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Looking for Beverage Wholesalers 0 Food & Drink
Hi Everyone,Does anyone have an idea of companies(import/export) in South of France that can b...
started by: RivieraChic · last update: 1490873421 · posted: 1490873421
Alarm engineer 1 Home & Garden
Hi all, can anyone recommend a good, reliable, honest, sensibly priced Alarm engineer around the Nice area? Have...
started by: Fingers crossed · last update: 1490822260 · posted: 1490283233
Looking for villa managers 4 Home & Garden
I'm looking for a person or company who has experience in property management.
started by: indiecab · last update: 1490817613 · posted: 1490692555
Public Liability Insurance Beauty Indust... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, can anyone recommend an insurance company that does public liability insurance for beauty therapists in F...
started by: Peanut01 · last update: 1490814612 · posted: 1490814612
Wedding Dress Alterations 2 General
Looking for a seamstress to do alterations on a wedding dress. Happy to travel to Vengtimiglia too. Wedding is i...
started by: romanceinfrance · last update: 1490724217 · posted: 1490299921
Ikea Toulon - Be prepared! 2 Home & Garden
Just been to Ikea Toulon, huge store and a bit of a nightmare, but full of great stuff. Be prepared though, if y...
started by: cizealin · last update: 1490712111 · posted: 1490365698
Looking for baby groups 2 Families & Kids
Hi Anglophiles,This is my first post here: I'm a first time mum to a 5 month-old and would like to get in...
started by: Lisa-Chisholm-896333 · last update: 1490692394 · posted: 1490446134
Urgent !! Nanny required for 1 to 3 chi... 0 Families & Kids
We need t...
started by: o2-Antibes-896528 · last update: 1490691189 · posted: 1490691189
Housekeeper or Couple wanted in Cannes. 3 Home & Garden
Looking for an experienced housekeeper or a couple for our 4 bedroom villa in Cannes. Position all year round.
started by: PattyV · last update: 1490691140 · posted: 1490613948
Hi Guys,I have a Romanian registered car in Nice and I need to have it serviced (control techni...
started by: Tekla -Simp-896132 · last update: 1490622281 · posted: 1490613847
re-tileing of my pool 0 General
I live in Vence and are looking for a honest and good company (or persons) to strip old tiles and replace with n...
started by: reimertz · last update: 1490611605 · posted: 1490611605
Computer technician wanted 3 General
I am buying a new computer and printer, I need a computer technician, yes a computer technician. I need to have ...
started by: Peterterence · last update: 1490600002 · posted: 1490363136
English/french/italian conversation 0 Entertainment
Hi! My name is Roberta. I'm Italian but I live in Nice since 2009. I'm looking for people who would like to...
started by: Roby-896385 · last update: 1490550346 · posted: 1490550346
Where to Donate Household Goods 4 General
We are moving back to the US in May and would like to donate some household goods to a charity that works with refu...
started by: Jane-Hickman-896102 · last update: 1490433629 · posted: 1490179465
Monaco bank account 7 Financial & Legal
I am seeking to set up a bank account in Monaco to pay direct debits for utility bills, syndic charges, insuranc...
started by: Nice centre · last update: 1490308353 · posted: 1489225860
Looking for a long term apartment or hou... 0 Home & Garden
We are a nice family, work...
started by: Stephan-Morawski-896105 · last update: 1490179517 · posted: 1490179517
Want to learn or improve your French for... 0 General
I can offer you an exchange program : as I would like to improve my english I would like to meet new people to m...
started by: maaman · last update: 1490118853 · posted: 1490118853
I am looking for a studio/apartment 0 Home & Garden
started by: Ieva-Dabravolskaite-872505 · last update: 1490115173 · posted: 1490115173
Kitchen Fitter in Antibes 3 Home & Garden
Hi There AllWe have bought a new Build Apartment in Antibes, and have a Kitchen we bought from Costo...
started by: Raymond-Spence-872498 · last update: 1489896768 · posted: 1489639203
Jazz group 0 Sport & Leisure
I am looking for form a small jazz group in Cannes. Just for fun. I am missing playing my alto sax!
started by: Becky · last update: 1489876316 · posted: 1489876316
Jazz group 0 Entertainment
I am looking for form a small jazz group in Cannes. Just for fun. I am missing playing my alto sax!
started by: Becky · last update: 1489876300 · posted: 1489876300
Financing your driving licence 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Just found out that since yesterday, you can now use your training hours (that you accumulate when you are an em...
started by: Ferney-France · last update: 1489746401 · posted: 1489672809
We need a person to do the housework,cleaning in the apartment (2 bedrooms) in NICE, once a week for 5-6 hours. ...
started by: evgueniya · last update: 1489519875 · posted: 1489351914
Apartment hunting 2 AngloINFO Support
Hi all - I have recently arrived in Valbonne and have temporary accommodat...
started by: Avril-McGourty-893868 · last update: 1489254997 · posted: 1487719204
Setting up a French bank account 3 Financial & Legal
Good morning everyone,We are in the process of buying our house in France and are currently being charged £25 ...
started by: Jo-Lloyd-892721 · last update: 1489045696 · posted: 1488963415
Volunteers needed 4 Families & Kids
Hello everyone, we are in need of some child friendly English speaking volunteers. We need people for a few hour...
started by: boazs123 · last update: 1489037700 · posted: 1488667292
Holiday replacement for beginners Englis... 3 General
Does anyone in the Menton area know of someone willing to replace a beginners English language teacher for 4 les...
started by: belamica-188434 · last update: 1488984521 · posted: 1488377283
Looking for someone who can make balanci... 0 General
I would like to find someone who knows how to build balancing stone sculptures, and would be interested in meeti...
started by: Cassandra James-271250 · last update: 1488820518 · posted: 1488820518
looking washing machine 0 General
l'mlooking for washing machine in working condition for recover of Valbonne and surrounding 06-83-91-22-56 thin...
started by: Slama maintenance batiment · last update: 1488746624 · posted: 1488746624
English Speaking Physiotherapist in Cagn... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
HiIf anyone knows of an English speaking physicotherapist in Cagnes sur Mer, please email me at lemolisa@...
started by: NiceLisa · last update: 1488645709 · posted: 1488645709
Interior design person required to choose colours, fabrics, lighting etc for  an apartment 50 sqmCon...
started by: valeriebruce · last update: 1488446405 · posted: 1488446405
Occasional Cleaning 0 Home & Garden
Hello I have a 25sq m studio (one room plus shower room)a...
started by: Twinkle10 · last update: 1488437840 · posted: 1488437840
Beaulieu High School 0 Families & Kids
Does anyone have experience of Beaulieu High School. Our son is due to go there next September, but we have no idea...
started by: Zerosix · last update: 1488407767 · posted: 1488407767
First time income tax return proof of ad... 2 Financial & Legal
Hi there,I am about to send off my first income tax return and I might have a problem.
started by: Will-Charlie-894345 · last update: 1488369537 · posted: 1488269688
Gurdjeff Dance goup (Gurdjieff movements... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am starting a group for the study and practice of the Gurdjieff movements. The meetings will take place in pro...
started by: paul in grasse · last update: 1487978705 · posted: 1487978705
Parking permit & external lift HELP! 0 General
Does anyone know how much it costs to rent an external lift for a few hours and also does that come with a parki...
started by: green eyes-236929 · last update: 1487938129 · posted: 1487938129
Cat sitter and a dog walker 0 Pets & Animals
Hi, My daughter is 10 and loves cats and dogs, but unfortunately we are not allowed to have any in t...
started by: Irena-de Somer-857313 · last update: 1487920958 · posted: 1487920958
Wifi 9 Home & Garden
Hi, can anyone give me some advice on how easy/quick it is to get hooked up to Wifi (not satellite TV) in Fran...
started by: Jo-Lloyd-892721 · last update: 1487837459 · posted: 1487592761
Labour required 1 General
Hi,I am looking for a construction company that can supply me with labour for a minimum of 1-2 weeks. The...
started by: building-work-893743 · last update: 1487658399 · posted: 1487614826
Trench digging 0 General
Hi, does anyone know of a company that could hand dig a 50m trench 1.5m deep and 400mm wide. The location of the...
started by: building-work-893743 · last update: 1487613167 · posted: 1487613167
Top up Health insurance 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I have my carte vitale but have been advised to  take out extra insurance in case of needing hospitl treatm...
started by: Teresa Palmano · last update: 1487607525 · posted: 1486979618
"Cielmerplage" 0 General
Trying to find Peter aka Cielmerplage
started by: GillyG14 · last update: 1487440835 · posted: 1487440835
Validation of marriage certificate 4 Financial & Legal
Can anyone help with this please?I'm British and moving to France to be with my partner soon. We've been ...
started by: Paul-Goodey-893338 · last update: 1487146532 · posted: 1487094480
Fitlane Mougins 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Are there any ladies (or guys) who attend gym and group courses in fitlane Mougins? Just looking someone english...
started by: lejafrance · last update: 1487107907 · posted: 1487107907
indian chef looking job abroad 0 General
hi im indian chef from india as imind...
started by: pratap-negi-893283 · last update: 1487053942 · posted: 1487053942
Best way to go about setting up a busine... 5 Financial & Legal
Hi everybody, I really really hope someone can help. I would like to set up an organisation offering English les...
started by: Darren-Stokes-893248 · last update: 1486999551 · posted: 1486993225
English style survey 0 Financial & Legal
Has anyone used surveyor Pierre Weingartner recently, based in Cannes? Any comments.
started by: fartbladders · last update: 1486984391 · posted: 1486984391
Summer job 1 Sport & Leisure
I was wondering would anyone be able to help me. I am a 21 year old hoping to do some summer work in a French camps...
started by: Ruth G · last update: 1486933289 · posted: 1486920314
Macrame lessons? 0 Entertainment
Does anyone know of any macrame courses in the area? English or even French or maybe other arts and crafts cours...
started by: alex-fraraccio-872885 · last update: 1486844125 · posted: 1486844125
Black mark with BNP 0 Financial & Legal
Can anyone offer advice please, I have a "black mark" with Banque Nationale Paris which is due to be removed fro...
started by: Gordon-Taylor-893073 · last update: 1486741449 · posted: 1486741449