Les Colibris

Bilingual French/English Montessori school open to children from age 2 to 12. School follows the principles of Montessori education, the "Whole Child". In the heart of Sophia Antipolis (06) at 3735 Route Des Dolines.

Montessori System: An Education for life

We take into account the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs of the children.

The classrooms are adapted to each stage of a child’s development and the children work with Montessori materials, which are scientifically designed and self-correcting, to encourage their independence. Moreover, In the classrooms, children are grouped by age bracket (2-3 years, 3-6 years, 6-9 years, 9-12 years). This supports an individual approach, encourages the children to help each other and promotes team spirit rather than competition.

Contact with the older children stimulates the interest of the youngest. The children develop curiosity, communication and self-respect.

The Children’s success:

To continually stimulate the curiosity of the children, the teachers use sensory materials, social interaction and the freedom to move around the classroom. Through repetition, the control of error (by feedback from the teachers) and friendly communication, children learn to concentrate and become self-confident. Motivated, they become independent and responsible. They blossom and become stakeholders in their own success!

Multicultural Environment:

We welcome children of all nationalities, whether bilingual or inexperienced in French or in English. Every class is supervised by two teachers, one of French mother tongue and one of English mother tongue. The activities and the materials are therefore offered in two languages.

Besides being multicultural, we are opened to the world:

An annual conference at the United Nations in Geneva enables the children, aged 7-12 years old, to formulate ideas and present and debate current issues, studied in class during the year: peace, security, human rights, children’s rights, child labour, pollution, famine.

The children understand and respect human rights, cultures and political points of view, and propose solutions.