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Power of attorney- sale of property (in Antibes)... 2 Financial & Legal Started by: squeakyclean · Updated: 1614425560 · Created: 1614371865
HiI have a small house that is currently being sold. Completion expected 19th March.I am not able to travel to France f
Housekeeper 0 General Started by: Lavander · Updated: 1614388708 · Created: 1614388708
Hello sir/madame im looking for a full time housekeeper position live in or live out either of the two, available anytim
Job seeker 0 Home & Garden Started by: Lavander · Updated: 1614388176 · Created: 1614388176
Hello sir/mAmdame we are looking for a domestic position/couple housekeeper or couple guardien we Are available anytime.
Looking for Painter and Decorator in the... 2 General Started by: Jayne-Morley-985081 · Updated: 1614370395 · Created: 1614069485
MorningCan anyone point me in the right direction for a Painter and Decorator and general handyman in the Mandelieu area
English teacher for 2 yo 0 Families & Kids Started by: Lucas-Malki-985347 · Updated: 1614271179 · Created: 1614271179
HelloI am looking for a native English speaker , preferably American, to teach our babies. 1 h per day 4 days a weeks. W
Health insurance 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Lara-Booth-902381 · Updated: 1614155677 · Created: 1605270597
Dear members.Can you advice where i can obtain (flexible or short term) private health insurane compatible with Online R
Books for kids 0 Families & Kids Started by: suejones-307705 · Updated: 1613851537 · Created: 1613851537
Hi,I'm trying to clear out my house and i needto get rid of childrens books in English for free. Anyone interested?
Meaning of the expression : Grand Plan in... 2 General Started by: madeleta · Updated: 1613039517 · Created: 1165332679
Hi everyone, Who could tell me quite quickly what does the expression "grand plan" means in english. If I ask a ques
Passport delay 1 Financial & Legal Started by: sheiling · Updated: 1613038818 · Created: 1611918402
I live in the U.K. for the majority of time. My mother is French living in the south of France going back many many gene
Pension 6 Financial & Legal Started by: WillMan-233283 · Updated: 1613038521 · Created: 1441712883
Hi, I worked for a Monaco company from July 2000 until Sept 2004 and I'm wondering if I'm eligible for any kind of pensi
Where to go to register for paying taxes... 1 Financial & Legal Started by: Vivienne-Bouvier-981693 · Updated: 1612972456 · Created: 1610963286
Hello all, we had a vacation home in France and now we moved here permanently, applied for card Vitale (haven’t got an
French form 2047 1 Financial & Legal Started by: Sharon-Young-982579 · Updated: 1612972311 · Created: 1611677958
Hi there, can anyone assist and tell me if I need to complete this form 2047? My mum paid 20,000 in 2019 to my bank of S
Selling through Viager 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Harry-Lamb-883747 · Updated: 1612710217 · Created: 1612710217
My wife and I live in Nice , are in our seventies, and thinking of selling our flat through the viager system. Has anyon
British TV 3 Home & Garden Started by: pavlova-284145 · Updated: 1612438273 · Created: 1611840941
Hi Everyone - I have lived here for 20 years + have been getting UK channels through a Magbox (annoying as their catch u
Pet (cat) transport UK to France post Brexit 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Arnold-965114 · Updated: 1612264702 · Created: 1612264702
Hi,Can anyone recommend a reliable pet transport company to bring back to France a cat, from London? Not sure if Brexit
seeking English speaking dentist in Nice? 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: chris-vthelen-982096 · Updated: 1612250351 · Created: 1611243767
may I ask if anyone can cite (even recommend?) an English speaking dentist in Nice please?
Form 2042 and 2042C PRO 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Sharon-Young-982579 · Updated: 1611679278 · Created: 1611679278
Hi there, I'm a micro entrepreneur and I'm really stuck on pg 7 of form 2042 C PRO.BA, BIC, BNC À IMPOSER AUX PRÉLÈVE
Bilingual Education in/around Monaco for... 0 Families & Kids Started by: bernadette.june · Updated: 1611251801 · Created: 1592150254
Hello Everyone,I would like to ask if someone can share information on nice 'alternative' bilingual education in or arou
Pai 0 Home & Garden Started by: Yvan-Lekovich-981593 · Updated: 1610819785 · Created: 1610819785
Hello,Would like to propose you my service forpainting walls, wooden or metal substrates, roller shutters , awnings, and
Gas tank removal 0 Home & Garden Started by: Kristinj · Updated: 1610734973 · Created: 1610734973
Sorry to post again about this! But the situation has changed with the gas tank on my property. I no longer need it to b