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Hi, I just started working in Monaco but live in France. I could move to Italy for tax reasons if necessary. As a British national, where should I pay tax and what is my best option ?

started by: pariss-237767 · last update: 1609431344 · posted: 1605342076

Hi I am British nationality and have had my home in French riviera for 15 years. Can I go back to my home in France as soon as they ease the lock down on 1st of December?  I am also concern what will happen after 31st December to my situation? Please any one have any information?Thanks fibi

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Good afternoon,We would like to register our business on your internet site, in a free way.Is-it still possible, please?Thank you for your help.Wishing you a good reception,Best regards,Elisabeth VernhesAEAMChartered accountant

started by: ketty-244562 · last update: 1584175554 · posted: 1584175554

Hi my name is Ketty,After moving back to the UK in 2018, i am now wanting to sell my rented apartment in France. I have no source of income at the moment and still have a mortgage on the property.My question is does any one out there know if i have to give a (prés avis°) of six months to my tenant or  is there a clause that in exceptional circumstances this could be overlooked.

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Hello everyone,I wondered if if anyone could give me some advice. My Partner and I are looking to move to the South of France in April 2020. I am a Qualified Paediatric Nurse with 6 years of NHS experience on acute  Paediatric Wards.  Are there any nurses from England who have moved to France? Opportunities in nursing in France? I wondered if anyone had anyone could signpost me to looking in to either jobs in nursing or other careers associated with caring for children. For example, nannying, au-paring etc. I just wondered if anyone could give me some advice. Looking forward to to hearing from you. Kind regards,Becky

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if you are looking for a responsible energetic person available for a short time at the weekend to work on cleaning boats, write to me elunia220@wp.pl

started by: Crystal Balls-184435 · last update: 1541493393 · posted: 1073648346

please post the correct contact phone number - I can't access my email from work. ta CB

started by: R-macon-873470 · last update: 1536410171 · posted: 1478082594

Hello, is there something wrong with the "contact" system in the classifieds?I asked a friend to to try and contact me more than 24 hours ago as a experiment and I have yet to receive her email posted thru my classified advert(s)..

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Once again, my name displays incorrectly, my profile & all information about me has disappeared. When I redo it all, it just goes back to the same outdated information. What is wrong?

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I just posted a classified (after the site timng out twice on me...) but cannot find the way to edit it or delete it.Please advise.Thank you.

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Does anybody know how to add a photo to a classified please?

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Hi If anyone can help im looking for a Mobile mechanic, I have a Renault Master diesel that has some loose wiring under the hood that is causing it to run badly and cut out, Many thanks in advance.

started by: Hudson1922-201544 · last update: 1516192539 · posted: 1492098331

Hello, I'm needing tax advice on moving back to the UK...my main property is in Cap d'Ail and I feel that it may be time to move back.Does anybody know an expert in the tax implications of the sales of properties and repatriating the funds?Many thanksRichard

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What happened to the English-language movies section? This is the second week without an update. Holidays are over!

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I am Jo, a 38 year old woman, living in Belgium. I 'm considering relocating to Monaco or nearby in France.Relocating also requires a job.In Belgium I work as a self-employed nurse. That means that I go from home to home to give patients the treatment they need.I was wondering of someone can give me some advice where to start looking for nursing jobs.Thanks in advance.

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I'm looking for a  person who search a place to stay. I Rent a room in Frech Riviera (near Port). The price is 300€ including internet accessing. For more information call-me to 0039 3478517181

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I need to change my sfr internet box and install new one.Is it possible to find instruction in English can anyone helpthanks  

started by: marynice · last update: 1504822303 · posted: 1504625759

Hi, can anyone tell me how to edit a free classified I have posted?ThanksMRosa

started by: Scottie-10045957 · last update: 1499097097 · posted: 1498584035

Spent ages getting text and pictures right but then Angloinfo just goes into 'death' mode where it says, 'uploading your content'. Well, it's been 'uploading my content' for the last 3 hours - what's the problem ?

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I live in the mountain 70 km away from Nice and would like to be accommodated 2 or 3 nights a week in Nice or the near surroundigns in exchange of some houseworking, shopping or just keeping company. 

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