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Hi there,   I am selling my car as I bought a family one. Here is the "Le bon coin" add :  http://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/864415468.htm The add is in French, but I can translate it. My husband is Mechanic, there is no problem or any "bad surprise" with this car. I will miss it, it is a really nice car.   Don't hesistate to contact me for any info you may required. Thanks Emeline

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Can anyone give me the basics on how to register a UK car in France as the Prefecture are useless ! Its 10 yrs old,LHD,  Mot'd till April 2016, got certificate of conformity, currently registered in UK but was registered Germany somewhere along the line, Got V5 but not in my name yet....Its a 5CV (1.4L)   Thanks

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Can anybody please give me a bit of info..... I borrowed a car from a friend to help moves some boxes into my temporary residence... This car then got towed away and there is no insurance on this car.... i know this is a huge mistake on my behalf but has anybody else been in a similar situation and can give me some advice... thanks

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URGENT If anyone is travelling up from Toulouse Brive & is passing through Limoges (exit 41) early 6am ish this Thursday 1st Oct I'd appreciate a lift - share petrol etc My vehicle has broken down & I need to be nr Bethune south of Calais by 6pm. Available on 0555 75 56 03     (24/7) Best! Richard.

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Hi, I'm looking for company leads or experience to ship my BMW motorcycle back to the USA for a year (I just started a new assignment in Boston and I'll bring the motorcycle back next summer). I've used RJJ Freight in Southampton to ship my Citroen 2CV to Newark last year but I was hoping to find a local port/company (eg, Marseille) for the motorcycle. Many thanks in advance, Allen

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The most up-to-date information that I could find with regards to Registering a vehicle in France is dated July 2010.  Would be grateful if a Forum Member could read through this info and tell me if it is still applicable. http://www.french-property.com/news/travel_france/importation_car_france/ Thanks PC Guy  

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We need to transport a Porsche 944 (non-runner with estimated value £8000) back to the UK as soon as possible. It's parked at the top of a steep slope and poor access will prohibit anything other than a single car transporter. Any suggestions? Thanks 

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Can anyone tell me the procedure for changing my UK car to French plates. Is there a website where I can get the forms to download. Thanks

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Hello - can anyone help out please? I have a French car - Hyundai Pony - which recently failed the CT.  (running)  I have been told it is either expensive, or free, to scrap this in Fance.   Currently iI am in Italy.  I have downloaded to appropriate form for the insurers.   I was hoping to sell it for E.100, but I am currently just over the boarder, and it is not posible to advertise it here. Thanks.

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Is there anything like AA or RAC in this area? Thanks

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Now that most cars have automatic door locking when you drive the thiefs have to find another way of stealing our belongings - and I have just been subjected to one. Filling petrol at the self service pumps at E. Leclerc, La Colle sur Loup, I was aware of a motorcyle queuing behind me, but didn't really pay attention. Just as I put the nozzle away, and thus turning my back to them, the passenger jumped me trying to get the wallet out of my back pocket. Fortunately I must have sensed something a fraction of a second before the attack, and having a very tight, buttoned, back pocket, he could not get at my wallet. We wrestled for 2-3 seconds before he managed to push me to the ground and two speed off. The pair, wearing full, black helmets, had obviously been waiting for a suitable victim, foreign registered car, single old (80+) occupant, putting his wallet in his right back pocket, etc. So motorists BE WARNED. From previous experience with the local police, with nothing actually stolen and nobody seriously hurt, I did not report the attempt to the police, it would have been a waste of time for both of us, but I did write to the local Leclerc and emailed the Leclerc HQ. Their response is an interesting insight into what Leclerc (the French?) believe is the latest in Customer Service/Customer Satisfaction. The HQ Conseillère responded by return saying that the matter would be delt with urgently by the local store. When I contacted her a week later saying I had not yet heard from the La Colle sur Loup store she wrote back saying I should go to the store and get the answer myself! Much as I love the French they really have not yet got the idea behind Customer Service, have they?

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Hi there,  my Mini Cooper is in need of a new clutch.  Can anyone recommend a reliable, trustworthy and reasonable garage who can carry this out?  Many thanks.

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Does anyone know what is the procedure to put a uk car on french plates. Thanks

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Hi everyone, I was looking for a little bit of advice. I have recently received a letter regarding a penalty for speeding, just one point. The car is registered to France however I have a UK license as I spend my time between South of France and the UK.  I read on here before that if you receive a pentaly you have to change your license to a French one? Is that true? Any help on this is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Hi Looking for someone to collect a small light car (1000 kgs) and to transport it from Colmars - UK (Oxfordshire / Gloucestershire area or ? Maybe someone has or, knows of somone returning with an empty car trailer! Hope someone can assist. Thank you    

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Hi all, I'm looking for a decent car breaker yard that would have a decent selection of parts. Autochoc is closed till end of August so that's out of the window. I heard there is one just outside of Antibes but have been unable to find a telephone number for them. Since I am without a car currently, I am looking for places I can call and/or view a website to see the availablity of the part I am after. Thank you

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Have not yet changed my UK license for French one and was wondering if anyone knew of potential problems when hiring a car on my forthcoming trip to England?

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Hello.  Does anyone know a link to an official site where i can find out more about the new cameras they have installed around Nice.  I don't mind it being in french.  I want to find out if they can charge us for parking with the cameras and also if we get a 10/15 min waiting time there as one has appeared outside the office where I stop at, but never for more than 15mins. (And there is never parking available anyway) thanks in advance jen

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Hello,   I have a 92 volvo estate that I want to get rid of. Either give away or find a slavage yard. The car still runs fine. It does have some quarks but I don't have the time or effort to do anything with it. Does anyone want this car? If you come take it, it's yours. Or does anyone know a slavage yard/mechanic who would want it?   Ian

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Does anybosy know of a mobile car valeting person? I live in Nice, if so please e mail me the contacts. Thanks.

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