Business & Commercial Lawyers

Find an English-speaking lawyer specialised in all aspects of commercial law as well as international and domestic business litigation. Get legal advice if you own a company or are starting a business on the French Riviera.

Matthew Delvigne
Bilingual lawyer in Nice. Fields of intervention include corporate law, income tax and inheritance law. 
Elisa Warbington
Bilingual French-qualified lawyer providing legal advice in commercial and civil matters. At 16 rue Leon Noel, Cannes (06).
Cabinet Banon et Philips
Multilingual law firm in Cannes specialising in tax law, commercial law and civil law. At 13 rue Antibes, Cannes.
Kelsen & Associes
Law firm based in Nice covering business and tax law, international business transactions, real estate law, bankruptcy law, civil law and family matters. Fluent English, Italian, Arabic and Spanish spoken with an in-depth knowledge of European law, Americ...
Fairview Cannes Law Firm
Business, labour, commercial, IT and intellectual property law as well as real estate and business litigation. At 11 rue du 24 Aout, Cannes (06).
Law Offices of Jean-Charles S. Gardetto
The law offices of Jean-Charles S. Gardetto are based in Monaco and have a strong international focus due in equal parts to the diversity of their clientele and to the nature of the cases they undertake.
Vaughan Avocats
Commercial law practice based on the French Riviera for employment litigation, mergers and acquisitions and assisting companies in diffculty.
Alvarez & Arlabosse
Business law, labour law and personal injury law. Office at 342 Via Nova, Frejus.
Arpege Law Firm
International law firm based in Cannes practising real estate law, business law and family law. English, Russian and French spoken. At 37 Rue d'Antibes, 06400 Cannes.
Avocat Sylvain Rostagni
With a particular focus on corporate, business and real estate laws, assisting both domestic and international clients, at every stage of their transactions and projects. In Sophia Antipolis.
Nathalie C. HARROP - English French LAWYER
Practicing since 2009, Nathalie is a British national qualified as a French lawyer handling a wide range of legal issues including Real Estate, Corporate Law, Inheritance & Wealth and Family Law. Contact us for any legal advice tailored to your needs....
Cabinet Brahin Avocats
Law office in Nice with French, Danish, English, German and Swedish speaking staff offering financial, private, international, construction litigation, property sale and leaseback services. Business hours from 10:00-17:00. At 1, rue Louis Gassin, Nice (06...