Music for High Sensations

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Music for High Sensations is not just another wedding band. The group has evolved into one of the finest private party dance and pop bands in France, Italy, Spain and UK area. We feature other live music ensembles ranging from classical trios, jazz and swing quartets, bossanova, pop ensembles, big band orchestras, funky/soul  and even a steel drum/reggae group.

We design each event around the vision and the musical taste of each client. Be sure to ask about our band/Dj combinations for the maximum musical presentation.

Knowing that every crowd is completely different, we read the crowd's energy and choose the the best music accordingly.

This is how we keep all guests of all ages engaged in the music, on their feet and dancing throughout  the night!

If  you are looking for a Wedding Band in France, that is very high in energy, while still remaning sophisticated,  we are the company for you!

We are not the typical, cheesy wedding band company and so we understand what it is to create an atmosphere of elegance while still being in energy.

We want your guests to feel like they have attended the most original and outstanding event.

With our focus on an eclectic mix of music, we try to avoid the obvious, clichè choices. We understand how to keep those favorite classics alive while bringing a fresh approach to each event.

Please visit our website to discover our music and see our events.

Choose the best to be sure that your wedding will be unforgettable!

"Music for High Sensations": the best music ever!