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BBC TV 8 Home & Garden
I have a Sky subscription but for the last couple of weeks, not been able to get BBC or ITV channels.  Anyone
started by: wendyc-203210 · last update: 1498594009 · posted: 1498378740
Trying to add Featured Classified 1 AngloINFO Support
Spent ages getting text and pictures right but then Angloinfo just goes into 'death' mode where it says, 'uploading
started by: Scottie-10045957 · last update: 1498593946 · posted: 1498584035
anyone wanting contents of apartment at very... 5 General
HelloWe have an apartment near to Villeneuve Loubet  06270- it is now sold and I am having to clear the apartm
started by: lotkate47-878501 · last update: 1498531615 · posted: 1498451767
... 0 Home & Garden
We'd love to install air conditioning but as it's so expensive we're thinking of portable units in the meantime. &n
started by: JMS12 · last update: 1498501624 · posted: 1498501623
Looking for appartement 1 Home & Garden
Hello everyone, I am looking for apartment without furniture for long term rent, in Nice centre. Thank you!&nb
started by: Alise-Deice-901731 · last update: 1498472236 · posted: 1498380689
... 4 General
We are moving back to London; we have an almost full storage locker in Cannes. We would like to ship back to London
started by: Natzbiz · last update: 1498387849 · posted: 1457980686
Wanted - Builder's Labourers NICE area 0 Home & Garden
Looking for 2 Builders Labourers in the Nice area.Must be physically fit and willing to work hard for a fair wage.C
started by: kenneth-Stanley-902198 · last update: 1498319300 · posted: 1498319300
Washing cover 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone tell me the  French name for the plastic cover that you can fix over your balcony washing line.Also
started by: melUK · last update: 1498305457 · posted: 1498305455
to offset capital gains tax against same... 0 Financial & Legal
FOR NON RESIDENTSIn France, when you sell a property, you pay 34.5% tax on the gain in the property's value.  
started by: Nice centre · last update: 1498162802 · posted: 1498162801
honey bees 0 Home & Garden
i have a honey bee nest in my chimney anyone got any help or advice please thanks
started by: dylanlucy · last update: 1498047109 · posted: 1498047108
PGN Plumber 0 Home & Garden
Hi there, I am looking to call out a reputable gas plumber - someone with the credentials PGN (Professionel Gaz Nat
started by: Big Bear-323387 · last update: 1498044565 · posted: 1498044564
Printers 0 General
Hey allWhat printer do you use? I'm looking for a good printer with decently-priced ink (ideally refillable!)Awaiti
started by: Daniel H · last update: 1497989660 · posted: 1497989659
Boxes needed as moving (folding if possible... 2 Home & Garden
hello  I live in Cagnes sur Mer looking for some folding  boxes as packing up household items Do you have
started by: lotkate47-878501 · last update: 1497972959 · posted: 1497851857
Cleaner/ Swap over 1 Home & Garden
Hi,I am looking for a reliable holiday swap over/ cleaner for my apartment in Nice. (Located behind the Meridian ho
started by: green eyes-236929 · last update: 1497972920 · posted: 1497692542
Looking to relocate from central france 2 Home & Garden
Hi i am a plasterer and general builder living past 20 years in central france and regestered with the chambre de m
started by: steve-The Dream-897952 · last update: 1497942440 · posted: 1497619857
Obtaining French Nationality 0 Financial & Legal
I've been married for 7 years to my wife who's French and I'm now thinking of getting French nationality because of
started by: Colin-FOX-902724 · last update: 1497896653 · posted: 1497896651
... 1 Financial & Legal
I was fortunate to have recommended to me Pascale Dieudonne by a another reader of AngloInfo French Riviera.  
started by: Nice centre · last update: 1497893096 · posted: 1497387848
Any sensible recruitment agencies in south... 0 General
Bonjour compatriots.I am a nice youngish Irish man who took the initiative to load my van with countless different
started by: Anthony-Morgan-901719 · last update: 1497881356 · posted: 1497881354
Looking for Driving School Nice 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Good Morning,I am looking for a "good" (Honest) driving school in Nice. I have already failed 2 times on my driving
started by: lubb19 · last update: 1497881068 · posted: 1497881067
Test to enter to The civ on 6eme 0 Families & Kids
Hello Moms,i.m new in The forum i m looking for some informations Regarding The test to intégrale The civ in 6eme
started by: Carole9 · last update: 1497709403 · posted: 1497709401