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Hello.  Our control technique is overdue for a car that was in storage.   We have heard that insurance will not pay out if we get in an accident on the way to the control technique shop.   Is there a day pass that we can get so we are not driving illegally?   If so, where would we get it and what do we need?   Thank you.  

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Hi Has anyone used the parking company listed below for Nice Airport long term parking? QuikPark Nice54 Boulevard des Jardiniers06200 Nice Thanks for any information before booking. Noel  

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Does anybody out there know how I can solve this problem? I am tring to buy a classic car from a friend who has lost the documents for the car. The big problem is that he bought the car from another friend and never re-registered it in his own name. Now the original owner has emmigrated and we are unable to find him. Is there any process to getting this resolved?

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We have been offered a scooter but unfortunatey it is unlicensed and there are no papers for it. Has anyone got any idea of where we start to reregister it. It is definately not stolen but the orginal owner is unavailable/untraceable. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Mobile specialist needed who is familiar with the 2.5 V6 Tdi engine on a 2001 Passat to do a fuel injection pump change and all timing/drive belts, water pump, thermostat.

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Hello I have the task of registering a car for an absentee owner and need someone to work with me on this. I dont speak enough French to do it, nor know what each step is. I have the car, papers, owners name and permission (they dont know how to do it either and are in another time zone. I am happy to pay for professional help on this. Thanks Janne 0762 37 35 25

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Hello.   I have recently bought a car but the registration papers are in a real mess - the seller fell seriously ill after buying the car - the reason for his selling  - and omitted to register the car into his name.   He is now not well enough and completely out of date to make his registration.   Does anyone know where this leaves me?   He has given me all the paperwork but its not in his name.  We are missing a link  as the car remains in the name of the owner before the man I bought from (if that makes sense!).    I really want to keep the car, but is it possible for me to register it?   He has told me he will refund my money if I can't register it. Massive thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction.    

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In urgent need of a Car Mechanic that can fix a Mazda RX8 Please call me George 06 47 02 01 52

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To change the back brakes on a 106 I have been asked euros 240 at Feuvert , is that a rip off ? 

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Hi, Does anybody knows any good garage or private service shop for doing car servicing in a good price ? I have a Hyundai Accent. if not then I would consider my last option of going to Hyundai authorised dealer. Thanks

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I had a problem with my car and i tried to call as a matter of fact first time in my life assistance. I have axa so not exactly cheap insurrance and i have full risk. I could not get connection and i was on hold all this time, i had to pay for the connection which was in totall 2 hours and i did not get any help. I complained by email and got no response. Did anyone had simillar experience? I thought axa is one of the top companies so the service will b impecable.  As well i had to pay for further help so i was wondering how can i claim the money back.   As well after this experience i am going to change the insurrance company. Can someone please reccomend a company with impecable assistance service?

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Looking for bikers going to wheels and waves 2015 

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Hi there! Does anyone know about a website such as www.drivy.com for short-time car rental/leasing in Italy (the website seems not to work there)? I'm looking for some individuals willing to rent their cars rather than big companies. Thanks a lot, paula

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We have to pick up two couples tomorrow at the cruise terminal in Monte Carlo and take them about for the day. Our problem isn't what to do with them but how to get to them. We will be arriving from Nice and would appreciate any suggestions where to park and just to complicate things, they aren't very mobile.

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Hi I'm here for 6 months and would like to get a pedal bike.  second hand is fine just want into get around on my days off. Thanks  

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hello, could anyone tell me if I could buy a new battery for my car from the Carrefour in Anitbes? Or recommend somewhere that will be good?  I dont need it fitted as I can do it myself.    thanks

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Hi,does anyone know of a towing company that could transport my car from here in Peymeinade to either Grasse or Montaroux. Thanks

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Hello, Im sure this has been asked many times in the past but I just cant find the right info or advice. I have newly moved to france to a lovely new house. The only problem now is trying to figure out the whole process of getting a legal car in france. I am from the UK but have a canadian driving licence from living over there for a period of time growing up. My question now is who will insure me on an international driving licence in france. I will not live here full time but do want to keep a car which is insured here. With my rudimentary french i am finding it very difficult to find out how to insuce a new car with a canadian driving licence. HELP PLEASE ! :)

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Hello everybody, I have a non eu driving licence (from India) and I would like to exchange it for a French one. Anybody know the exact way of exchaning it or if anybody could point me in right direction. I have Indian licence and International license on top of it with which I drives here but I think it's about time I get French driving licence. thanks for your help  

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Classic car enthusiast looking for any interesting classic car from 1950-1978. Non runner / scrapes / dents/ minor rus / foreign registrationt ok. The more 'weather beaten' the body the better! Will collect. A few suggestions: Lancia Fulvia / Flavia coupe / Mercedes SL/SE coupe/MGA/Peugeot 403 break/Citroen DS 23 Pallas. Any tips most welcomed & appreciated.

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