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Enthusiast looking for any classic car (1950-1970's) to restore / enjoy.Don't mind non runner / unregistered / minor rust.Perhaps you have one lying unused / unloved in your garage or, know of one!Pics + location + condition + price would be very helpful.Hope to hear from someone.Thanksjulian67@mail.com

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Is it possible to insure a scooter for the short-term? I want to use one I've picked up cheaply for a few week, before my car arrives from the UK.I don't want to insure it for a year. Can I just get a month's worth of third party insurance?Thanks for the advice.

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I will be moving to France later this year and staying for about 2 to 3 years and want to bring my car with me, it is 15 years old but I don't want to part with it, can anyone explain the procedure and the cost of changing over to French registration.

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Where to buy car wax please?Thanks!

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I live in the UK but have apartment in Juan les Pins.  I have purchased a Yamaha motorbike but I intend on riding it home.  I obviously need insurance but didn't realise that if the bike is not registered with the DVLA then insurance companies will not insure it.  Does anyone recommend and French insurance companies, bearing in mind I only require 1 week insurance max.

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 My engine on my Renault recently blew up and is now stuck in a garage in Aux en Provence. what do I do? can I sell it for pieces to breakers yard? does anyone know breakers yard in the area? please advise! I could really use your help! thank you!!

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Good Morning,I am looking for a "good" (Honest) driving school in Nice. I have already failed 2 times on my driving test, so I am looking to change my driving school. Can anyone recommend one ? Thanks a lot.Luanda

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Hi Folks, I am hoping someone might have experience of this and be able to educate me. I have completed a Pré-demande de changement de titulaire (Pre-application for change of ownership) online at the https://siv.interieur.gouv.fr website.What I am wondering is, what do I do next, do I still have to complete the three page 'DÉCLARATION DE CESSION D’UN VÉHICULE' ?Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have a lovely little nissan almera 54000 miles from new  far too good to scrap its like new ... does anyone know of a garage or dealer that would be able to find it a new home ? very very cheap I just dont want it to go to car heaven when theres so much life in the old girl !!   need it to go today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   00447518208334 Neil.

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After driving down from lancashire to Nice we are selling (giving away at this price !) our lovely little Nissan almera 1.5 petrol two door hatchback . in remarkable condition and only 54k miles from new . drives like new and has uk mot till oct , this is a great car and for this money is an absolute bargain . ring me on 00447518208334 , the car is in Nice but I can drive and meet if you are serious . regards Neil..

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Hello, does any body know of a qualified LPG car repairer in or near to region 29. I am near to Huelgoat and require two emulators fitting to my French car.

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, we have had a car in Antibes for 10 years, parking on a side street when we're not there, but the police seem to have tightend up and our car has now been taken to the car pound twice. We are buying a parking  space but it won't be ready till next year.Can anyone recommend a long time car park or a space we could  rent? We live in the UK so it's for long periods. Thanks, Rena 

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we are selling our lovely little nissan almera 1.5 petrol two door hatchback  (rhd)  (uk reg ) after our lovely drive from lancaster uk to st tropez ..we are now sailing to greece and our great car needs a new home .. runs like new with only 54k miles on the clock from new , mot in the uk till oct and she is in fantastic condition . please get in touch if you need a pic or more details ,,, please no offers on this price out of respect ... 00447518208334 . leedog15@gmail.com ......regards Neil.

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Does anyone know if i lose all my car claims bonus if I've had no car insurance for 3 years.I sold my car 3 years ago and want to buy another one so my son can learn to drive, but the only company i contacted gave me an astronomic price as I've had no insurance for so long . I had maximum no claims before!

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Hello. I'm looking to get a french driver's license. I have one already from California, USA... but as I've been here longer than 1 year, I need to get one that's valid in France. Does anyone have any suggestions about schools? Is there a way to get the license without going through a driving program (I already know how to operate a vehicle). Does anyone know if there's an english-speaking school or exam possible? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Guys,I have a Romanian registered car in Nice and I need to have it serviced (control technique). Can I do it in France or do I need to take it back to Romania and have it done there? Any helps is greatly appreciated. Suggestions for place to do it. Price etc.Thanks a lot in advance.Regards,Tekla

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Just found out that since yesterday, you can now use your training hours (that you accumulate when you are an employee in France) to pay for your driving licence There is some info herehttp://blogs.angloinfo.com/life-on-the-french-riviera/2017/03/16/how-to-finance-your-driving-test-with-training-hours/

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I'm an American expat living in the Saint Raphaël/Fréjus area and would like some tips on exchanging and testing for the French driving license. I happen to be from one of those states that does not have an reciprocal agreement, so this mean that I have to pass the French Code. No problem with that, but does this mean that I have to take the whole 20 hour driving course? The Marie says "not really", but the local driving schools don't seem to know what to do with me. Has anyone in the area gone through this before? Any suggestions?

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 Hello! I am desperately looking for a driving school in Nice or around (also possible nearby Valbonne) where they speak English. My level of French is not good enough to understand such things as road traffic regulations etc. Does anyone have any idea where I can get my license studying in English? In fact at least the theory in English since I think I will be able to tackle with French drivig instructor.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Best regards, Yana Desseaux.                      

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