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Daniel H



Is it an absolute legal requirement if selling a car, that it has a CT? There's an old banger I have my eye on that I think might be worth a few bob if restored.It's far from roadworthy so can I actually purchase it?Thanks.

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Fingers crossed 1510558687

As I understand it a car can be sold without a c..t. but the carte grise (v5 ) has to have written on it "vendu pour parts et pieces" or words to that effect so that it can be seen that both parties were aware of the condition. Don't forget to get the seller to also sign and date the carte grise!

Daniel H 1510562068

Thanks Fingers Crossed!!!!

Daniel H 1510562125

Not sure how I made that big.

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bandy 1510574293

You are not supposed to write anything other than "vendu le etc...." on the CG, furthermore, nothing you do write will have any legal validity.

Strictly speaking there are no exceptions to the law, but the selling of old wrecks goes on all the time sans CT, so carry on. Just don't expect the seller to have any responsibility for any problems.

Daniel H 1510654069

Thanks Bandy, for the response and advice.

chèvrefeuille 1510691741

The seller will sent a copy of the Certificate of Cessation to the prefecture and they will expect you to register the car. That will need a CT.

Daniel H 1510745982

Ah. So how long have I got to buy it and do it up before I have to register it? Can I just declare it off the road?

bandy 1510747101

If buying a road going car then you should, of course expect the seller to provide the legally required CT less than 6 months old, as you will need it to register the car within the month allowed. However, if buying a wreck or non-runner for repair/restoration, and it will not be driven until fixed, then there is no set timescale to register, which you won't be able to do until it's ready for a CT. The other alternative would be to get a failed CT and register it in your name within the two-month fail period, which would be my preference - simply to know that it's in my name. Besides, the cost of registering will only ever increase ! The choice is yours.

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