Loss of Satellite Reception

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Hi, I am wondering if anyone else lost all Freeview Channels recently?  I have a 1.5m dish and all the connections are sound. I know that in summer the signal can drop off due to atmospheric conditions but this year I have had 100% loss for more than 10 days so far. Any idea and thoughts would be appreciated :) Thanks

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Tony2101 1595968533

Last week the signal was quite weak and we experienced breakup on a few channels in the evening. But since the weekend we have all channels with the exception ITV HD.  ITV HD is always tricky to pick-up this time of the year.

You may need to have your dish realigned and/or upgrade your LNB to a low loss, high gain model. We use this model from Inverto:


DevUK 1596025037

Thanks Tony, I just got everything back. What was weird this year was the sudden 100% drop off and return, no weak signal or break up. Must have something to do with the moon :) Cheers

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