Christelle Hallot

From Child custody dispute to divorce proceedings, she will assist and represent you on all fronts of family law.  Are you currently facing legal problems concerning marriage, divorce or adoption proceedings? Are you trying to obtain custody of your children, or do you fear that you are about to lose custody?

Family law determines legal relations between persons related by marriage, civil unions, family and loved ones or who are under protectorate guardianship. For these especially complicated cases, it is highly recommended to take advice from a lawyer. She can represent you in court and outside. Christelle HALLOT is trained and certificated in Collaborative Law to sort out any family disputes as an alternative to litigation.

She can assist with:

   divorce (by mutual consent or litigation)

   separation of spouses, domestic partners, PACS partners

   liquidation of the matrimonial or undivided

   parental authority issues


   child custody and visitation