Katrin Scanlan - Clinical Psychologist

UK doctorate (DClinPsych). I offer therapy and assessment for all ages in English, French and German, as well as psychometric testing, including formal IQ tests (WISC-IV) in English for children aged 6 to 17. Based in Valbonne.

Sometimes the enjoyment of life, relationships or work can be overshadowed by difficulties. It is often a difficult process to reach a decision to seek therapy or psychological assessment. More often than not many solutions have already been tried. It can then also be a daunting prospect to speak to a stranger about emotive, personal issues. A clinical psychologist can offer a safe and confidential space to explore these difficulties and find ways forward. 

As a tri-lingual clinical psychologist living in the south of France, I offer psychological support, assessment and therapies in English, German or French. 

If a more formal assessment of psychological functioning is necessary, I offer psychometric and cognitive testing for children in English. I use standardised clinical tools  (e.g. WISC-IV) to identify particular strengths and areas of difficulty as well as provide a general indication of intellectual functioning or memory. These tests are often requested when teachers or parents highlight that a child is struggling at school, to support the identification of learning difficulties as well as to help identify other types of cognitive, psychological or emotional problems that may be hindering the child’s educational progress. 

A number of other specialist tests have been developed to help identify the presence and severity of a wide range of psychological difficulties in adults and children, such as mental health symptoms, parenting difficulties, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention and hyperactivity, obsessive compulsive disorder and so on. These can also be administered as appropriate.

If you are uncertain about meeting a psychologist or simply want to find out more about mental health and therapy, my website (www.katrinscanlan.com) has additional information and includes a page of useful links, providing information, helplines, self-help manuals, a free online therapy programme and less formal websites about the personal experience of mental illness. Equally, you can make an initial 30-minute appointment with me for free to discuss your concerns and ask any questions. 

As a member of the British Psychological Society, I continue to keep abreast of professional developments in the UK as well as in France and adhere to professional codes of conduct and ethical principles. I am registered with the Agence Régionale de Santé of the PACA region (numéro adeli: 06-93-0931-8).