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I would like to drive from Menton to Puhket , Thailand.  Possibly through some pretty dubious countries.  Does anyone have any advice?  What insurance company would insure me? Thank you.

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My friends have offered to lend me their French car for a month while they go back to England but I can't seem to find a way to insure it.  My name ins't on the Carte Gris.... does anyone know if it's possible to insure a car that you don't own?

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I don't live in France but am a frequent visitor. Recently my husband has received four fines for speeding (he was over the limit by a few kilometres) from as long ago as the middle of last year. Anyway, does anybody know what could have happened to him if he hadn't paid the fines? We're just curious to know. Thanks

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Hello Friends , I have made this request before without any success , I am an English Ferrari F1 Fan in my Fifties and would love to be able to be a Passenger in a Ferrari for a ride around the GP Circuit , I will be in Roquebrune cap Martin from 10th May so I will be around for the Historic and F1 GP'S , any help would be greatly appreciated .  Thanks.

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I have a car with an automatic gearbox problem and no garage I have tried so far is prepared to deal with it.  Does anyone know a reliable garage in Nice they can recommend for this?

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Where can I buy a car cover? Amazon UK has only sell them with a possibly very long delivery time. Amazon.fr, Carrefour and Castarama don't do them. Thanks

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Hi,    I am doing a bike tour from Norway back to Nice.   I need to box my bike to get it in the hold.    Having trouble finding someplace to get a bike box.   Have tried the bike shops but they don't have the storage to keep those things. Any ideas much appreciated!!    Christine   (+33 (0)6 78 37 96 15

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HiMy son is getting married in Cros de Cagnes at the end of May this year, and would like his fiancée to be driven to the Mairies office in an American convertible, then taken to Haute de Cagnes after the ceremony.Can any one help us find one please?

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Hello everyone, I am looking for advice. I have imported my car to France from the United States. The car currently has an American title, and expired American registration, and no insurance, at it is not being driven at the moment. I am interested in transferring the American title to a French carte grise, then getting the car registered with new French plates. What are the necessary steps I need to take? The car is a 1978 Mercedes, so will it be considered a "voiture de collection"? Your advice and assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks and have a great day! Houman06 10 98 12 04

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Hello!  We are two English-speaking people in Monaco looking to upgrade our Monegasque B-driver's licence to a C-level ( lorries and cars  heavier than 3500kg..) . Problem is, we will not survive the exams in French, so we need an instructor to give us the practical driving lessons in English and translate the theoretical exam's questions. We are from Finland, but not allowed to take the exam there either. Please help?    Regards,  Inka  +358403548436

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Can anyone recommend a reliable garage to get my yamaha scooter serviced, around Antibes JLP ideally. Many thanks

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Is there a French web site that gives second hand car values.  It is the equivalent to glasses car guide in the UK.

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Apologies, I'm sure this must have been covered, but I must be putting in the wrong search criteria 'cos I can't find it! I'm driving from Calais to CDA in an RHD car. What's the advice for the peage? Also, I'm not importing the car, it's just 'on holiday' here. Other than a GB sticker and insurance (which I already have), is there anything I need to do with the headlights, etc?

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Hiya, For the last few months, while driving both in, and out, of Monaco, by the toll, there has been a road being built. It appeared to originally be a dirt track, but now it has turned into a proper route however I have no idea what purpose it is set to serve. Does anybody know what the route is for? Many thanks Max

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I live in France and have acquired 2 parking tickets in Monaco. Does anyone know if I have to pay them and what are the consequences if I don't?! Thank you... Lulu-pud

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We are looking for a mobylette to buy! If you have one for sale, please contact us with the details. Thanks

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Are there any like minded classic bike enthusiasts out there that would be interested in getting together perhaps once a month in the Antibes area? We could even consider forming some sort of Riviera Classic Bike Club. I have just completed building a NorBsa café racer (wideline featherbed frame with BSA A10 engine) and it gets a bit lonely riding around in splendid isolation! I love big Brit bikes but also Italians, Harleys etc.and I have a lot of knowlege and tools that could be useful to others. It could be fun? Why not contact me to discuss on 06 88 70 12 38, 04 93 91 00 24 or email contact@pinballtreasures.com I look forward to hearing from you, Patrick.

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Can anyone recommend a car dealership where I can get advice in English (or at least a tolerance of my poor French). I am in the process of moving to France (near Grasse), so at the moment my French is limited to rusty school boy level. I am looking to buy French car, smallish and say 3 to 5 years old. Also, apart from turning up with the right amount of cash, is there anything else I need to know about buying a secondhand car in France e.g any particular regulations or tricky paperwork.  Many thanks.

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We need to buy one of these by May... So far narrowed it down to: Toyota verso, Mazda 5, VW Touran and Renault grand scenic (not sure about the card-key system...) Any recommendations/insight gladly received. (looking for almost new second-hand...)

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. Certificat de situation administrative (commonly known by its old name of certificat de non-gage), which certifies that the car is not acting as security against a loan (valid for one month) and that there is no judicial opposition to its sale (valid for two months). The form is available from the Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture . I hope someone can assist.  We are selling our car to a friend do we need this document and if so is there anywhere we can get it other than prefecture Hopefully someone can assist us. Tony  

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