Monte-Carlo Weddings

Wedding planner specialising in romantic, fairy-tale "Weddings that come True!" We even take care of all those extras such as RSVPs and guest hotel accommodation etc. Accredited by Assoc. of Bridal Consultants, the AFWPI and the NAPWS (UK).

Can you imagine yourself looking out over the Mediterranean on your wedding day, with your future partner by your side? How perfect would that be?

Can you imagine hearing the sound of the waves splashing on the beach and the birds singing in the trees, all accompanied by the smell of lush local flowers drifting your way? What a symphony for the senses!

The Côte d’Azur is a perfect place for a destination wedding, with easy access by air (so that all of the guests can fly in) and – obviously, stunning, beautiful, romantic settings which will make their way into your wedding photo album and therefore remain with you forever.

Our job is to make your wedding unique: the bespoke experience youve always dreamt about and which will leave your guests speechless. When couples visit our offices they see dozens and dozens of pictures of former MCW couples on our walls, each of whom have had very, very different types of weddings.

In fact, one of the most satisfying and  enjoyable aspects of planning someones wedding is the knowledge that this particular type of wedding has never happened before, nor will it ever happen again.

We are not here to create  “cookie-cutter weddings," or “wedding packages." We are here to create your vision.