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Hi I am planning to go to Agen  for a few days does anyone know anything about car sharing - thought it would be cheaper to go with someon)e else and share the costs   please let me know if anyong going that way - happy to be dropped off at a station near to Agen thanks in advance Michel ( french but been in the UK for 35 years)

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Hello My UK driver's licence photocard has expired.  Am I obliged to replace this for a French one?  If so, is the fact that the photocard has expired going to mean that I have to re-take my driving test here? Or will it simply be replaced? Any advice and how I go about this would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 

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Hi there,  I wonder if anyone can help me with some questions about my UK driving license.   I would like to update the information on my UK driver's license, but as far as I can tell, this is not possible if you are no longer a resident in the UK [you have to be a resident in the UK for more than 185 days n a calendar year].  Is this correct?   I read online also that if you are no longer a resident in the UK, your driver's license is no longer valid?  Is this true?  I have an UK driver's licenese that is only experiing in a few years.  I have been using it in France, because I understood that as an EU member country, my UK license is valid in France.   I know I can swap my UK license for a EU-French one, but therein lies the problem.  I need to update my license details first.  If I can't update my license via the DVLA, I can't apply for a French one because it won't have the right details.   For what it is worth, I do have a UK address (where my daughter lives), and my UK mail goes there, but I am reluctant to use it for anything related to my UK license.  The declaration explicity states: I declare that I am a resident in the UK and understand that it is a criminal offence to make a false declaration to get a driving license and that to do so can lead the prosecution and a maximum penalty of up to two years imprisonment.   Just to be clear, I am not applying for a new/first driving license.  I do have one, but it needs to be updated.    Many thanks

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Hello   I have to go back to Agen 47000 for a couple of days sometime in Februay- is anyone going that way plan to stay a 2/3 days to do some gardening so best to go when weather is not too bad would be willing to share costs of the journey   please mail me if you are going to the South West thanks a lot Michel    

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Hi, I just wondered if anyone could help me. I got a parking ticket at the end of September which was unfair, I went to the police station at the time and they said don't pay it but I didn't want to just do that so contested it within the specified 45 days. Two months later I got a reply saying that my appeal was rejected and that it would go to a tribunal. I don't speak much french but there was a part of the letter that pretty much said that if I could just pay the original fine. I sent a cheque with copies of all letters etc and had a reply saying that it has already gone to the judge. I don't know what to do now as it says that the upper fine is now 750€ but I followed all guidelines from them. They say they won't accept a cheque as its beyond the 45 days yet it was them who took ages to reply.    Can anyone help or has anyone had a similar experience? It's a uk plate car as I split my time between here and the U.K.     Claire. 

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Are there any Caravan Forums or online Clubs in France? I am looking for both English and/or French speaking Forums/Clubs, it does not really matter which. Thanks for any info. PCG  

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In the UK there is a website called "Caravans for Sale"  -  see link below. Are there any websites similar to this in France?  (French or English) If there are I would be grateful if you would post a link. http://www.caravansforsale.co.uk/ Thanks PCG

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I'd like to get my French motorbike licence, but as my French is very poor I need a school that has English speaking instructors, etc. Does anyone know where I can go?

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I've recently imported my car into France from the UK - this is a contrôle technique question I put the car through the contrôle technique before completing the D'immatricualtion process. So I'm now completly legit with everything in place. My one remaining issue is that I have the Contrôle technique papers and sticker with the UK registration number not the new French one. With hindsight I now understand that this should have been done last not first, but this isn't something that I intend to take up as a hobby, so not really a learning opportunity.My Question: - Is it a simple thing to re-visit the contrôle technique station and ask them to amend the paperwork? -Everything is the same apart from the number plate/plaque d'immatriculation. I surely can't be the first person in this position @-@Many thanks in advance. 

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Hello, someone has driven into the back of my car while parked and written it off! If anyone could recommend a reasonably priced depanneur and casse would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance   Simon sibuck@gmail.com

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Hello:   Can anyone refer me to an insurance company that will insure someone with an American driver's license?   Thanks!   Christy

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Hi - I need to register in my name a second hand car I recently bought and think I need to go to Grasse to do this. I can't seem to find the address of the building I need....can anyone help? I have all the paperwork, I think...

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My daughter survived the Bataclan but is (for now) too traumatised to take public transport. I need to get my car from Nice to her urgently in Brittany where she is recovering. I will pay tolls/petrol of course, so free one way transport for you to beautiful Brittany.  Hoping for a departure next week.... Can anyone help?    

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Dear All, Members, In assuming that Toulon is within the scope of the "French Riviera" perhaps someone out there knows of someone who can balance my two part propshaft off the vehicle: I would bring it to them? I am assuming that my vehicle does have marks to match the two parts but even in that event I am sure that it could do with balancing having removed it from the vehicle. Perhaps someone even knows of a scrap yard that specialises or tends ot have an abundance of old vehicles, namely a 1980's WDB123 230CE?   Best wishes to all.

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Hello to you all! I am looking for information regarding auctions in the Nice, Monaco and general 06 region for cars and vans, etc. If anyone has information or experience in this matter, please contact me as soo as you can. I have worked auctions in the UK some years ago, but maybe it is a little different here. All the Best, Peter...

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Skoda TDI to sell,2,0l,140 hp,6 gear,well maintened, service book,tyres in Jan,4500 pounds maintenance bills from 2005,rhd,excelente and reliable,big family car,4.5l/100 km.Engineer's car. 5000eu neg.Back in 21.11 for more details. Cheers  

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Hi everyone, I need a dent and some paintwork repairing in my car (small VW). Does anyone know of a fairly priced, reliable carrosserie/garage nearish to Nice? English speaking would be great, but I mainly just want someone who will fix it properly without ripping me off! Many thanks in advance.

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Hi,  I bought a little run about car, and within 1 1/2 weeks it broke down. Paid €300 for nothing , and it's broken again. This week I'm taking it into the mechanics and I'm sure I'll leave there paying €800 or so! Yesterday someone mentioned that they think there is protection for the buyer of a used car in France, for up to two months. the car is not from a dealer. Anybody heard if this?  Thanks 

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Hi all, Have a problem with my car, the alternator has gone kaput! So cannot drive, vehicle is on my driveway. I have a replacement part and a new fan belt but am struggling to replace this on my own. I cannot be without the car but I cannot afford the quotes I have had from garages. Is there anyone out there who could do this for me, happy to pay agreed price, just can't afford the prices I have been quoted. Please, can't be without car much longer as cannot really work without it. (near Grasse)

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Hello, I have a left hand drive car that is UK registered. I would like to import it to France, register it here and arrange a French MOT. Does anybody understand the procedure for this? I have the UK V5c document if needed for the French authorities. Regards Richard

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