How to get rid of a broken car?

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Hi,I have a 1997 Fiat Brava that I want to get rid of.It just stopped driving one day, I brought it to the garage and it would cost about a 1000 Euros to fix it.I don't really have the time to get it fixed as I am about to move overseas.Does anybody know how and where I can get rid of it.(It's free if anybody wants it.)Any info would be much appreciated.Thanks

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There s a section on the page which explains what to do

Some garages are allowed to scrap a small number of cars per month but the most likely outcome will be that you have to get it to a scrap yard near you - you might have to use a lot of persuasion to get them to collect and it will cost you more

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or you may be lucky & someone would like it for parts.
Put it in the local freebie paper too, you never know,(06, or top annonce)

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You may also want to call your Mairie... someone told me we could have had our car taken away for free through a program run by the Mairie.

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I would first begin my considering all options. With cars it probably comes down to three, selling, donating, or scrapping. When you scrap a car you'll get close to nothing if anything at all, and if you sell you're more than likely not going to get what your  car is worth. Which leaves donating. You can't really go wrong with donating. You get a tax deduction that reflects what your car is worth based on multiple factors. You also get the car removed from wherever you store it. If you donate to Donate Car Online they only require you to submit this form. They'll answer any questions you might have about donating as well. 

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