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Lawyer in Nice since 2011, I have a strong experience with Anglo-Saxon clients and I work hard to provide the level of service my Anglo-Saxon clients expect. Fully licensed to practice in all regions of France, my office is located in Nice.
Zuccarelli Avocats
Commercial & society law, real estate law, customs law, international law, fiscal law, social right, intellectual property, criminal law of business affairs, civil right. Firm based in Nice.
Maître David Antoine
Law firm dealing in foreign law, real estate law, family law, labor law, professional sports law, victim compensation, criminal law and company law.
Philippe Camps
Law firm based in Nice, offers specialised services in real estate law, general disputes and civil law, commercial and business law. 
Cipre & Castel
Law firm offering wide range of services in corporate law, commercial law, employment, real estate & construction, debt collection, lease, insurance, adoption, inheritance law, civil law, intellectual property and internet/domain name.
Emmanuelle Vial
Divorce law, family law, criminal law and personal injury law. Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. At 10 Rue Tonduti de l'Escarène 06000 Nice. 
Pulinck Christine
Lawyer in Nice specialising in matters of Divorce. Also deals in family law, traffic accident, rental matter, real estate law and  succession. Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Maître Jean-Louis Sourny
Business law, labor law, real estate law, personal and family law. Service in French, Russian and Italian.
Ribeiro de Carvalho
Real estate and civil law services. At 16 Rue Lamartine 06000 Nice.
Zia Oloumi Avocats
International mobility law and litigation, criminal law and risk prevention, social and labor relations law, tax, inheritance and property law. At 15 rue Assalit, 06000.
Nathalie C. Harrop
Law firm based in Nice, specialising in areas of wealth & inheritance law, corporate law, family law and real estate. 
Benjamin Ferrier
Law firm with expertise in areas of criminal law, labor law, press law, civil litigation and aliens law. At 4 rue Jacques Offenbach - 06000 Nice.
Patrick Deudon Avocat
English-speaking lawyer established in the Riviera since 2000 with 15 years experience in serving international clients. Specialized in business law (contract law, recovery of claims, commercial/business law, labour law, real estate litigation).
Nicolas Brahin
Independent law firm specialising in areas of banking & finance, business, tax, trade, real estate & construction, private international law and international inheritance law.
Benjamin A. Kergueno
Attorney counsel dealing in real estate construction, personal injury law, taxation, dispute resolution & settlement practice, immigration law, intellectual property, corporate law, inheritance law and contract law.
Maître Emmanuel Mundet
Law firm based in Nice, offers a wide range of specialised services in all aspects of Taxation. Also deals in chartered accountants, notaries, bailiffs, lawyers. 
Alexia Oliver
Full service law firm offering a wide range of services. English speaking services offered. At 8, rue Gubernatis 06000 Nice.