started by: allenhomes-218871 · last update: 1506149959 · posted: 1506099122

I need to change my sfr internet box and install new one.Is it possible to find instruction in English can anyone helpthanks  

started by: Eric-Feron-903610 · last update: 1504988847 · posted: 1504907033

I just posted a classified (after the site timng out twice on me...) but cannot find the way to edit it or delete it.Please advise.Thank you.

started by: marynice · last update: 1504822303 · posted: 1504625759

Hi, can anyone tell me how to edit a free classified I have posted?ThanksMRosa

started by: Scottie-10045957 · last update: 1499097097 · posted: 1498584035

Spent ages getting text and pictures right but then Angloinfo just goes into 'death' mode where it says, 'uploading your content'. Well, it's been 'uploading my content' for the last 3 hours - what's the problem ?

started by: CAROLE-FOLLIOT-899580 · last update: 1496236251 · posted: 1496236250

I live in the mountain 70 km away from Nice and would like to be accommodated 2 or 3 nights a week in Nice or the near surroundigns in exchange of some houseworking, shopping or just keeping company. 

started by: maxine-oulds-868738 · last update: 1494137395 · posted: 1493277376

Hello I wander if anyone could help or advise.  I am looking for French group lessons in the cagnes sur mer area.Many thanks in advance.

started by: Nkechi-Nwosu-898067 · last update: 1493846562 · posted: 1493846561

Hi all,I've been on a job hunt for quite some time now with no luck so far. With the bills piling up, I'm looking for somethin temporary to do in order to survive. I'm great with administrative tasks but can equally help around with house chores.Please reach out if you know anyone / company looking for help with the summer season approaching.Thanks in advance

started by: Hudson1922-201544 · last update: 1493538056 · posted: 1492098331

Hello, I'm needing tax advice on moving back to the UK...my main property is in Cap d'Ail and I feel that it may be time to move back.Does anybody know an expert in the tax implications of the sales of properties and repatriating the funds?Many thanksRichard

started by: Avril-McGourty-893868 · last update: 1489254997 · posted: 1487719204

Hi all - I have recently arrived in Valbonne and have temporary accommodation. I am working part-time for my friend in her wine bar and currently getting my Cv organised for part time teaching. My third job is what I love most - singing, entertaining and songwriting which I have successfully done in Ireland and other countries but feel like I'm starting from scratch once more but feeling positive about being here.I am looking to rent an apartment here near Antibes / Nice / Cannes . Could you suggest any good sites or websites? I would be a trustworthy tenant, have my own house in Ireland with tenants - however as I am mainly self employed Estate Agencies are not the way to go ! I cannot yet provide all the necessary documents they ask for despite the fact that I have guarantors in France and can pay months in advance ! I understand why they have to be strict but if you know of a property for rent or who might be good to contact I would be grateful . Thank you folks..Avi

started by: Rosemary Buchan-Buchan-880845 · last update: 1483126745 · posted: 1482489154

We have been badly let down by our buyer who was due to collect our mobile home on Oct 28th.     I have a Luxury Willerby 2000, 2 bedroom  28' x 10' mobile home in pristine condition that has to be removed from the camping site by 8th January due to the new campsite owners running out of patience.It still looks as good as new as only used by us so will get trashed if I cant find a buyer quickly which would be criminal.. Can anyone help?

started by: R-macon-873470 · last update: 1480500912 · posted: 1480455994

Can you tell me why my items that I have listed for sale on this site and have been sold are "processing" since 9 am this morning to be marked "sold"?

started by: luluwallace · last update: 1479901690 · posted: 1464692624

does anyone know how to edit an ad ? I just loaded something and it got loaded twice and then I see an old classified from last week says SOLD when it isn't! Aaaahhhh no wonder no one has contacted me!Lulu

started by: R-macon-873470 · last update: 1478087432 · posted: 1478082594

Hello, is there something wrong with the "contact" system in the classifieds?I asked a friend to to try and contact me more than 24 hours ago as a experiment and I have yet to receive her email posted thru my classified advert(s)..

started by: Raymond-Spence-872498 · last update: 1477033472 · posted: 1476851862

HiCan anyone tell me what the Insurance requirements are in France, as I intend to buy a car in UK or Belgium and drive it in France.Is it allowed to drive it on UK or Belgium Registration and Insurance, or is it easy enough to transfer the car onto the French Vehicle Registration system and insure in France I am a UK Citizen with UK and UAE driving licence.Thanks in advanceRay 

started by: Forum Admin · last update: 1475225075 · posted: 1475225075

Test - please ignore.

started by: Suela-Thomai-870719 · last update: 1474982305 · posted: 1474982305

Dear All. I would appreciate your help since I will be moving in 3 months in Biarritz and my french is so poor. I am working as accountant assistant in Dubai and in 3 months I will join my fiance in Biarritz. Can you suggest me any English job during the time I will be improving my french. Looking forward to read your suggestion.ThanksSuela  

started by: Leon-Freeman-869051 · last update: 1474870291 · posted: 1474845648

We are new to angloinfo and whenever we reply to a posting it gets removed and when we post it gets removed as well. Can anyone help? Have expats in the French Riviera started using other sites? Any support would be appreciated

started by: PDG-188442 · last update: 1474650533 · posted: 1473487629

In the good old days it was easy to post adds with photos on Anglo Info: the soft ware worked and it didn't take ten minutes each time to navigate through unwanted pages.... I have been trying since yesterday evening to post an add for a cheap car... I have signed in, I fill in all the boxes... it says processing, and then nothing.Yet at the same time (and in less time) I have placed free adds in Le Bon Coin, Paru Vendu, and La Centrale.Honestly why is Anglo Info software so flaky?

started by: cadzow · last update: 1474650051 · posted: 1471441028

I've been trying to add a classified ad to give away a bike carrier but can't get the AngloInfo web-site to play ball. So if anyone wants a strap on bike carrier they may not be in luck for finding it on this site.

started by: Astonh · last update: 1474636613 · posted: 1474550872

Hi Angloinfo,I am having issues with your website. I want to advertise but you won't accept my payment details. Extremely frustrating as you have to start the whole process all over. Then when it comes to looking for someone to email for help, you don't have one. Please email me on [email protected] I need to speak to a person.ThanksAston

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