Eli Cookson

I am an international counsellor and psychotherapist who works in English, French and Italian. This is an important facet of my work as it is fundamental to be able to express one’s thoughts in one’s mother tongue. I counsel online as well as in my office in Antibes, offering sessions that fit your schedules.

I work with individual adults, couples and young people who seek help in dealing with depression, anxiety, bereavement, mental health issues, career difficulties, relational and behavioural concerns and more. 

I work for different Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) providers worlwide and also offer critical incident response interventions. 

Each one of us has a past that may or not have impacted our present. We might have been victims of traumatic events, but we don’t refer to them as traumatic, because trauma is not the event but the way it impacts the person. The same event impacts people on different levels, which for some may not be traumatic at all. Therefore, though there may be similar cases they will never be dealt with in the same way, because of the uniqueness of the person. The type of therapy is ‘cut to fit’ the needs of the client and not the other way around. These types are BT (behavioural therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), CFT (Compassion Focused Therapy), PTSD Therapy, Mindfulness and Relaxation, and others. 

I belong to the Compassionate Mind community and mostly work with Compassion Focused therapy. I am a student of Professor Paul Gilbert who pioneered and developed this type of therapy whereby we acknowledge that our brains are often ‘tricky’. In therapy we try to find ways to develop a compassionate nature within ourselves that foster acceptance, improvement, and change. Depressions, disabling expressions of emotions such as anger, shame, sadness, and so on, can find their own space without being harmful.  For this to be achieved, everyone is welcome to a safe space that is characterised by positive unconditional regard, where trust and therapeutical alliance can grow and thrive. It is only in such an environment that people feel confident enough to share personal and intimate concerns that are handled with the outmost care to bring on the desired transformation. 

I am accredited by the National Counselling Society and counsel according to the BACP code of ethics. 

Sessions can be arranged via my website: https://elicounsellor.wixsite.com/antibes/contact, or email elicounsellor@hotmail.com