Sulina Piat


Private English teacher for children, teaching with books and games. Speciality, the English Entrance Exam for the CIV Valbonne and the CP English section in Mougins Le  Haut and Valbonne school.

I am English living in Mougins.  Willing to service a 15 minute drive radius. 

I'm a native English speaker who speaks French, and most of the children I teach have French parents who do not necessarily speak English. The parents simply wish their children to speak English, very often to pass a test for an International school or because the family is moving to an English speaking country.
This year I taught:

-Lemonie, six years old to speak, read and write in English. She is joining a bilingual school in  Pegomas.

-Lou, eleven years old, who after 15 months speaks English well and passed her interview for Stanislas with a report from her French school teacher mentioning how impressed she was to see her pupil speak English so well! 
-Arthur, five years old, who passed the test for the English section in CP in Valbonne. 
-Andrea, ten years old, who passed his test into the CIV English section in Valbonne.
I have other children who are progressing very well in English.
References for this year from two families:
Claire, mother of 5 year old Arthur-'Thanks to you Arthur passed the test for the CP International section in Valbonne and were so happy about it! With your lessons he really made progress and without even noticing he was working hard. You had plenty of ideas to make it fun while you were building his vocabulary or improving his comprehension.'
Magali, mother of 10 year old Andrea-'Sulina a su adapter a mon fils pour faire ressortir le meilleur de lui meme dece fait il a passe le test d'entree en 6eme en section international avec success.'