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Feb 27th: Save your FREE seat now!!  http://bit.ly/3c400Jv 

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Premium Limousine services(transfers,disposal) all French Riviera&Monaco 24/7+33641054947luxotica.limos@gmail.com

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,I hope you're doing well ?I am a French Man who can help you with translation, languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian), legal papers, repair (contacts or construction help from my side).I am offering my services as a Personal Assistant (either virtual either in person).Prices in PM or by email : kairamax1@yahoo.frThanks in advance, I wish you an excellent sunny day and see you very soon.Kind Regards,Max.

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if you are looking for a responsible energetic person available for a short time at the weekend to work on cleaning boats, write to me Elunia220@wp.pl

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if you are looking for a responsible energetic person available for a short time at the weekend to work on cleaning boats, write to me Elunia220@wp.pl

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if you are looking for a responsible energetic person available for a short time at the weekend to work on cleaning boats, write to me Elunia220@wp.pl

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love sport, art, travel, would like to meet english speaking expatriate community, also looking to work on top of retirement

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Hello,If you need a good DJ, for wedding, party or else my Friend is very talented, aswell I speak fluent french and english and i do a lot of parties as a waitresse or hostess.If you need any information do not hesitate to contact me.Thank you.

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HelloAsking for a friend ;-)I am in Cannes, my French is terrible (i understand this is an awful admission and a new years resolution to fix) and really want to see the new Star Wars film. Can someone kindly tell me when it is showing in English in Cannes or nearby? Thank you so muchLove from a huge Geek!

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I will see my two tickets for the Monte Carlo Jazz Festival for 20% less from the original price

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Anybody know of any Bonfire night/Firework displays going on this 5th of November ?

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Hi, I am planning to do cruising on the french river cruises so canal du midi destination is a nice place or not?

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Does anyone know of any mahjong groups .  Thanks 

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Hi I’m looking to join dance classes for non professional dancers or fitness dance forms or studios in Cannes, Mougins, Nice area...recommendations would be great!! Thanks!! 

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Offering cleaning services for offices, villas, apartments (season rentals and long period rentals) and  professional cleaning after repairs.Also we do ironing, windows washing, laundry.Work experience more than 10 years on the Cote d'Azur.Recommendations available and upon request.For contact and inquieriesSilvia +33 7 70 42 53 15

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Hello guys,I am pretty new in the area, came here from Dublin for a tech job in Sophia and living in Cannes. I am 30yrs old. Wanted to ask if there are any regular social gatherings or places/pubs you could recommend for meeting new people, be them local or international. My French is a bit rusty though.Basically moving from Dublin, where everybody is really friendly and outgoing and easier to start a conversation with, here I found things are a bit different, so think what I want to say, anybody up for a pint ? :)Vladimir

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Hello! Does anyone know if the Moochie Media Company still exists? We have been trying to contact them several times and they do not call us back.  Any information greatly appreciated!

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I am a happy, friendly and helpfulperson. I am  36 years old  spent 16 years in London.  For more than four years I have a great desire to go to south of France, find some job.  I have a degree in Theology and Philosophy . In London Igained  working experience such as careassistant, aupair, cleaner/housekeeper and working in administration field. Myskills are very much based upon organization and accuracy. I am a  self-motivated, hardworking and reliable,person who is an excellent multi-tasker with great communication skills. I havea caring attitude and excellent asset to work under pressure. I have gotpersonality that includes thoughtfulness, honesty, and easy going nature andreliability. Also I can be very quiet and sensitive to someone needs. I am avery skilled person, excellent in maintenance and general household duties. As care assistant I gained experience such as personal care,companionship and housekeeping. We have got full driving license.  Reference upon request.

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Can anyone tell me how I can access the weekly movie list on anglo info?????  There is nothing on the page under 'movies'!

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