom and how to alter the direction we are heading keeping our personal work mythic and energetic enabling us to move away from drama and emotion towards a place of clarity, certainty and courage.

Nicky and Margaret are also available for personal one to one shamanic coaching.

Nicky is a former senior staff member and teacher of the Four Winds society in the US founded by Dr Alberto Villoldo.

Margaret is co-founder of Les Vallées retreat centre and Shamanic teacher.


You can ring Nicky based in Mandelieu France on mobile 0033 0620135598  or landline 0033 493496092 – email: [email protected]

and Margaret who is based in St Martin de Connée on 0033 0243374984 – email: [email protected]

More information can be found on www.everydayshaman.uk and www.lesvallees.co.uk