Glass Pool Fencing

Beautifully designed frameless glass fencing installed by our own English speaking professional specialists. For pool safety (Fully compliant to French regulation NFP90-306), fall prevention and wind protection. We work in the UK and France.

Ammonite Design Ltd is the UK’s only dedicated specialist in frameless glass fencing - its all we do and with over 33 years of glass experience, we like to think we do it very well indeed! 

As well as in the UK, our portfolio stretches across France from the Dordogne to the Principality of Monaco, so we can probably guide you to an existing client in your area if you want to ask them about us or our installations. 

Beautifully designed frameless glass fencing installed by our own English speaking professional specialists. It’s aimed at pool safety, fall prevention and wind protection.
What's most impressive is that there are no poles, no handrails and nothing else to take your eye away from what you want to look at - be it the children playing in and around the pool, or yourwonderful view of your garden or the scenery. The fence simply disappears, which is why some of our project photos appear to have nothing in them other than pools and mountains! If you want the best - simply look no further. 

In France there are heavy penalties for failing to comply with the safety laws (€45,000). We only design and install our fencing to the French NF P90-306 standard regardless of whether we are working in France or the UK. 

The frameless glass fencing is custom made for each project from 12mm toughened safety glass (EN12150 standard). All of our metalwork is A316l (marine grade) brushed stainless steel and requires only an occasional clean. Most of our stainless steel is made to our design specifically for us, as we found most of the components available ‘off the shelf’ were of poor standard in the long term. Our gates are self-closing, self-latching and can also be key locked to keep little people out of harms way. 

Everyone says their product is the best and that their installations are quality and usually they are when the fence first goes in. Only after some time can you tell if the installation is 
as promised. To give our clients security and peace of mind we like to keep in touch with to extend our guidance, support and expertise for the lifetime of the fence. 

We are proud to support with their fantastic work with teaching babies and small children to self-help if they find themselves in water. Please do check out their website and see how education as well as our safety fences can protect your loved ones. 

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