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In the UK there are loads of "ding doctors" that come to you in an equipped van and repair dents and scrapes to your car on the driveway.  They are also really good value starting at around £50 and going up depending on the repair needed.  My Clio here in France I was quoted €1,500 to repair 2 dents and spray the panels effected ! €1,500 I would expect a full respray! All I need is a ding DR !!  Does anyone know of one?  Thanks

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EME-198470 1516377698

I came here to post a similar message. I've asked my local friends and they cant  think of anyone in the region. We've got two cars that need some light " I've spent too many years visiting French supermarkets " repairs. 

Cleaning -- quite a few but light repairs and I'm struggling.

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