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Has anyone ever been to the music venue in Marseille called "Le Moulin". It's on Boulevard Perrin. We may be going to a concert there by public transport. No problems getting to Marseille, but no idea how to get to the venue from the railway station. Anyone got any prior knowledge?

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Drummers ohoi! could anyone help me to find a good musical instrument store with a nice selection of Cymbals (looking for Paiste or Sabian) -a place where they have things in store and where they can be played and tried.I've been to a few places where they say they can order when I know what I want but then I would have to buy without trying. (totally stupid thing to do..) stores like music3000, sb music, maxi music tried already but didn't find what I was looking for and I'm in hurry now...

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The next Forum's singles night will be held this Sunday 13th April at Morrisons in Cannes and will be an open age event. The Usual format will apply and as per the previous times there will be a nominal 5 Euros charge. Numbers are limited and will be pre booking only. As usual we already have some girls booked but are waiting on the guys. For those of you who haven't been to one of these events before check out the other singles nights posts for more information and reviews. In short it's a fun relaxed evening where you can meet new people. Booking can be done on here or by email - ai_forum@hotmail.com. More information is also on our website - http://all.at/the-forum Cheers Si

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Simon, I know it is early in the morning! Couldn't sleep and have massive hangover! Anyway, a big thank you to you for organizing a really nice night. It was great to meet so many nice people and I look forward to hoepfully seeing some of the girls again on Tuesday!   Also you are a wonderful chaperone and thank you for seeing me home safely! P.S. next time lets try to incorporate some food! xxoo L  

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Wife's 40th coming up end of next month, and am trying to find a really good band to get the party swinging. As an example of the kind of thing I'm after, I was in the UK recently for a party, and the organisers had a great '70s tribute outfit called 'Earth, Wind for Hire'. Now they really were excellent, but alas I don't think I could afford to bring them, or their wardrobe, down here for the night... unless I considered charging entrance! Any suggestions/recommendations, please. Thanks in advance Andrew

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Now that the weather is turning lovely outside again, I was wondering if anyone out there in Angloland would like to start an informal group to play chess in a suitably nice park on the weekends? No centralized administration or set commitment but, just a friendly gathering of chess players of all ages and skills? A way to socialize, share an interest, and perfect our strategies? Or perhaps such a group already exists out there and I could get let in on it? What do you think?-Alena

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Hi there! I have recently arrived on the Cote d'Azur and am looking to have what will resemble a social life. I am very outgoing and sociable and enjoy meeting people. However, I have not found it that easy so far. I would like to meet like minded English and French people. Do social groups exist in Nice / Monaco / Antibes / Cannes? What about for those of us who would like to go on dates now and then? Please advise. PS - I am not yet 30!!!

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I have serious crispy Peking duck withdrawl symptoms... does anyone know a pucker Brit-style chinese restaurant where I can get a fix?

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Due to requests and the ever noticeable number of single females in the area I am organising a Ladies night out :-) Saturday 12th April, 8pm in Morrisons. I will meet you at the door with your complimentary wine, introduce you to the others and then at 9pm leave you to continue your evening in whatever manor or location you wish. This way there is no one coming into a bar alone and it's a great way to meet others. So, if you want a night away from the husband and kids, or if you're single and want to meet new people come along. There is no pre booking required and no cost, but if you want to post on here to give me an idea of numbers that would be great. Questions, ideas or comments to the usual address, ai_forum@hotmail.com Si

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Hi!  Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations for Easter sunday lunch (buffet or otherwise)?  Preference would be for the area between Menton to Cannes. Thanks!  

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I seem to remember somebody mentioning about a park area in La Colle sur Loup called Ludiparc (may have got the name wrong!) I am looking for somewhere to take my 4 yr old son, for the day and seem to recall this is a place you could spend most or part of the day at. If so, is there an entrance fee?    gina b

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In conjunction with Morrisons Irish Pub in Cannes the Forum is having a party night on Friday 4th April. This is open to anyone, and is just a fun night out combined with a chance to meet lots of other people. There will be live music, a special drinks promotion, spot prizes thoughout the evening, and anything else we can squeeze in on the night. This is a free event, There are no tickets as such and no entry cost. However, to ensure this becomes a regular thing we need to have numbers there on the night so tell your friends and collegues about it too. Si

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I have the French Canal Satellite and Now Sky news has disappeared   Does any one know why and if it can be fixed ??? Jens

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Has anyone else had the same problem? Does anyone use TPS and normally receive Sky News as part of the package (albeit perhaps on the fly)? I have heard of others losing Sky News on this satellite. Is this political?  Canteloupe

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Hi I have just recieved my new Sky card from the UK. I took the old one out, waited 5 seconds, inserted the new card, waited 20 seconds and that was it!!!  No telephone connection, no phone call either. 

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This Sunday, 6 April, 20.30H, the Ensemble Vocale Syrinx is holding a concert in the Eglise St Famille In Cagnes sur Mer. We are singing L'Enfance du Christ by Berlioz. A real treat for anyone who likes classical music. Come along and you never know, you might end up singing with us!

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As you know, as well as the regular forum social get togethers I have been trying to set up a version for the more senior residents here. The first step was to direct people to the 'sheppard and dog' on a Wednesday at Holy Trinity Church. However, It is now at the stage where it needs more time committing to it, organising more social get togethers, different locations, transport etc and I don't have that time right now. So, if you want to help out, on a one off event basis or to help out regularly, post up or email me. Cheers Si

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Please be advised that the Brocante Marine , originally programmed for Sunday 27th April , has been put back to the end of the season , with Sunday  21st September being the most likely date. Also , by popular demand , the format will change and in addition include local artists , and non maritime objects , in the style of a vide grenier / open air art exhibition ! Details will be posted later on in the season. stgeorge

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I am trying to reach vivan lancier, based in Cannes, not able to. Does anybody now her? Please advise. Jonas jonas

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Ibiza House Party Easter Weekend  20 04 03 Asad Rizvi dj producteur anglais Il mixe dans les clubs londoniens tel que Fabric, the End aux cotés de Mr C et Franky Valentine. Il a également mixé au japon usa canada brésil mexico il a fait sa première apparition en france au folies pigalle. Auteur de plus de 50 vinyls et 20 remixes il a également été élu best dj 2000 par the Face et Best Producer 2000 par Mixmag. A ne rater sous aucun pretexte ... Accompagné par Niko (wicked party) et Spectrum (wicked party/shiver)en Ping Pong Andy (shiver) et Kaiser (résident le Théatre) Le Théatre 2 avenue Guy de maupassant 06160 Juan les Pins Infoline / Réservations : 04 93 67 78 87 - 06 63 86 64  12 Free Entrance available if you send an email at : soleilfr@wanadoo.fr

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