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Private clinics with English-speaking doctors and local hospitals with A&E departments on the French Riviera. Find out where to go and what to do in the event of a medical emergency.

Dental assistant male or female with experience or willing to qualify as a qualified assistant (more paid after 18 months stage)dynamic, good presentation,discrete and knowledge in dental logiciel and X-rays , in comptability,French & English required
Brussels-qualified GP. Canadian, South African internship. GMC (UK) registered NHS medical officer. SAMDC Registered family practitioner in South Africa. Coordinating doctor in international medical assistance and evacuations: M-E, S-E Asia, Africa.
Hospital at 54 rue Henri Sainte Claire Deville in Toulon (83).
Paediatric hospital at 57 avenue de la Californie, Nice (06).
Hospital at boulevard Ste Anne, Toulon (83). Emergency: 04 83 16 20 15.
Plastic surgery clinic at 2 avenue de Rimiez, Nice (06).
Multilingual specialists in general internal medicine, the elderly, ophthalmology, eye surgery, facial cosmetic procedures, ear, nose & throat and chiropractic services. Centre Medical Tassy, 46F Chemin du Canal (RD 19), Tourrettes (83).
Residential care home provides tailored medical support for ages 60 on a permanent or temporary basis. Scenic location in Beausoleil, most rooms are overlooking Mediterranean and Bay of Monaco. Relaxing environment located in a park of 1.6 hectares.
Hospital at 107 avenue de Nice in Antibes (06).
Hospital at 30 Voie Romaine, Nice (06).
Medicalised home with flexibility in the length of stays, 24 hour security, hotel-standard comfort, a high-quality restaurant and daily leisure activities. At 185 route Saint-Pierre de Feric in Nice (06).
Emergency facilities and hospital at 1508 Rond Point General Diego Brosset, RN 559, Gassin (83).
Hospital at chemin de Clavary, Grasse (06).
Centre for emergency care and treatment of cardiovascular and thoracic illnesses for adults and children. At 11 bis avenue dOstende, Monaco.
Emergency facilities at route Montferrat, Draguignan (83). Special psychiatry and drug dependence departments.
Hospital with emergency department at 2 avenue Antoine Peglion in Menton (06). Emergency department telephone: 04 93 28 72 43.
Bio-mechanic posture and walking analysis to find the cause of pain and to release tensions and body compensations with the use of active orthotics. At 13 Rue Sadi Carnot in Antibes and 4 ave Georges Clemenceau in Nice.
At 4 avenue de la Reine Victoria, Nice (06).
General, geriatric and gynaecological hospital at 579 rue Marechal Juin, Hyeres (83).
Hospital at avenue des Brousailles, Cannes (06).
English speaking clinic where treatments include dentistry, osteopathy, counselling and therapy for children. At 11b avenue du General de Gaulle in Beausoleil (06).
Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace, at avenue Pasteur, Monaco.
One hour total body scans using CT and MRI technology to give early detection of diseases such as lung cancer, breast cancer and carotid artery disease. Comprehensive blood analysis also provided. 27 avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco.
Laser treatment and refractive eye surgery for myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia and astigmatism. At 14 rue Paul Deroulede, Nice (06).
Emergency facilities and hospital at 5 rue Pierre Devoluy, Nice (06).
Frejus and St-Raphael hospital at 240 avenue St Lambert, Frejus (83).
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