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Where to get RFID key fobs copied 2 Home & Garden
Hello, Does anyone know Where to get an RFID gate key fob duplicated around Nice area. ?&...
started by: bwilliams-319712 · last update: 1472395307 · posted: 1472317813
young couple seeking for a room in Londo... 0 General
We are a french young couple, Celine and Adrian, 20 and 22 years old. We are going to London in October for a ye...
started by: Btise · last update: 1472389971 · posted: 1472389971
Interpreter Requested 3 General
started by: Brad-Terry-867374 · last update: 1472315862 · posted: 1471704458
Brexit....making UK ex-pats life difficu... 5 General
It appears that France and Italy are leading the charge to make life difficult for UK ex-pats with various veile...
started by: Carol -Lake-864531 · last update: 1472135528 · posted: 1471961616
Basic insurance cover needed in the UK 2 General
Hello, I'm looking for an insurance company for my daughter who is now working in the UK. She needs a basic cove...
started by: baabat · last update: 1472045549 · posted: 1471454762
Housing in the valbonne opio area 0 General
Retired couple searching for housing in the valbonne area.Could work out a few hours of garden work and a...
started by: bruins · last update: 1472041967 · posted: 1472041967
looking for a reasonably priced sworn tr... 2 General
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced sworn translator (traducteur assermenté/certifié/officiel) in French?...
started by: Goupil-198464 · last update: 1472041402 · posted: 1471884505
Garden Maintainence firm 0 Home & Garden
    Recommendation on a garden maintenance firm in the 06 area please
started by: claire-Barker · last update: 1472022433 · posted: 1470258683
Need a pet/house sitter this winter? 0 Pets & Animals
Is anyone looking for someone to mind pets or look after a property during the off season this year (2016-2017)?...
started by: carolineailbe-311440 · last update: 1471990108 · posted: 1471990108
Looking for a cleaner in Roquefort Les P... 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend a cleaner in the Roquefort Les Pins area? They would need a car and would ideally come 2-3x...
started by: Frances-317690 · last update: 1471975835 · posted: 1471975835
Wanted - steam wallpaper remover 3 Home & Garden
Looking for a steam wallpaper remover, I am in Nice. If you have one, please reply here with details, thanks.
started by: 22MetreSloop · last update: 1471964246 · posted: 1471862411
Looking for a cycling buddy 3 Sport & Leisure
Anyone in Nice fancy meeting up for cycling trips ?Middle aged Brit based in Nice, I ride a ro...
started by: 22MetreSloop · last update: 1471957428 · posted: 1471774753
Printer problems 1 General
I have a Hewlett Packard printer - for some reason over the last week or so it has been 1 page printing document...
started by: Big Bear-323387 · last update: 1471953411 · posted: 1471264109
Housekeeping job 0 AngloINFO Support
started by: cristymedina · last update: 1471950081 · posted: 1471950081
Does one really need to re-grout one's s... 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone know if this is necessary after a few years? What are the costs? I suppose the pool has to be emptie...
started by: appletrees-321263 · last update: 1471944598 · posted: 1471944598
Expatriates in Cassis 1 General
Hello there -  Looking for fellow expatriates living in Cassis.  Would love to hear from you.An...
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1471939170 · posted: 1471848984
Handyman 0 Home & Garden
Hi, does anyone know a good handyman in the Valbonne area?  Painting/decorating and general maintenance? &n...
started by: redpeony · last update: 1471876355 · posted: 1471161178
House/Pet Sitting Assignment Wanted 0 Home & Garden
We are professional house/pet sitters with excellent references and do not charge for our services. We are regis...
started by: French Riveria House & Pet Sitters · last update: 1471779573 · posted: 1471779573
Looking for a Naturopath 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
If you have a good naturopathic doctor to recommend, preferably in Nice, please email: info@home-frenchriviera.c...
started by: romanceinfrance · last update: 1471775014 · posted: 1471775014
Looking for an apartment in Monaco or su... 0 General
Hello, I am looking for an apartment to share or rent by myself in Monaco or surrounding areas, I travel a lot a...
started by: Jobio-266999 · last update: 1471760048 · posted: 1471760048
Trying to add a classified with no succe... 5 AngloINFO Support
I've been trying to add a classified ad to give away a bike carrier but can't get the AngloInfo web-site to play...
started by: cadzow · last update: 1471696896 · posted: 1471441028
Dance tutors 0 Sport & Leisure
Does anybody know of any private dance tutors in the 06 area?  If so, I would be very interested to have co...
started by: Big Bear-323387 · last update: 1471630675 · posted: 1471630675
Nicoise building, Window shutter repair 3 Home & Garden
Dear allCan anyone recommend a carpenter who will repair or maybe make new shutters for an apa...
started by: Emma-Stefanovska-866486 · last update: 1471587159 · posted: 1470689855
Wanted Plumber and an Electrician 1 Home & Garden
Hi Im looking for an english speaking plumber and also electrician in the Grasse area any help would be much app...
started by: british couple 4u · last update: 1471453954 · posted: 1471441290
Giveaway: Used makeup/beauty products 0 General
Hi.  I have a box of used makeup/beauty products to give away (all hygienically kept and very much usable)....
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1471444968 · posted: 1471444968
Meeting a friend, networking or just tak... 0 Entertainment
started by: Anette Henriksson · last update: 1471353242 · posted: 1471352810
PDF downloading problems 0 General
Further to the printer problem I now find I cannot download any PDFs.  I can see the document on the email ...
started by: Big Bear-323387 · last update: 1471267353 · posted: 1471267353
Free freezer 0 Home & Garden
Hi, I have a small 3 shelf freezer that I no longer need. It's works perfectly but defrosted while I was away an...
started by: green eyes-236929 · last update: 1471088889 · posted: 1471088889
Baby bed, crib, 2 year old (rails) 0 Home & Garden
Hello, Have posted same request in Families & Home/Garden rubrics.
started by: mctd-192324 · last update: 1471081146 · posted: 1471081146
Baby bed, crib, 2 year old 0 Families & Kids
Hello, Anyone nearish Monaco who has an appropriate (railed) bed for my little visitor for ten nights end...
started by: mctd-192324 · last update: 1471081062 · posted: 1471081062
English nanny 0 Families & Kids
We are looking for ...
started by: gigibind · last update: 1471077951 · posted: 1471077951
Dry Cleaning in Nice 0 General
Hello All,  Any recommendations for a respectable dry cleaner in Nice?
started by: MeetVirginia · last update: 1471073510 · posted: 1471073510
BREXIT 0 General
No one seems to know yet what Brexit actually means, least of all the British Government, however this link prov...
started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1470948938 · posted: 1469813854
Top soil 1 Home & Garden
Hi does anyone know where I can get a large quantity of topsoil from, delivered. I need to rejuvenate a large ar...
started by: british couple 4u · last update: 1470910631 · posted: 1470897286
Piscine anti-méduses; Swimming pool 0 General
For sale a swimming pool anti-jellyfish.20m. Long/3m marge.
started by: DeanM1 · last update: 1470901598 · posted: 1470901598
ENTERTAINMENT FOR 50-60 YEAR OLD 0 Entertainment
WHO SAYS THAT WE ARE TOO OLD TO HAVE FUN??Starting in September let's get together to go out and do fun t...
started by: Lou-May-865660 · last update: 1470830463 · posted: 1469741108
AS Roquefort under 19s - Looking for pla... 0 Sport & Leisure
Hello everyone,AS Roquefort-Les-Pins is currently looking for new faces to join our under 19s football te...
started by: AlexCraik · last update: 1470823871 · posted: 1470823871
STD clinics in the region 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know where to send someone who needs to get tested for a sexually transmitted disease? Are there cen...
started by: megan996-208124 · last update: 1470817207 · posted: 1470432111
Missing: David Wood 0 General
A local man disappeared last week somewhere between Marie and Clans and his family is obviously desperate to fin...
started by: Madge · last update: 1470729698 · posted: 1470729698
Dog Sitter Needed: Antibes 2 Pets & Animals
We are going away for a few days next week and need someone to look after our Golden Retriever  (preferably...
started by: adrbaker101 · last update: 1470641561 · posted: 1469713482
Need garage for rent 1 General
Hello, I'm looking garage for rent. I need minimum 20-25 square metres size, best option 30-40 squar...
started by: Edminukas · last update: 1470641234 · posted: 1469830751
How do I rent an unfurnished apartment i... 12 Financial & Legal
Hi all. I understand all the rental contracts and what is required but I am getting very frustrated trying to re...
started by: boystoys · last update: 1470414706 · posted: 1470061624
Do you know someone, who...? 0 Home & Garden
How often have you heard this question? Do you know someone who can fix my broken wall? Do you...
started by: Sabine W. · last update: 1470407407 · posted: 1470407407
Car stuck in car park after yesterday's ... 1 AngloINFO Support
Does anyone know who i can contact to find out if cars are being released from car park where there was the expl...
started by: Karin-Pointon -866236 · last update: 1470383443 · posted: 1470377780
Dentist recommendation - Nice centre 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello,Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Nice? French or English speaking is fine.
started by: katwmn6 · last update: 1470334136 · posted: 1470334136
Is it mandetory to register as freelance... 0 Financial & Legal
Hi, I was wondering if I could possibly have some advice please. I'm from the UK, been living in France for a ye...
started by: Mindy · last update: 1470304881 · posted: 1470304881
English speaking Vet in Monaco 1 Pets & Animals
Hi I am off to Monaco next month and as part of the Pet Passport scheme I need to have my dog seen by a vet betw...
started by: Matt-Peckover-866012 · last update: 1470153801 · posted: 1470153737
Roller Shutter Repair 1 Home & Garden
Need repair to a roller shutter door  in Cagnes-sur-mer.  Thanks
started by: kcw26 · last update: 1470058458 · posted: 1469815886
Photograph 0 Families & Kids
HelloI'm a young french Photograph just starting a new activity. I'm looking for people how wo...
started by: ansosyns · last update: 1469886933 · posted: 1469886933
Looking for long term rent in Cannes 0 General
A couple looking to rent studio,one or two bedroom apartment in Cannes.Please reply via email:mari...
started by: Maria1-10052543 · last update: 1469710753 · posted: 1469710753