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Does Anyone know if there is a Radio Controlled model car club (Glow fuel or electric) in or around Nice. I have seen the track on the way to Monaco but only ever seen one car on it. Thanks

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The BBC is reported to think that the number of people in France who could see its channels after it leaves Sky's encrypted service and moves to Astra 2D is "too small to worry about" http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/article/ds10706.html

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Viewers who watch the main public service broadcasters on satellite but do not take a Sky package, could be frozen out of ITV, Channel 4 and Five by the end of the year. Presently anyone who wants to receive free-to-air channels but does not want to pay for a Sky package needs a special smartcard, called a Solus card, which is paid for by the BBC as part of its "universality" strategy. The BBC will stop funding this system from the end of May after it decided not to renew its "conditional access" contract with Sky. It will move to a new satellite where its services will be accessible unencrypted. The BBC funded cards still work, but Sky is in the process of replacing all smart cards to take account of updated technology. As the BBC will not contribute to the cost of their replacement none will be re-allocated, blocking access to the commercial free-to-air channels in digital. ITV, C4 and Five have so far not indicated to Sky that they will take over funding the cards from the BBC. One commercial channel is reported in the trade press as saying that the cost of providing the cards was not merited and they would prefer viewers to watch them via analogue instead. ITV, C4 and Five say they are currently reviewing their options and would hold discussions with each other on the issue soon.

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I have two tickets for the show at the International School of Nice on Saturday night, 29th March. RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANET. Let me know if you would like them. Jan Anything for a peaceful life

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What is the best motormount to use?? I have 1.10 dich and I would like to buy a motormount but I don't know which is the best to use.... I would like to know the make/model...etc Regards, Hasni, hbekkay@yahoo.com

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I am a 25 year old Zimbabwean girl just arrived in Cannes.  I have looked through this website and see that there are group meetings-up once in a while but was wondering if there is any other 20something English speaking girls (in Cannes) thinking it would be nice to meet for a bottle of wine and a natter about nothing.  I am not searching for girl on girl loving just a wine drinking pal! :0)   Anyway e-mail me on Katherine@angloinfo.com if you think this is a fine idea.  

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The next Forum Singles night will be held on Sunday 16th March and will be an open age event. The format will be similar to previous events and as per the previous times there will be a nominal 5 Euros charge. As usual the event will be in Morrisons Irish bar in CannesFor those of you who haven't been to one of these events before check out the other singles nights posts for more information and reviews. In short it's a fun relaxed evening where you can meet new people.You must pre book in order to get equal numbers and booking can be made on here or by email - ai_forum@hotmail.com. More information is also on our website - http://all.at/the-forumCheersSi

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Does anyone know what's happening in Villefranche for St Patrick's weekend? Heard something's going on but not sure what.

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The Beeb will be negating the need for even a "freeview" card.:- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/2843069.stm

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Do you like singing? The Ensemble Vocal Syrinx is an international choir, which sings a high quality repertoire of works throughout the area. We are currently recruiting a number of singers, particularly in our bass and tenor sections (but ladies are also very welcome). If you like singing, why not come and see what you could be part of? Syrinx ConcertOn: Monday, March 17, 2003The Ensemble Vocal Syrinx choir and the Syrinx Orchestra perform Mozart's Symphonie 41, Beethoven's Ah Perfido and Haydn's Nelson Mass at the Centre Universitaire Mediteraneen at 20:30. Tel: 04 93 20.68.94

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Can anyone recommend places to visit and things to see for visitors who only have 3 days next weekend?  I've only been here a month so don't know much myself and don't drive.  Suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks. 

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Hi, need help with SKY tv... when we move down in summer to a rental villa (no satellite tv in situ) can I bring my UK digital Sky box and card and simply plug in and watch? Or is it more complicated than that? I have a terrible feeling it might be! 

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I am a Danish mother with a 10 month old boy who are looking for English speaking mothers in Nice with children of similar age, who are interested in meeting ones a week with the children at each others homes. Please e-mail me at mettehilbert@hotmail.com if you are interested.

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Beginning this week each day between 8A & 8P  The Breeze 88.4 FM is transformed into The Rock Of The Riviera and is playing the Top 1000 All-time greatest Rock and Roll hits. If you are a fan of rock and want to contribute suggestions we would appreciate your input, after all we want to make sure that none of the best is left out. Please make your suggestions by replying to this thread. Thanks to all, Jack Kelly The Rock Of The Riviera. (Because you never outgrow your need to rock.) 

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The legendary pirate radio station Radio Caroline can now be heard by anyone with a Sky Digital set up. Radio Caroline's programmes include the locally originated programmes 'Caroline South' which are also broadcast to the Riviera on the jazz station The Breeze 88.4FM & on the  Caroline network every Saturday & Sunday evening from 19.00 - 01.00 CET. You will not find Radio Caroline on your digibox's EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), but below are five easy steps to tune in Caroline and to store it for future easy reference. For more details visit the Caroline South web-site at; www.carolinesouth.com To avoid multiple threads on the same theme, I will be happy to respond to any queries about Radio Caroline & Caroline South if you reply to this post, and I will post any subsequent updates here. You can also receive regular Email updates by sending an Email to: info@carolinesouth.com Happy Listening from Tom Anderson,Mark Dezzani, Duncan Larkin - the Caroline South team. Six Easy Steps to tune in Radio Caroline on a Sky Digibox 28° East 1: Select 'Services' on your Sky Digital remote. 2: Press 4 or scroll down to Option 4 ('System Setup') then 'Select' 3: Press 4 or scroll down to Option 4 ('Add Channels') then 'Select' 4: Enter these details:         Frequency: 11.623 GHz Polarisation: Horizontal      Symbol Rate: 27.5              FEC: 2/3 5: Scroll to 'Find Channels' then 'Select'. You will see a list of channels, scroll down to Radio Caroline and press the 'Yellow' button. A tick will appear. Press 'Select' 6: You may see a message saying that the channel has been stored and that you must press 'Select' to continue, otherwise......... Radio Caroline has now been stored to your digibox. To find it again press 'Services', scroll to Option 6 ('Other Channels') press select and you will see the Radio Caroline channel stored. Scroll to it and press 'Select' to listen to Radio Caroline.

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Blimey - since i have left the UK it seems the *stars* have all gone Barking : Paul Gadd Michael Barrymore And now allegedly Mr Jackson and the lovely wholesome Mathew Kelly (not together i hasten to add) what is happening ? And who is there left on British telly worth watching?   don't tread on the nicks

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i am a yankee lady living in monaco who is in search of the bigger breakfast - pancakes and the works.  a coffee and croissant will not suffice.  does anyone know anywhere in or around the monaco area to go for breakfast?  i might even travel some to find one.  thanks.   

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