Lori's Catering - Lori Mazziotta Gardet

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Specialising in Mediterranean cuisine, we cater for weddings,  cocktail receptions, intimate dinner parties and birthday celebrations.  We invite you to enjoy this moment and the company of your guests while we take care of the rest!

Inspired by the sun-kissed flavours of the Mediterranean palate, our menus include traditional Provençal dishes as well as items with a modern fusion twist.  

Weddings: We know that your wedding is the day when only perfection will do!  Whether your dream wedding is a large event or a small intimate affair, we will be by your side to make sure that everything is perfectly, uniquely, your own, and that your day unfolds in seamless splendour.  

Don't forget that Cote d'Azur weather and open-air cooking go hand in hand! Make the most of your al fresco dining experience by savouring our selection of barbecue menus and wide array of salads, tapas and antipasti.  Or try our house speciality: paella cooked on an open wood fire. 

Craving flavours from farther away? Indulge in a variety of Middle Eastern mezze and North African tajines and couscous. 

Vegetarian/Vegan: A wide variety of creative, deeply satisfying presentations- profoundly nourishing and imaginatively healthful; sourcing local and organic products— specially designed for vegetarians and vegans, but appreciated by everyone.