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Health cover with S1 form 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Benice-Cooper-856436 · last update: 1495655050 · posted: 1495655050
Cannes - watching English rugby - Aviva ... 0 Entertainment
Good afternoon,I am trying to find a very nice bar/hotel in Cannes where it would be possible ...
started by: Lauren-B-900701 · last update: 1495640131 · posted: 1495640131
Housekeeper in Cannes 0 General
Looking for experienced Housekeeper/Cook for modern 4-bedroom villa in Cannes. Please send your CV to [email protected]..
started by: PattyV · last update: 1495456777 · posted: 1495456777
Looking for violin player for a party 0 Entertainment
Hello everyone! I am looking for a violin player to play on a party on May 28th in Monaco. Ideally, violin plus ...
started by: aricidici · last update: 1495398805 · posted: 1495398805
Accomodation 0 General
Hi Looking for accommodation for 2 student friends on a european tour, they wish to stay in Nice mid July for a ...
started by: nic gardner · last update: 1495310569 · posted: 1495310569
acupuncturist 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Nichola-Bendall-900389 · last update: 1495274667 · posted: 1495274490
started by: ELECTRICIAN-PLUMBER · last update: 1495199780 · posted: 1495199780
Diving 0 Sport & Leisure
Hello any fanatic divers out there with a boat?Diving a lot in this area would love to explore more place...
started by: dunc-217447 · last update: 1495134154 · posted: 1495134154
Transfer Moto Ownership 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
started by: Dermot-Mulhall-899374 · last update: 1495052665 · posted: 1494080078
Delicate item near Nancy to come to the ... 0 General
Is there anyone in the Nancy area coming to the UK that might have space to bring a delicate earthenware ornamen...
started by: Gardener247 · last update: 1495049774 · posted: 1495049774
UK internet TV 4 General
I use my Android freebox with Kodi installed to watch UK tv on Phoenix. A week ago the problem of tv dropping ou...
started by: amer2 · last update: 1495011099 · posted: 1494922593
Completing form 2042 C PRO for micro-ent... 1 Financial & Legal
Hi, we are completing this form in addition to our French tax return and do not know which box to add in revenue...
started by: Monaco38 · last update: 1495006634 · posted: 1494941455
Tradesman with qualification RGE 2 Home & Garden
Does anybody know of reliable electricians and plumbers or just general tradesmen competent to fit air con/sanit...
started by: Big Bear-323387 · last update: 1494867948 · posted: 1494237282
SCI 0 Financial & Legal
HelloCan anyone recommend someone to help a family member set up an SCI.   This needs to be done qui...
started by: Tracey-Miller-873829 · last update: 1494852890 · posted: 1494852890
Student looking for accomodation 0 General
I am an english student who has lived in France for over 10 years. I am 19 years old and I am going to university i...
started by: Grace-Steers-899911 · last update: 1494701209 · posted: 1494701209
New to Nice 1 General
Hi allI am a 24 year old girl just moved from London to Nice and here for the next 9 months. Wondered if ...
started by: Hope · last update: 1494619581 · posted: 1494440981
Speaking English 0 General
started by: Carla · last update: 1494618780 · posted: 1494618780
Couple Guardian / Gardener 0 Home & Garden
Hi we are a couple looking for guardianage or help in the garden and house services in return for a free lodgeme...
started by: charie-meyer-896321 · last update: 1494590756 · posted: 1494590756
Mortgages 1 Financial & Legal
Is there anyone who knows how to borrow money to buy a house on the loan to value rather than on earnings.As it ...
started by: steve-The Dream-897952 · last update: 1494586628 · posted: 1494414989
Madvice on obtaining a social security n... 4 General
Hello can anyone advise me on obtaining a social security number Fjust moved to France f...
started by: maxine-oulds-868738 · last update: 1494586038 · posted: 1494407052
Childminder/babysitting 0 Families & Kids
I am looking for a childminder for my children 6 and 2 years old for a few hours a day and some evenings while we a...
started by: Joanna -Wilson -899790 · last update: 1494540460 · posted: 1494540460
AuPair needed in Antibes! 0 Families & Kids
Hello! We are looking for a nice and cheerful aupair for our 3 years old! We also have a 6 months old that goes ...
started by: Melanie06 · last update: 1494497613 · posted: 1494497613
Capital Gains Tax 2 Financial & Legal
At the moment I am a non-resident and have a small apartment that I would like to sell. Due to the nature of my ...
started by: MaisieMac · last update: 1494331740 · posted: 1493897595
Bridge in Monaco 0 Entertainment
Looking for an English speaker who is keen to teach me bridge. I am not a beginner. 
started by: Maya · last update: 1494327311 · posted: 1494327311
Temporary pool fence for security 0 Home & Garden
Does anybody know how I can get a temporary pool fence installed at the villa where we are staying?? Ideally, &n...
started by: Clifford-Moss-898874 · last update: 1494256791 · posted: 1494256791
Property Prices in the South of France..... 3 Financial & Legal
Hisorry if this has been asked millions of times in the past..but it how is ...
started by: robert smith-370560 · last update: 1494249816 · posted: 1493536531
FRENHC L 3 AngloINFO Support
Hello I wander if anyone could help or advise.  I am looking for French group le...
started by: maxine-oulds-868738 · last update: 1494137395 · posted: 1493277376
Looking an English native student for di... 0 Families & Kids
I m looking for a student girl to speak English w...
started by: Lauyano06 · last update: 1494084098 · posted: 1494084098
French Tax on Furnished Holiday Let 7 Financial & Legal
Hi,We have an apartment that we rent out for furnished holiday lets. I am happy to pay tax whe...
started by: mcanderson · last update: 1493990838 · posted: 1493555001
Fantastic Car FREE FREE FREE !!!!! 0 General
Ok ... my car has to go today ... I am willing to give to anyone with proof of ID , proof of address ,, FOR FREE...
started by: macca-387842 · last update: 1493971736 · posted: 1493971736
rhd car for sale anyone know of a engli... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have a lovely little nissan almera 54000 miles from new  far too good to scrap its like new ... does anyo...
started by: macca-387842 · last update: 1493970736 · posted: 1493970736
EasyJet Nice 0 General
I have now tried to book a flight to London and return for the last two days, without success after trying to pa...
started by: Frou-Frou · last update: 1493961413 · posted: 1493961413
Live in Care worker/ ex nurse seeking em... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: zipinator-348632 · last update: 1493888600 · posted: 1493888600
Need to get busy 0 AngloINFO Support
Hi all,I've been on a job hunt for quite some time now with no luck so far. With the bills piling up, I'm...
started by: Nkechi-Nwosu-898067 · last update: 1493846561 · posted: 1493846561
Looking for a rabbit / pet store 0 General
Hello, I am looking to adopt or buy a rabbit, Can anyone point me in the right direction. I live in ...
started by: Astonh · last update: 1493831308 · posted: 1493831308
fantastic little car for someone at 400 ... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
After driving down from lancashire to Nice we are selling (giving away at this price !) our lovely little Nissan...
started by: macca-387842 · last update: 1493808482 · posted: 1493808482
Replacing Windows in Nice 0 Home & Garden
Hi Folks, I am doing a full refurb on an apartment in Nice.  I would love to replace the PVC windows with o...
started by: JanD · last update: 1493805078 · posted: 1493805078
meeting people 0 General
Hi Everyone. I am from Antibes (French riviera)   . During my previouss work i used to travel a lot to UK f...
started by: crepses · last update: 1493714947 · posted: 1493714947
Football for over 35 Seniors 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi everyone. I am desperately keen to find a group of older , over 35 or over 45 footballers for training and ga...
started by: Clifford-Moss-898874 · last update: 1493471873 · posted: 1493471873
Converted LPG car repairs. 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello, does any body know of a qualified LPG car repairer in or near to region 29. I am near to Huelgoat and req...
started by: Euroman7 · last update: 1493450199 · posted: 1493371259
Guitar player wanted for proposal 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi,I'm going to propose to my GF in July at Cote d'Azur and need your help!The best case scenario ...
started by: Rasp · last update: 1493366379 · posted: 1493366379
Recommend removal company CdA to UK 0 Home & Garden
Can any one recommend a removal company for a part load ( ie not a huge lorry load) to be taken to London?
started by: appletrees-321263 · last update: 1493364867 · posted: 1493364867
Coworking in La Ciotat (near Marseille) 0 General
Hello! I wasn't sure where to post this but here goes. Firstly, anyone here live in or close to La Ciotat? If so...
started by: Robyn-Santa Maria-898175 · last update: 1493304821 · posted: 1493304821
Diagnostics needed for villa sale 0 General
Does anyone know how much this should cost and where local to Vence area I could locate someone? Thanks in advan...
started by: lelseyb · last update: 1493284240 · posted: 1493284240
Rules for Open Burning 2 General
We live in Villefranche-sur-Mer and have been disappointed by the frequent open burning that is done by many of ...
started by: Jane-Hickman-896102 · last update: 1493206813 · posted: 1493136482
Looking for a gardener 1 Home & Garden
Looking for a garden and pool maintenance Saturdays 1-2 hours for four months plus winter maintence. Mandelieu/l...
started by: C.Evison-217121 · last update: 1493185809 · posted: 1493063778
wifi without possibilty to make phone ca... 0 Home & Garden
Hi,Does anyone know whether it is possible to have a wifi device with a company, that doesn't ...
started by: airhostess-205789 · last update: 1493131675 · posted: 1493131675
DPE certificate 0 General
How much do they cost to get done, and who can supply me with one in Vieux Nice? thank you in advance!
started by: airhostess-205789 · last update: 1493127856 · posted: 1493127856
Saxophone teacher wanted 0 Sport & Leisure
I am looking for a saxophone teacher located anywhere in the area.. I am in Pegomas. Thanks! 
started by: lrhardy25 · last update: 1493104329 · posted: 1493104329
Are there any charity shops/charities in... 0 General
Looking for somewhere that will take a few household items - china, glass, pictures etc...thanks.
started by: appletrees-321263 · last update: 1493101421 · posted: 1493101421