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Looking to buy a LHD car in UK that was originally German. If I import from UK I will have to pay Duty & TVA.Is it possible to get a copy of the German registration with the VIN number?

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Matthew -Parris-992373 1642866950

If you are buying from a private seller in the UK then my advice is not to do it

From what you are saying I take it there is no german documentation or is it in the sellers name who now lives in the UK? This means that you will not be able to re register it in France as the documentation will not be in your name and you will not be able obtain any german documents as you do not live in Germany 

The seller in the UK is acting unlawfully as they should have re registered it in the UK  How will you get it to France and what happens if the car is a pile of rubbish?

Over the years I have seen this sort of thing time and time again and it always ends in tears with a car rusting away in a barn 

If you are buying from a bona fide dealer in the UK they should be able to deal with all the admin required to overcome this problem 

Matthew -Parris-992373 1642867136

Having re read your post are you trying to circumvent French import laws by trying to get a German reg doc ? My comments still apply in that you cannot do so because you do not live in Germany 

Trying to evade customs duty is a serious matter 

Christopher-FINNIGAN-1021024 1642940066

I don't see it as trying to evade customs duty, if the car was originally German then it is TVA paid in the EU, I was wondering if it is possible to get a copy of the original German reg doc but I do not live there.

Val -Verte -1013233 1642947946

Q: What is the current official/legal registration document associated to the vehicle German or UK  ?

Christopher-FINNIGAN-1021024 1642949319

Currently UK plate.

Val -Verte -1013233 1643840769

Sorry for delay, this link is in French, first one I came accross, I have to agree in part with a previous contributor the procedure is fairly involved but possible if the vehicle is worth the hassle, of course you'll notice the word Brexit crop up, i have no further comment on that particular debacle. Good luck.

Christopher-FINNIGAN-1021024 1643881961

Since Brexit it needs to be a very good deal to make it worth importing from the UK and paying duty. My question was whether it is possible to revert to the original German Reg and then import but this does not appear possible.

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