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Train Strike Today (26 Sep) 1 General
SNCF workers have called for a regional strike today,...
started by: Madge · last update: 1474923217 · posted: 1474877514
Making it painful... 24 General
The Prime Minister hit out at EU leaders after they said they will make Brexit "very painful" for Britain to...
started by: chris-skinner-852354 · last update: 1474889239 · posted: 1474371052
Where to sell or scrap an old but very r... 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi all,I'm based in Villeneuf Sur Lot and am moving to Spain on the 25th Sep 2016. We have an ...
started by: Ryan-Mattock-869599 · last update: 1474888537 · posted: 1473859276
Why do our replies and postings get dele... 1 AngloINFO Support
We are new to angloinfo and whenever we reply to a posting it gets removed and when we post it gets removed as w...
started by: Leon-Freeman-869051 · last update: 1474870291 · posted: 1474845648
Language exchange 1 General
Looking for English/French language exchange. Will you need to learn or improve your french? In return, I need t...
started by: Kathleen. · last update: 1474827253 · posted: 1474471471
Looking for small apartment 2 Home & Garden
I am searching for small apartment in return of gardening/maintenance work, child care and pet sitting and I am ...
started by: ziba · last update: 1474732111 · posted: 1472812025
Why has it become so difficult to post a... 6 AngloINFO Support
In the good old days it was easy to post adds with photos on Anglo Info: the soft ware worked and it didn't take...
started by: PDG-188442 · last update: 1474650533 · posted: 1473487629
AngloInfo - whats your help email addres... 1 AngloINFO Support
Hi Angloinfo,I am having issues with your website. I want to advertise but you won't accept my payment de...
started by: Astonh · last update: 1474636613 · posted: 1474550872
recycling/waste bins 4 Home & Garden
Hello everyone, a firend of mine is moving to a Villa in Golfe Juan, it appears that he will not receive waste b...
started by: Peterterence · last update: 1474630879 · posted: 1474274877
Looking for a good bilingual Notaire in ... 1 Financial & Legal
Hi FolksI am in process of purchasing an apartment in Nice. Can anyone recommend a good english/french sp...
started by: Janet-Dillon-868873 · last update: 1474536413 · posted: 1473153703
Rupture conventionnelle - how much sever... 3 Financial & Legal
How much do big companies in France usually pay of severance in case of ending a CDI contract with the rupt...
started by: johndoerr · last update: 1474536218 · posted: 1474439741
Anti-climb/anti-burglar paint 1 Home & Garden
In the UK one can buy anti-climb or anti-burglar paint, but I cannot find the equivalent here in France. We need...
started by: Svein-197135 · last update: 1474527029 · posted: 1473073761
Nice triathlon - cancelled 0 Sport & Leisure
Unfortunately this year's Nice triathlon has been cancelled for security reasons. An update can be f...
started by: Ferney-France · last update: 1474443669 · posted: 1474443669
Ten Great things about France that shoul... 6 General
1. plastic roadside bollards. These have a spring and do not dent or damage your car when you hit them. They can...
started by: quiet apartment, near Monte Carlo · last update: 1474401143 · posted: 1473981669
wanting a change 7 General
Hi Everyone,Just a general post here looking for advice, information and anything that you fee...
started by: jamiebro10 · last update: 1474400723 · posted: 1473671361
Lighthouse Antibes 0 General
Does anyone know why the lighthouse is not working??
started by: laraine-krantz-870105 · last update: 1474382237 · posted: 1474382131
Seeking expert in stabilising foundation... 0 Home & Garden
We have a...
started by: worklifeprof · last update: 1474370518 · posted: 1474370518
Cat and Four Kittens Available For Adopt... 0 Pets & Animals
The mother and babies are staying at a vets clinic in CannesThey all need to be adopted
started by: vindupays · last update: 1474201189 · posted: 1474201189
Distressed wood 0 Home & Garden
I am looking to buy some lengths of distressed wood to make an exterior table topany ideas where I might ...
started by: andrewandrewball · last update: 1474194550 · posted: 1472740927
Sky system 1 Home & Garden
I need a company to fix my sky tv system and add some extensionsall the ones advertising simply ignore em...
started by: andrewandrewball · last update: 1474194318 · posted: 1472741184
Sat dish size? 2 Home & Garden
What size satellite dish would I need to install to comfortably receive UK Freesat in these 'ere parts?
started by: Daniel H · last update: 1474188751 · posted: 1473842388
Wild bees nest 0 Home & Garden
We have been away for a short while, and upon return have found a large bees nest inside one of our window frame...
started by: DaveH-180933 · last update: 1474188306 · posted: 1473941088
Meeting new people around Mougins 1 General
Hi, looking for some suggestions on any clubs/groups that would be good to meet new people around Mougins.
started by: Jack01-10066686 · last update: 1474188176 · posted: 1473094903
Lady's bicycle 3 General
Hi all, I am based in Cagnes sur Mer and am looking for a second-hand bicycle for leisure use. Tried posting in ...
started by: dakra-257889 · last update: 1473969290 · posted: 1473883138
Laptop Repairs 1 General
HelloWould anyone be able to recommend someone who can repair a windows laptop?Thanks in advance.
started by: nitasharmafrance · last update: 1473951896 · posted: 1473878801
Servicing gas heaters 0 General
Can anyone recommend a company or person in Monaco that does servicing of gas appliances (I have both a kitchen ...
started by: BLUEFIN-193689 · last update: 1473951508 · posted: 1473951508
English Premier League 0 General
Hello - we watch our TV on Canal . We want to watch English Premier league football but this has now been taken...
started by: Judith Marie-Riley-869679 · last update: 1473932998 · posted: 1473932998
Need moving man and van 0 General
started by: Kathleen Vera · last update: 1473882490 · posted: 1473838819
Looking for houseliving 0 Home & Garden
started by: BRUZZONE-MARIA-869603 · last update: 1473863205 · posted: 1473863205
Bilingual / Private schools 6 Families & Kids
Hello,I am looking at bilingual schools for my LO (maternelle) and find they are VERY expensive and actua...
started by: mapleleaf-215187 · last update: 1473856711 · posted: 1473018863
Child Care 0 Families & Kids
Hello. I'm looking for a family in the need to look after their kids. I have the skills for this job, and I have...
started by: Cassandra-Spelle-869558 · last update: 1473847492 · posted: 1473847492
english people to speak with my child 0 Families & Kids
hello i would like to find someone who can play with my son (6years) and my daughter ( 2years ) in e...
started by: aureliawillow · last update: 1473447483 · posted: 1473447483
Beginners french lessons for ADULTS 2 AngloINFO Support
HiCan anyone recommend a good French teacher for adults in the Biot area.   Preferably I would ...
started by: maxine-oulds-868738 · last update: 1473432827 · posted: 1473401937
Finding part time Jobs 2 AngloINFO Support
Hello everyone I wonder if you can help? We will be moving to the Biot area and I would like to fi...
started by: maxine-oulds-868738 · last update: 1473402133 · posted: 1473330827
After Creche Nanny in Montecarlo 1 Families & Kids
Hi everyone, I am Anna and I am 2yea...
started by: Elis_B · last update: 1473402026 · posted: 1473078982
Finding an English speaking vet in Biot ... 0 Pets & Animals
Hello Everyone Could anyone recommend a good English speaking vets in the Biot and surrounding area.
started by: maxine-oulds-868738 · last update: 1473401517 · posted: 1473401517
french private teacher 1 Families & Kids
started by: aureliawillow · last update: 1473313313 · posted: 1473110258
Wanted To Rent in Antibes 0 Home & Garden
HelloWe are looking for a 3-4 bedroom home to rent long term in the Antibes area.We are currently ...
started by: Maggie-Harwood-857223 · last update: 1473258194 · posted: 1473258194
Dance and drama for kids in Nice 0 Families & Kids
Looking for a class in French or English for a 5 year old in city centre Nice... Anyone know of any?? Thanks...
started by: Kerri&AliMcKee · last update: 1473256456 · posted: 1473256206
Road Blocks in Calais 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
For those of you travelling to Calais in the near future...Protesters near Calais have blocked the A16 s...
started by: Madge · last update: 1473145459 · posted: 1473079663
How many persons would be interested in joining a mastermind group?
started by: SUTHERLAND AND PRYCE CONSULTING · last update: 1473031461 · posted: 1473031461
Brook Vs Golovkin 0 Entertainment
Hi guys just wondering does anyone know of a place that will televise the Brook Golovkin boxing match the coming...
started by: Rupert-Allan-868703 · last update: 1473026808 · posted: 1473026808
Im looking for Renault Twingo between 19... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello everyone, Im looking for Renault Twingo between 1996-2001 used parts. I need rear left ligth,m...
started by: Edminukas · last update: 1473016695 · posted: 1473016695
Well behaved small dog would like a lift... 0 Pets & Animals
If any one is travelling back to the Uk soon and would be kind enough to take my small, well behaved dog I will ...
started by: helin-284188 · last update: 1472970932 · posted: 1472970932
Taxe de Séjour - is registration requir... 0 Financial & Legal
I rent a furnished apartment (in a private residential building) for holiday lets in Alpes-Martimes and wondered...
started by: downham99 · last update: 1472912919 · posted: 1472912919
Looking for a lift - happy to pay for pe... 2 General
From Grasse to Spain,Mid to late September,2 people,If anyone knows of anyone going that way it would be a great...
started by: pilkington-322676 · last update: 1472829021 · posted: 1472589256
Alpha Course starting in Nice 0 General
HiJust wanted to let people know that I am going to be running an Alpha course in Nice on Friday mornings...
started by: Tanya-Hall-868565 · last update: 1472828368 · posted: 1472828368
TUTOR 0 General
For French and Spanish for IB
started by: pilkington-322676 · last update: 1472672110 · posted: 1472672110
Need Help moving tools 0 General
I would like to know if there is any...
started by: Roma2311 · last update: 1472639247 · posted: 1472639247
Legs for a bed 0 Home & Garden
Hello there,last year I bought a bed in Conforama and was surprised to be offered a range of bed legs in ...
started by: RF-205947 · last update: 1472632963 · posted: 1472632963