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Does anyone know the price on the road of a BMW i3 Rex?Is a government grant deducted from this price?I cannot get any sense out of BMW.   They do not seem to be interested in selling thir electric cars.

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Hi All,  I am moving to France for nine months plus.  I will not have a residency card at this time, but I will have a long stay visa.  I would like to have my car shipped over.  I researched a bit and it looks like you can drive an American car with US plates in Western Europe, however I am wondering about insurance.  I have yet to find an American insurance company that will insure in France.  Germany and Italy, yes. For some reason not France.  Any suggestions?  Are there auto insurance policies in France that cover American cars?  Thanks!

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Hi all, does anyone know of a mechanic who is capable of working on auto transmissions in the Antibes area or anywhere else?  It's like I'm asking the local mechanics if they know how to repair a space shuttle or something! :)

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Hello I am in need of someone to tow a car to a garage. Either someone who has a trailer I can rent or someone who provides the service. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!Thanks Joseph 

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I just wanted to find out if anyone was by any chance driving from the UK to France or knew of a cheap and easy way of transporting a portable massage table and a light frame road bike (in a bike box)? Taking on a plane is expensive and pretty inconvenient when i dont have a car to get them to and from the airports, so was hoping to find someone who could help. Thanks,Noosh

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.. can anyone recommend a reliable garage for a VW Camper down near Antibes? I have seen there is the English Mechanic near Opio and Bug Shop near Antibes... was wondering what people's experiences were with these or if there is anyone else down here I can use for servicing of my 1971 VW T2 camper?thanks!

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Hi all,I'm based in Villeneuf Sur Lot and am moving to Spain on the 25th Sep 2016. We have an old but very reliable and solid Renault Laguna 5 door hatchback that we need to get rid of asap.The bodywork is pretty poor but the car has been maintained and the engine is solid. I'm looking for a place to either scrap or someone local who needs a good reliable car. Around 260,000 km on the clock and doesn't miss a beat!ThanksRyan

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anyone know what protocol is for buying an Italian registered 2nd hand car and registering in France? eg what docs to get in Italy when you buy the car.. any advice appreciated. I have bought a car in UK and registered here in France and just wondered if Italy had different rules..

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For those of you travelling to Calais in the near future...Protesters near Calais have blocked the A16 so access to the Calais port/Eurotunnel is very limited today (Monday 5 Sept 2016). The protesters are demanding that the French government set a date by which "The Jungle" camp in Calais will be dismantled and cleared, and vow to protest until a date is set, so it's unknown at the moment when it will be called off. Alternative routes are suggested by Eurotunnel. See their website for information. Safe travels.

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Hello everyone, Im looking for Renault Twingo between 1996-2001 used parts. I need rear left ligth,mirror and etc. Email me edminukas@gmail.com and i will send you full list of what i need. Or give me a call if you live in Nice or 15km around and i come to look. Have a nice day 

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Does anyone have interest in pre 1954 MG's , I have one of the last TF's produced, & I'm looking for a bit of help with engine tuning & would like to meet others with similar interests.

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I'm driving from Cogolin to Lichfield on the 13th of July. If you would like a lift, please contact me. PS Small luggage, please.

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Hi, i'm moving to the UK in october this year, and i will be taking my Renault Mégane with me, i wondered if someone could tell me what i need to do when i get there or who to contact DVLA ? Also i'll need to change the plates, get the MOT done. Many thanks

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Hi everyone, Kinda new to the angloinfo crowd. I'm currently living in Portland, Oregon getting my masters in Urban Planning but originally grew up in Antibes. I am going home to visit my parents and I've invited along 5 of my classmates to adventure the beautiful french riviera with me for a couple days during my visit! We're a big crowd of people and this means we're gonna need a big car. They will be visiting between the 18th and the 22nd of July. They are impatient to travel around the french riviera coast but I can't really take them anywhere without some van that can fit them all.So I'm reaching out! I could just rent something from the airport but I thought I'd check out angloinfo first as I've been able to rely on this community in the past and, honestly, I'd rather not have to deal with airport rentals. I am 24 (the youngest of the bunch), my classmates' ages range from 26 to 30. We all have valid driver's licenses. I know this may be an unusual request and I may not get any answers but it's hard to find easy rentals in France (having been exposed to all these 'app' options in the US like getaround or relayrides) so I thought I'd give it a try. That being said, I may not know the right websites to look up. If anyone has any good suggestions for easy rentals, please share your knowledge!Anyways, if anyone is willing to make a couple extra bucks and happen to have hanging around some working car contraption that can hold 6 people and won't be using it between the 18th and the 22nd of July, please contact me a jujmichel@gmail.com.Big thanks!Julia Michel

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Does anyone know the process of having an abandoned vehicle removed from the (public) road outside their house ( in Antibes)? A tatty, French-registered motorhome has been parked outside for some two months now, with no-one coming or going. A note of the windscreen has not generated any response. I've tried searching the Mairie website for advice, but without success, so far.

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Hi,I live in the Golfe Juan area and need a garage which can fix an electrical fault with my car. Can anyone recommend a garage in the area?Many Thanks

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Hi, Does anyone know of a auto-ecole in Nice that has a english speaking instructor? Thank you

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Im Looking for secure parking in Nice from 9th July for 8 weeks if you have a space I'm happy to pay 

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Hello, does anyone know a car hire company that don't ask for a large deposit?  would like to rent a car for 1 week in July.

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Hello everybody,Just noticed that I have to pass the French driving licence to continue driving here and I have to pass the "Code" first which is like 40 mcq questions. I have never done something like this before and on top it's in French. I was wondering if someone could help me with the code de la route please? I really have to pass this thing!Feel free to contact me on: miedex9@gmail.comThanks in advanceShivam

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