Asha Laurent: Integrative Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst & Sex Therapist

Fully qualified, native English-speaking integrative psychotherapist, psychoanalyst and sex therapist working with adults.

Asha uses interactive methods based on individual needs, to help her patients work through their personal difficulties/traumas to attain a deeper understanding of themselves and their patterns of functioning.


  • Asha trained at the European Institute of Applied Psychology (France). Her thesis for her Masters qualification focused on the pathologies of the mother-daughter relationship and on adoption issues.

  • She is a qualified member of the French Federation of Psychotherapy.

  • Asha completed her specialization training (Masters) as a sex therapist in 2012. She deals primarily with women who have been emotionally, physically or sexually abused.

  • Offers grief counseling

  • Counseling for people who have suffered or are suffering from an illness

  • Asha has also trained with two renowned French psychoanalysts in Paris and Nice.

  • She worked for over a year on a voluntary basis for the SOS Crisis Line in France.