Re-registering a UK motorhome (19 years old) to keep in France.

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I have driven through France in my 19 year old Fiat Ducato Autotrail 2 berth motorhome.  I'm looking to buy a property here so that I can be nearer to my son and his family.  I would like to re register my motor over here but whenever I mention it to anyone they recoil in fear as if I'm asking for the impossible.  Am I asking for the impossible?  Is it really so difficult?  I'm sure people have done it before so any tips or information would be most welcome.Thank youTim Strickland

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Val -Verte -1013233 1636196036

Hello, this link might assist to get you on the initial steps in the procedure, I think there's an option in English language on the webpage if needed.

From memory the certificat de conformité is the key document required for foreign importations basically to prove that the particular model of vehicle is recognised in France.

Good luck.

Jean17 1636658178

Hi I am currently going through the same process for a VW Westfalia- a company in the UK is helping me so I will let you know how I get on


timstrick-211711 1636730795

Thank you for that information.  I'll be glad to receive anything I can.  One of my problems is that my old Autotrail is 19 years old.  Certificates of Conformity have only been issued for the last 12 years I'm told, so that might be a sticking point.  Anyway I'll keep trying.


Jean17 1637483507

I am looking for a parking place for a VW Camper Van. All the garages are just a bit too low so I think a secure parking place would be better. If anyone knows of one I would appreciate letting me know, 


Matthew -Parris-992373 1637596487

Unless you were resident in France prior to Jan 2021 and have the WA card or you are an EU national then you will need a Visa to live permanently in France or to visit for more than 90 in 180 days

In respect of the camper as it is no longer an EU vehicle and you cannot get a COC then it is going to have to be taken to DREAL (the french equivalent of VOSA) for them to examine it and see if it complies with current EU and french law

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