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My problem is that back in June I sent a letter to cancel my car insurance, I sent it 2 months in advance of the anniversary date by recorded delivery ( as requested) and have kept copies of everything. Since then I have been receiving several letters demanding payment and now recovery letters. I leave messages on their ansaphone but no on ever calls back. I'm furious that this company is wasting my valuable time and money spent sending letters and calling them. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of the same type of problem and what did they do to stop the demands?

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In my experience it is very difficult. by law your car has to be insured, so you have to prove it is insured with someone else for them to stop your original insurance. Just saying you want to stop is not enough. And you are still liable for the premium until it is cancelled. Once I got the hang of this, I tried asking under what conditions I could cancel, and discovered that if the car can be driven, then it might get stolen so it has to be insured. On one occasion I truthfully told them I had dismantled a classic car for a complete rebuild and so there was no way it could be stolen, the engine was in my living room etc. that was acceptable and they stopped my insurance. I still haven't finished the rebuild, and that was 3 years ago. This was with Axa, and I am still with them, on another car.

So if you jack it up, take the wheels off and show them a photograph of it, they might stop the insurance. emphasis on "might"!

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My cars are still insured but with a cheaper insurance company, so they all legal. It is another company I am presently dealing with unfortunately.

When I wanted to cancel they said I just needed to send 2 months in advance by recorded delivery a letter stating the cancellation, which is exactly what I have done. They never said I had to prove insurance with my new company.

I feel like at the moment they are harassing me. Somebody else I know had a similar problem with them and found it very difficult to cancel their insurance.

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Many, many others have gone through exactly what you are describing, myself included. Don't waste anymore of your time on this agency, the only time they show an interest in their clients is when they receive a cancellation notice from them. From that day on they bombard you with letters in one form or another harrassing you, as you have mentioned. As long as you have evidence that you sent them a cancellation notice by registered post theres nothing they can do. Just count your blessings that you are rid of them, dreadful people.

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Hi Belinj,

Thanks for your reassuring reply.

I'm going into Nice next week armed with all my evidence to sort this out, face to face. With the mood they have put me in politeness will not be on the agenda!!

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As I thought my insurance company called on the morning before my rdv with them to see what my problem was (the only ever returned call I have received from them!) After telling them I had cancelled my car insurance legally with them they backed down and assured me they would send me out confirmation of cancellation. They obviously didn't want to meet me face to face as they knew they were in the wrong.

Hopefully now I won't be bombarded with court letters from this awful company. I will never insure my vehicles with them again and would be happy to supply the name of the agency to future customers.

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You are allowed to cancel your insurance up to 20 days after your existing insurance company posted the renewal notice to you. You will need to keep the envelope it arrived in as proof and send them a registered letter stating you wish to cancel under the Loi Chatel. Alternatively, if you go to the new insurance company they should do this for you.

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Hi job,

Thats good to hear. I know you won't regret cancelling with them, I don't.

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Friends of mine are also having a torrid time with this agency. They just won't accept that they have cancelled their car insurance even though they have the proof. They now have to go to their office in Nice because their phone calls are not being returned.

This agency is either very bad at keeping their paperwork up to date or they are simply harrassing everyone that wants to cancel their policy with them. Doesn't exactly instill confidence that they will pay out in the event of a legitimate and urgent claim.

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bellinj, providing your friends sent a registered letter more than 2 months before renewal date they do not need to worry. It may be that to protect the client, the agent does not process the cancellation until after renewal date has passed. Cancelling a contract prematurely can cause complications if there is an incident giving rise to a claim or a modification is necessary on the contract before renewal date.

I'm not defending the Agent as there is no excuse for not returning calls but I do work in insurance and it is a common problem that the Insurance Company send out renewal documentation direct before the agent has processed the cancellation.

If your friends are worried tell them to simply send another registered letter enclosing a copy of the first one.

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We are having a terrible time with Axa Limonier in Nice.

They kept the renewal notice back for four weeks before sending it to us. As soon as we received the renewal and realised the renewal amount was way too high we sent them a letter of cancellation. Well within the 20 days from the stamp on the letter.

First they said they did not receive our letter. When we sent them the proof they said that letter they sent was a reminder and we are now over the 20 days. After alot of hassling them they sent us the releve d'information but said they cannot cancel our policy. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to make a claim with them.

Now I am going to have to go and see them in person. This all takes time and is quite stressful. If they were nice about it we may have gone back to them in the future but now we never will.

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Its 2017 and same tricks. AVOID THIS COMPANY

I received an appel de cotisation on the 26th despite the letter date being the 7th. 19 days being the perfect time to wait to post your letter if you are trying to catch people out.

I am considering reporting this company both to the parent AXA company and to the FFSA since they have done this every year to me and judging by what I read here it appears to be part of their business practices.

How one might construct a dodgy insurance company in France:

  • Advertise to foreign nationals who have little idea of the law in France and possibly poor local language skills and a high tolerance for being scammed by people from their own country so long as they can avoid "problems with the French".
  • Employ people from the original country to encourage confidence.
  • Start with a reasonable premium
  • Increase premiums annually by about 25% anually
  • Print pre-dated appels de cotisation and wait 18 days to send them
  • Do not give explicitly the date de resiliation so that the client is either confused or does not have time to cancel
  • Hope that the client is not aware that they should keep the envelope
  • Hope that clients assume insurance law and cancellations work as they do at home when in fact cancellation in France can be difficult
  • Ensure that initially 13 months (so 1 month following the echeance date) are given as insurance to encourage the client to think that they have time to cancel when in fact they don't.
  • Refuse to accept that a contract is over
  • Send out threatening letters with a reference such as "Police" to make you scared

In short, these would be the actions of scammers.Sound familiar to any clients of this company?

In my case, I am lucky that I have an email from them confirming that they had not sent my appel by the 20th as well as the envelope. I am also bilingual.

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The method I chose to get out of the agency in Nice, was to transfer my account to another agency under the same company. I had had enough with them. The new agency handled the transfer behind the scenes, I had nothing to do.

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