Counselling & Therapy

English-speaking psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and life coaches for families, couples, adolescents and children living on the French Riviera and in Monaco.

Showcase Star
I offer Counselling, Therapy & Coaching services (English-speaking) in the Cote d’Azur.  There are times in life when we feel stuck or lost. It can be helpful to talk with a qualified therapist to find some healthy solutions so you can begin to l...
Vanessa Corbera, LCSW
American counselor helping children, adolescents, young adults and their families.
Asha Laurent: Integrative Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist and...
Fully qualified, native English-speaking integrative psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, sex therapist and Certified Grief Recovery Method specialist working with adults.
Nikki Thomas-Orler (Ph. D, DESS Psych)
Fully qualified Clinical Psychologist, over 28 years experience in counselling and psychotherapy (illness, bereavement, relationship issues, emotional and adaptation difficulties). For all ages, English and French.
Brigitte Djian
Family and marriage counsellor, and mediation services for couples. Covering the areas of Nice, Cannes and Antibes.
Riviera Counselling
Andrea Best (BA MSC Psychology) offers help and support to those experiencing life changes, stress and anxiety, depression and other emotional difficulties. Based in Cannes but also available for telephone and web based counselling.
Maya John Prigioni
Hello, my name is Maya John Prigioni. I am a trained counsellor with a Bachelors degree in Psychology (India), a Masters degree in Psychology as well as a Diploma in Counselling (U.K.) and a Certificate in Cyber counselling (Canada).
Fiona Forbes - Counsellor, Life Coach and Teacher
I offer you 20 years experience of counselling; adults, children and couples, to deal with difficult issues in their lives. Talking to a qualified therapist can help you, take the weight off your shoulders and help you to see things clearer.
Thrive Within
Life and wellness coach working with women to help improve health, wellness, self-confidence, stress-resilience, communication skills and relationships.
Karen Rowe
Usui/Karuna and Angelic Reiki Master, offering training, workshops and Reiki Share evenings. Hypnotherapy for breaking alcohol addiction.
Excell Coach
Life coaching and hypnotherapy. Also coaching services for business men and women, couples and athletes. At 400 avenue Roumanille, Sophia-Antipolis (06).
Vanessa Corbera - Counselor
Re-imagine life stressors as controllable opportunities for personal growth. Success in working with cultural adjustment, life transitions, depression/anxiety, eating disorders, school concerns, and relationship issues.
Dorothy Foster - MBPsS, M.Sc
Qualified cognitive behaviour therapist for children, adolescents and adults. General, social anxiety and conduct disorders, self esteem and relationship difficulties, OCD, PTSD, phobias and stress.
Catherine Rouah
Based in Sophia Antipolis, Clinical psychologist for individuals, couples, families. Relationship problems, communication, stress & anxiety, depression, bereavement, psychosomatic disorders, weight, addictions. Considers mind and body in a global appr...
Coaching in France
A multicultural psychotherapist and wellness coach. I work with individuals, couples and families. My areas of expertise are: life transitions, depression, anxiety and stress management. I use various techniques such as sophrology and hypnosis.
Counselling Riviera
Madeleine Bocker is an accredited, counsellor and therapist and trainer of psychotherapists. She works with individuals and couples.
Natalia Oleksa - Clinical Psychologist
Talk therapy. Addictions, eating disorders, depression, stress, all forms of abuse, relationship and personality difficulties, post traumatic stress disorted (PTSD). Self-development and self-assessments. Located in Nice.
Mathieu Auriol
Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in Nice. Therapy and counselling for children, teenagers, adults, and couples, in English or French. At 27 rue de Paris, Nice.
Eli Cookson
Clinical counsellor and Psychodynamic psychotherapist using a variety of techniques in a non judgemental and positive environment. For individuals or couples, in English, French or Italian.
Katrin Scanlan - Clinical Psychologist
UK doctorate (DClinPsych). I offer therapy and assessment for all ages in English, French and German, as well as psychometric testing, including formal IQ tests (WISC-IV) in English for children aged 6 to 17.
Lynn Brera
Counsellor who helps to learn to cope with being alone, overwhelmed or emotionally bewildered and issues with alcohol, drugs or gambling. English, French and Italian spoken.
AnG Therapy (American n Global Therapy)
American therapist specialising in dealing with couples issues including infidelity, adjustment, depression, relational and communication.
Veronique Gengler
Family and couple therapist. Mediator of Nice Law School to help deal with separation and divorce. at 13 rue Sadi Carnot in Antibes.
Fiona Forbes
Qualified UK Teacher and Counsellor to children age 5-16 ,in all subjects, preparing for IB & IGCSE. Fluent in English, french and basic Russian. Experience teaching Internationally and previously taught at ISM.
Live Love Learn
I offer Counselling, Therapy & Coaching services (English-speaking) in the cote d’azur.  There are times in life when we feel stuck or lost. It can be helpful to talk with a qualified therapist to find some healthy solutions so you can begin to l...
Attitudes New-Start
Bilingual counselling, coaching and therapy. Degree in psychotherapy, training in psychosynthesis and T.A. 10 years experience accompanying change: identity and couple crisis, bereavement, career search, anger and stress management. Cannes area (06).
Carol McCloskey - Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Sessions for adults, children and couples. Offering you a personal, confidential and open space based on deep respect for the individual, to work through depression, grief, trauma and life crises in person or on line.
Sophie Benoit Therapy
Body-psychotherapist and massage teacher offering a technique to help clients find answers to life's difficulties. Also massage classes and treatments in Ayurvedic and traditional Thai massage.
Gabriel Kelen
Psychiatrist in Cannes treating couples, parents, adults and young adults.
Breast Start
A UK trained peadiatric nurse with a special interest in supporting breastfeeding mothers. Offers group antenatal workshop and opportunities to meet other expectant mums, and postnatal visit in the comfort of your home with an experienced professional.
The Marriage Course
A 7-week course designed for couples looking for practical support to strengthen and invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage
Monaco Coaching & Strategies
Personal development, counselling, stress management and strategies for life coaching. Also career counselling and various development workshops.
Emergence Coaching
Qualified coach and NLP/Neuro-Semantics master practitioner for life coaching sessions. Available in Nice and throughout the French Riviera.
The Counselling Service
Mim Kay, a U.K. trained counsellor offers online counselling by email as well as a face to face and telephone counselling service. Offers a choice of help towards general physical and emotional wellbeing, through complete psychotherapy and counselling.
Riviera Therapy
Individual counselling, couples therapy and coaching to clients on the French Riviera. Also specialist in sex therapy. Her clinic is situated in Beausoleil, just outside Monaco.