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I know this should probably be in the driving section but I just wondered if anyone knew whether you have to pay to change the address on a carte grise. I have looked on The Prefecture website but am still not sure of the answer.Can anyone help?

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I was curious to know if non EU citizens are able to obtain a french drivers licence? Does one need to show a carte de sejour or is it simply a case of showing your passport,passing the test and paying your way? Any advice much appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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There was a topic posted a while ago about this and somebody had recommended a great insurance company in Calais. I cannot find this posting anymore - so if anybody knows of this could you please enlighten us. We drive back to the UK quite regularly and are not looking to change the UK plates, but do need insurance over here. Any recommendations?    

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I need to rent a car but I cant find anyware were I can rnet a car because I have had my Licens for less than a year....... I know that I am in a bad situation but I need to rent one soon........ I am willing to pay a lot in Insurence but they won't let me. Anyone out there who knows anything about this. Jens

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I've mislaid (pretty permanently) my vehicle service book and need to tell a local garage what needs to be done on a service(they're a French indy garage and I just want to make sure everything necessary is done).Can anyone give me the list of checks & replacements in FRENCH needed for an oil service on a 1994 325 TDS (or similar)?Thanks a million...

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My name is Keith I have been here a week only, dont know many people and not many with a bike anyhow. I've bought out my Suzuki TL1000R and wanna get out on the roads with like minded people. Just wanted to see if there are any bikers into getting together for rides out or general pissing it up Keith 06 17 84 63 95

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I have a car in Spain on UK plates which I want to register in France. Can anyone advice me on procedure? Many thanks N J Darby njdarby@hotmail.com      

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Does anyone know anything about Golf gearboxes?  I've now lost reverse, 1st and 2nd.  Which makes driving mighty hard!  Someone told me that it might not be necessary to replace the whole box but since I know less about cars than Tony Blair does about politics I could use some input.  I thank you.

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Hi, I got a warning message on my dash that the brake lights weren't working so I checked last night.. only the high level brake light was working. SO I changed both brake light bulbs for new ones. Now the brake lights work, but when I put the brakes on the dashboard illuminates as if I've got the headlights on (when I haven't), and if I've got the headlights on (or even just the sidelights), the brake lights are permanently on! Any ideas what the problem might be, or does anyone know an english speaking mechanic near Juan les Pins that I can try? Thanks Simon.

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