AXA Banking & Mortgages

AXA Group - a worldwide global mortgage company with local presence. We offer the lowest rates for your whole capital repayment and interest only mortgage. Covering the whole of France. Online banking. English staff. Call Tony on 04 97 11 71 17.

We offer a complete range of property loans for your French real estate. Including 100% mortgage and finance your renovations. Our British mortgage consultants setup, manage and accompany you throughout your project in English.

French Mortgage Products:

• Repayment The monthly repayments consist of repaying the capital amount borrowed and the accrued interest. The big advantage of a repayment mortgage is that at the end of the mortgage term, the full amount of the debt has been repaid

• Interest Only the interest on the principal balance is paid, with the principal balance unchanged

• Combination of Interest Only and Repayment

• In fine
• In different currency
Interest Rates:
• Fixed for the term. ?The rate is fixed for the term, provides all the security in that you will no suffer any interest rate fluctuation. A fixed rate cannot be “unfixed”
• Fixed for a period
• Caped
• Variable? The rate is reviewed and revised quarterly thereafterTracks the Euribor or Tibor, the monthly instalments remain the same throughout the remaining term of the loan(*).