Tele Valbonne

Sky Digiboxes, IPTV, satellite and terrestrial installations, & dish fitting for English & Scandinavian reception. Offers repairs and servicing for audiovisual equipment, home theatre systems & domestic appliances. Quote ANGLOTV for discount

- Sky Digiboxes and Sky cards, IPTV boxes
- Satellite or Terrestrial systems installations and repairs.
- Large-size dishes installations fitted for English and Scandinavian satellite reception.
- Sale and after-sales services, providing audiovisual equipments, domestic appliances, home theater systems, etc ...


Since 1965, our technicians provide a full professional premium quality service from Monaco to Saint-Tropez regarding :

- Satellite or Terrestrial systems installations and repairs.
- "Full HD", "4 K", Leds, Oleds TVs and Home-Theater systems selling and installation.
- We sell and repair all kinds of Audiovisuel Equipment and Domestic appliances.
- We create, install and put into service Audio/Video Multiroom.
- SKY UK and CANAL+/CANAL SAT, BIS TV satellite package subscriptions (creation of VPN network for Sky Go)
- IPTV (Adsl network) subscriptions for Russian Kartina and English Sky UK.
- Adsl network starting and setting.

If you had any English Channels reception problems you may also contact us for any modification of your existing satellite system.

BBC, ITV, Channel 4 / 5 , ... we make estimations and quotations about your own particular project.

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