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I've just downloaded the timetable for the new tram service (Line 2) from Nice airport to the tram stop at Jean Medecin.Apart from Fridays & Saturdays they don't seem to run after 8 pm. What sort of service is that?I also believe that the 98 & 99 buses into town have been withdrawn. Am I correct?

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We return home to Australia every year from Nice airport.  We need to rent a garage from October to May in Nice to store our C4 Picasso.  Any ideas?

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HiEach year for the last few years I have visited Menton in October and picked up a hire car from Nice airport after of course handing over an unlimited amount of cash for additional insurance etc etc so much so that I am considering just e,paying my wallet of all cash and credit cards so that the staff can help themselves.Then I had a thought, maybe there is a reputable car hire provider in Menton itself where I can pay only a previously quoted price but who would know of a place?Or am I just fooling myself?Any ideas?ian

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Hi, I am Australian and have just moved to Monaco with my wife and 2 kids (5 and 3). I need to buy a car and scooter + outdoor furniture for a small terrace. If anyone is selling, please let me know. Thanks 

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We are over in Nice for the month of August and are looking for a car parking space near Gambetta.  We understand you can rent a spot in a municipal car park.  What we would like to know is are you allowed come and go as you please with this type of rental.  Also any recommendations of good parking spots near Gambetta would be greatly appreciated.

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Would anyone know of the process + approximate cost of importing my 1988 VW Westfalia Joker camper (lhd) ?Many thanks

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Can anyone recommend a car dealer who will buy our car, in Nice. As selling individually seems so complicated.

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Citroen has said buy will buy back my C3 (2700km) at the Argus price. If I sell it privately what % should I add.

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I have a Piaggio scooter that I would like to get rid of. Any idea to where I could take it, preferable near to Monaco. Thanks

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Hello Does anyone drive daily from Nice to Monaco? I am trying to find alternatives to get to work as the trains are not always very reliable - doesnt need to be for every day of the week but maybe to occasionally get a lift with someone and I would be happy to contribute with petrol money!!Olivia :) 

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In the UK there are loads of "ding doctors" that come to you in an equipped van and repair dents and scrapes to your car on the driveway.  They are also really good value starting at around £50 and going up depending on the repair needed.  My Clio here in France I was quoted €1,500 to repair 2 dents and spray the panels effected ! €1,500 I would expect a full respray! All I need is a ding DR !!  Does anyone know of one?  Thanks

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As of tomorrow anyone going through Grasse to Anyibes.Have a few items too large for car. Will come with and of course pay for the ride.

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Hi, anyone know a man with a van to take a couple of boxes to London? Doesn't have to be at a specific date very flexible. Thanks

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I am just wondered if anyone has ever bought a RHD French registered car and moved to the UK.is the paperwork very complicated to complete? Or is it straight forward.Would be interested in hearing from anyone that has experience of this.Thankyou.

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Hi,I have a 1997 Fiat Brava that I want to get rid of.It just stopped driving one day, I brought it to the garage and it would cost about a 1000 Euros to fix it.I don't really have the time to get it fixed as I am about to move overseas.Does anybody know how and where I can get rid of it.(It's free if anybody wants it.)Any info would be much appreciated.Thanks

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Is it an absolute legal requirement if selling a car, that it has a CT? There's an old banger I have my eye on that I think might be worth a few bob if restored.It's far from roadworthy so can I actually purchase it?Thanks.

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My problem is that back in June I sent a letter to cancel my car insurance, I sent it 2 months in advance of the anniversary date by recorded delivery ( as requested) and have kept copies of everything. Since then I have been receiving several letters demanding payment and now recovery letters. I leave messages on their ansaphone but no on ever calls back. I'm furious that this company is wasting my valuable time and money spent sending letters and calling them. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of the same type of problem and what did they do to stop the demands?

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Does anybody have some good advice on finding a competitive insurer specializing in motor cycles in France/ Riviera ? I've had some quotes but they are very expensive!Thanks!

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Hi all,Has anyone sold barely used tyres in this area? Any advice/recommendations appreciated. Many thanks!

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