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Can you recommend a company for car insurance? Does not need to speak English.

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Hi. Does anyone know where I could get my car wrapped professionally in Nice or surrounding areas 

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Can anyone recommend a car rental service that would deliver the car to a local address ? we are in St Paul. Thanks

started by: damienjohnson · last update: 1429554199 · posted: 1429554199

Hi all, We have a large van for our business, but are struggling to find parking for it (it's a VW Crafter which is too high for all the standard garages in the city centre and would take up about 2 standard parking spaces lengthwise) - I've had a look but can't find anywhere that seems to offer parking for larger vehicles. I imagine most business owners in Nice have some sort of utility vehicle; could anyone point me in the direction of somewhere to safety park it? Much appreciated.  

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Can anyone recommend a mechanic to repair a Yamaha 125 motor bike. It doesnt run so we cant move it. Based in Roquefort les Pins. Any ideas

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I've decided to get a French Driving Licence. I've checked the Prefecture online and according to them I need  1. a piece of identity -photocopy recto verso 2   UK driving licence -photocopy recto verso 3   Certificate of GB driving licence details (which must be translated into French by a traducteur          assermenté) obtained from the DVLA in UK. 4 Passport photos  . Now this is my QUESTION . I see nowhere on the form that Photos are required and yet to my knowledge French driving licences carry a photo of the holder. I have tried to obtain confirmation of this from the Police Municipale and the Marie de Nice but no one could confirm . The Prefecture are virtually impossible to join on the phone or by mail.  Can anyone who has converted their UK licence for a French licence advise please ? Villerica

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Hi everybody, I sell my car (Nissan Micra connect - grey color) in very good conditions. It is a diesel model with 5 doors. (91 000 kms) Last check up done last month It is a French car, registered in France. Please contact me for more information and pictures on: sevpiget@hotmail.fr. See you soon Séverine

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I live permanently in Nice only returning to the UK for 3 weeks in the summer. I have an old green paper driving licence that has my last UK address on it more than 20 years ago. I want to change this paper licence for the photocard driving licence. The paper licences will soon be invalid. I have obtained an application form which states that to apply I must be "normally resident in the UK for more 185 days" this is not the case although I have a valid GB driving licence that I use every year to rent cars in the UK. I suppose my question might be can I have a new GB photocard licence with a French address on it ? Thomastraherne

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Hi All I know that last Friday part of the a8 around Nice was closed as my husband got redirected. Does anyone know if there is anything similar happening this Friday? Thanks Caroline  

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Hello could you please advise Is there a way to buy temporary insurance 3 months for a  french car that is parked in the garage for the rest of the year otherwise? Thanks for your guidance

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does any one know of someone who repairs land rover defenders in the area, we broke down in antibes? Thank you

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Does anyone know where we can buy headlights to convert a right  hand drive Ford Tourneo to left for driving in France. Anywhere at favourable rates would be a help.

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Hi Expats,  I need some work done on my Merc that will require computer reprogramming (its a small job, but access to a specialist merecedes computer required).  Does anyone know of any good independant merc machanics on the Riveria? Thanks Regan           

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Hi  Can anybody recommend a breakers or auctioneer (or any other solution) to enable me to get rid of my UK plated car quickly?  Very sad to see it go but will have to spend a lot to get it in perfect nick. In the Nice area. Can just about be driven and wasting money on insurance etc while not being used. Any help/advice appreciated.

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The Auto Bleues were unveiled yesterday, and they're even better than expected! Not only do you not need a French drivers license, but there is no residency or French bank account requirement either, so even tourists can drive them. The official site is still only in French, but here is a quick summary of everything you want to know about these great little electric share cars. www.bestofniceblog.com/2011/04/10/auto-bleue-share-cars-in-nice-france/ Allison

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Does anyone know a garage that will process a  replacement Certificat D'Immatriculation (Carte Grise) for me as I have lost the original (although I do have a photo copy) and also put my car through for an overdue Contrôle Tecnique. The car is in Villefranche area. Many thanks in anticipation. Ziggs.  

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Hello does any know of a good trustworthy mechanic / garage on the Riviera that either speaks English well or is maybe run by an English person.   We will be needing mechanical work and inspections doing to business vehichles, Any help really appreciated, thank you in advance ;-)   Biker babe

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Hi can anybody help my towing part on my French licence is up for renewal what form do I need to get, so I can get a medical sorted. 

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Hi everyone,   Can somebody please recommend a driving school with an English speaking driving instructor somewhere near Les Adrets? Frejus, Mandelieu area would be ok.   Thanks in advance! Cathrine  

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I will try Europcar in the morning but anyone have any suggestions - need it for 5 days to move household things to and from Italy. thanks Paul

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