Olivier Lecarme

Home computer: equipment selection, installation, maintenance, repair, home training and tutoring, and web site creation. Professional and personalised service. At La Carlota, 30 Avenue Riou Blanquet, Grasse (06).

I have been a computer scientist for many years. I decided to place my knowledge at your service. I can help you with  everything from advice to trouble shooting, including installation, teaching and preventive maintenance.

You can expect a personal service from me, finding the best solutions to all your computer problems!

  • I work only for private individuals, the users of home computers.
  • I promote and install only free software, independant of any commercial vendor.
  • I can help you with all the aspects of home computer use.
  • I always search for you the simplest and least expensive solutions.

Have a look through my website and see what I can do to help you, then, when you need further information, go to the  Contact page and contact in the way you prefer, in English of course.

See you soon!