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Contessa Eau Perfume available now! 

The Countessa eau perfume was developed in Italy under direction of the Italian Countess Donatella Pecci-Blunt one of the founders of the Royal Lifestyle Corporation collaborating with some world famous names in the perfume industry. Available online now before releasing in the shops! Order now via the site. One of a kind scent and long lasting.

"This perfume drives men crazy and ignites their imagination" - The Roman Countess Donatella Pecci-Blunt.


Jack Charles Men's Fragrance available now!

Developed alongside Countessa Eau Perfume this perfume is for the Men! Tried and tested this fragrance drives the woman "crazy" and brings them to their knees! 


Two exquisite new scents available now that will excite all senses! Please order via the links below or via


Jack Charles Seniors and Ladies Golf Clubs /


Designed by Jack Charles himself the perfect Golf Clubs! Available now online. Check out now "The only one" the world's longest hitting golf club! Up your game today. Please visit the site to see the range of golf clubs available. Please feel free to contact us for any orders or requests. As seen on national TV.


Movie and Advertising Productions

A Royal Lifestyle & Jack Charles Movie productions coming soon!

Please contact for more Information Jack Charles CEO and President of The Royal Lifestyle Corp

Tel: (Monaco) +33 680 860 281 - Email:


Movie trailers can be found on Youtube - search "John Jumano" and "The coolest guy in Hollywood"


NOTE: When you order a bottle of our new "Countessa" perfume you will be automatically entered into a draw for a chance to get a "walk on" part in one of the Royal Lifestyles movies and an invitation to a gala opening in Miami, Florida. Be a part of a feature movie that is going to be a major "Hollywood Blockbuster".