Fiona Forbes - Counsellor, Life Coach and Teacher

I offer you 20 years experience of counselling; adults, children and couples, to deal with difficult issues in their lives. Talking to a qualified therapist can help you, take the weight off your shoulders and help you to see things clearer.

Having overcome huge tragedies in my life, I know how you feel.

I will provide you with a safe, relaxed environment to share your problems, without judgement and help you to find a way, through the difficult times.

I am a Certified Counsellor, Life Coach and Teacher and have helped people from all over the world, overcome terrible crisis, hurt, fear, addiction and sadness.

  • Are you feeling lost ?
  • Feel like you have nobody to talk to ?
  • Do you feel frustrated and insufficient ?
  • Are you unhappy with your body ?
  • Are your relationships in turmoil ?
  • Have you suffered redundancy or struggling to settle in France ?
  • Have you just become a parent and are struggling ?
  • Are you desperately trying to conceive or suffered miscarriage ?
  • Are you dealing with ill health, HIV, cancer ?
  • Is fear, addiction, sadness, anger and or jealousy, blocking your life?
  • Have you experienced extreme trauma or loss, that completely overwhelms you?
  • Is stress or depression ruining your life ?
  • Would you like to feel more in control of your life, to feel free and happy again??

Let me help you, find your way.

Here are some of my testimonials :

' I first went to see Fiona, after my 5th IVF failure ! I was devastated, helpless, lost and extremely depressed. Fiona was extremely kind and quickly made me feel at ease. She took the time to listen to me, and to understand my situation. Then she taught me different methods of mind control, meditation and visualisation. Fiona helped me believe in myself again. She even helped me change my diet and called me when she was on holiday. I am happy to say, that i now have two beautiful, 5 month old twins. Fiona helped me get my mind and body in the right place, to fall pregnant through IVF. The other benefit is, that i can use the tools she taught me, in all areas of my life.'Mercedes G

'I was struggling with my divorce and i felt like somebody had stolen my life. I was nervous about meeting with a counsellor, but it was the best thing I ever did. The pain of not seeing my children on a daily basis and watching my ex wife with another man, almost destroyed me. Fiona helped me deal with the hurt, to regain my self confidence and she taught me acceptance. Fiona also helped me to make structured action plans for the future, to create a new life of tranquillity, that i originally thought impossible. Thank you Fiona. Chris S

'My 13 year old was suffering from bullying, poor self esteem and was overweight. I had tried everything but she wouldn't listen to me. Fiona's fun energetic approach worked wonders ! My daughter thought the sessions were really 'cool'. Fiona cleverly disguised her techniques through fun activities and taught my daughter to believe in herself again. She is now much more confident, more assertive and she has lost weight. Now Sarah, my 13 year daughter, is like a different person. But most importantly when she starts to struggle emotionally or with other kids, she uses the tools Fiona taught her to deal with her problems, this is the best gift you can give anyone .'Belinda G

It is an absolute privilege for me, to be a part of your journey, and it gives me great pleasure, to see my clients, find peace and happiness again.

In my own life, I have suffered great loss, tragedy and pain. Having overcome these experiences, I have the strength and skills, to help you get back on your feet.

If you really need help, don't be embarrassed, everybody has issues. The sooner you start to deal with your issues, the sooner things will start to change.

Call me today and we will organise a free phone consultation to get you started on your journey back to happiness.

Call Fiona on 0778050097.

Bed (Hons) degree Education and Psychology

Advanced Diploma in Counselling.