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Hello guys,I am pretty new in the area, came here from Dublin for a tech job in Sophia and living in Cannes. I am 30yrs old. Wanted to ask if there are any regular social gatherings or places/pubs you could recommend for meeting new people, be them local or international. My French is a bit rusty though.Basically moving from Dublin, where everybody is really friendly and outgoing and easier to start a conversation with, here I found things are a bit different, so think what I want to say, anybody up for a pint ? :)Vladimir

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Ferney-France 1520258644

You could try Morrisons, the Quays and Ma Nolans, there 's an international crowd there. Monday is quiz night at Ma nolans and Morrisons, you could always go along and join a group there to meet people

appletrees-321263 1520412644

There's The Blue Lady in Antibes - open in day and evening - mostly yachties I think.

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