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Hello! Does anyone know if the Moochie Media Company still exists? We have been trying to contact them several times and they do not call us back.  Any information greatly appreciated!

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I am a happy, friendly and helpfulperson. I am  36 years old  spent 16 years in London.  For more than four years I have a great desire to go to south of France, find some job.  I have a degree in Theology and Philosophy . In London Igained  working experience such as careassistant, aupair, cleaner/housekeeper and working in administration field. Myskills are very much based upon organization and accuracy. I am a  self-motivated, hardworking and reliable,person who is an excellent multi-tasker with great communication skills. I havea caring attitude and excellent asset to work under pressure. I have gotpersonality that includes thoughtfulness, honesty, and easy going nature andreliability. Also I can be very quiet and sensitive to someone needs. I am avery skilled person, excellent in maintenance and general household duties. As care assistant I gained experience such as personal care,companionship and housekeeping. We have got full driving license.  Reference upon request.

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Can anyone tell me how I can access the weekly movie list on anglo info?????  There is nothing on the page under 'movies'!

started by: John Barlow · last update: 1518445193 · posted: 1518445193

I have a holiday apartment in Villefranche sur Mer.  I would like to get English Sky TV at a reasonable price.  Does anyone know of a good contact please?

started by: Maria123-966827 · last update: 1516719013 · posted: 1516719013

Hello anyone looking for friend / companion? Thanks

started by: KarenJ-232685 · last update: 1516704232 · posted: 1516568445

I have the Mag 250 TV package but over the last week the system has been cut off, I believe from where it is based in Greece. It did come back on again for a day or two but has now gone again. Does anybody out there know what the story is behind this and if the system is likely to be restored in the near future or if at all?

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HelloLast minute I know but have decided to hold a New Years eve party at mine. A bring bottles and food to share type of party.I thought that for New years eve everyone that wants to join in brings a bottle of champagne and something else.Last time I did a party like this ( more than 40 people) most people bought 2 bottles and at least one was champagne and we were out of champagne well before midnight .We all bring something to eat that we can share . Hence a wonderful buffet.Start 19h00. We maintain the party in the apartment as A cold on the roof terrace at that time and B Too much noise for surrounding neighbours . Those that want we could prepare and start earlier .The fireworks are at midnight in Cannes it is  15 minutes walk . So we can see the fireworks. I need volontiersIf you are available then it would be great if you could help on Saturday yes that is tomorrow , early afternoon. We can lunch at mine I can offer you a glass of wine pasta and pesto and also obviously my gratitude. Come at the time you want .Start at 11h finish by 16h come when you want lunch 13h .Unfortunately I am receiving chemotherapy for cancer and am too weak to do it myself hence my request for help. ( last session was annulled because of low blood counts ).Start at 11h finish by 16h come when you want lunch 13h .Then those of you that want to can join me at the ANNEX see next post for more details.Looking forward to hearing from you. xxx

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We are in Nice for a week, and I would like to rent a guitar, ukulele, keyboard, or other instrument I can use during our stay.  S'il te plaît et merci!

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Hello Everybody (or anybody!) - I am looking into purchasing an Amazon Echo Plus and was wondering if anybody had tried one out here in France. I know that Amazon will not deliver them to France and that the only way is to get someone in the UK to post it on. Are there any problems of connectivity? I want it (Alexa) to speak English so that is not a problem. I would be very grateful for any feedback on this product. Many thanks, Jayne

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Can you anyone recommend where we can eat out on Xmas Day ? Thanks Beverley

started by: Daniel H · last update: 1508314617 · posted: 1508152293

Does anyone know of a venue that does stand-up comedy in English??

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Anyone up for a drink or something?

started by: Harper · last update: 1507186760 · posted: 1507186760

Anyone interested? 

started by: ajsg · last update: 1506624075 · posted: 1383827009

Hi everyone, If anyone is looking to meet new people around Cannes, there's a few of us going to Morrisons bar in Cannes this Sunday at around 9pm. We're all female and in our 20's and (so far) all English. It's ladies night, so only 8 euros all you can drink wine, beer and cider. Everyone welcome no mater what age/sex/nationality... If anyone is interested send me a message and we can arrange where/when to meet! Hopefully meet you soon! Alison

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 Hi All Rock band looking for a powerful female vocalist to front us.We are experienced players, female singer/pianiste, lead guitarist, bassist and drummer doing our own songs.Our music has a 70's and 90's flavour: Barrelhouse, Heart - Tom Petty & the heartbreakers - Mothers Finest - The Dead Weather - Fleetwood Mac - Doro - Paramore - Little Ceasar - Concrete blondes - Patti Smith and lots more.Current age range 40-50, anyway age is irrelevant attitude and commitment essential. We currently rehearse once a week at St-Laurent du Var.If this sounds like something you want to do please get in touch. Thanks :)

started by: Daniel H · last update: 1505033205 · posted: 1504676506

Is this film worth watching before it drops out the cinemas?Anyone seen it and recommend a good place to go?

started by: JP2 Community Radio · last update: 1502530677 · posted: 1502530677

Greetings from London,our facebook radio Page requires development and cooperation, for a Franchise application to Anglo-Info.We are considering Provence and Monaco,to share some truly great sounds from the 60s to the present day,together with some Fresh new music.With Interest from Creative Europe in a cooperation project for Community TV,we are working towards finding a partner in France or Monaco. please check the data,kind regards,Patrick. https;//www.facebook.com/classictracksradio/e-utopiacommunitytv

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It would be helpful to know if anyone can recommend a good Satelite TV installer! Sky is difficult to receive and expensive. Would love to have an alternative installation for Englisch TV and cancel sky in England!appreciated recommendations !

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I have been here for 15 years and every year there is a new battle with the UK tv channels particularly the BBC as to our reception.  As a Brit, I pay my BBC license fee.  Why can't I take it with me wherever I am in the world.  I bought a "box" to receive UK channels as there seems no guarantee with even the largest dish which solved the problem.  I paid a sub to Filmon, which was free on registration...and just as my favourite time of the year has come, the BBC has cut off both BBC 1 and 2, just for Wimbledon.  What should I do to catch the last few days of Wimbledon ?

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Hello everybodyI’m looking for a native English speaker or someone whowould like do an exchange. I speak Spanish and French. I would like polish upmy English.  Please send me a message to set up a meeting to drink acoffee: ritacondori@gmail.comSee you soon

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