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Good afternoon,I am trying to find a very nice bar/hotel in Cannes where it would be possible to watch this Wasps match. It is showing on SFR Sport (and on BT Sport in the UK). I am desparate to find a way to watch this and am told that only Irish bars will show the match. Does anybody know of a nice bar or even a hotel showing this? I understand that SFR Sport won't show this online.Thank you so much in advance.

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Hello everyone! I am looking for a violin player to play on a party on May 28th in Monaco. Ideally, violin plus pop/electrique music in the background. It would be great if you could make 2 songs before 2pm and then another 2 songs between 4pm and 5pm and another two or so between 5pm and 6pm. The rest of the time you can be my guest, enjoy the party, have a drink and something to eat and nice conversations with my other guests. Thank you for your answer!

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Looking for an English speaker who is keen to teach me bridge. I am not a beginner. 

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Hi! My name is Roberta. I'm Italian but I live in Nice since 2009. I'm looking for people who would like to help me to improve my English and to practice then French or/and Italian in exchange. I'm an Italian teacher and I speak French currently. If it's possible I'd like to meet people who are between 30-40 years old. See you soon in Nice, bye!

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I am looking for form a small jazz group in Cannes. Just for fun. I am missing playing my alto sax! If anyone is interested in getting together once a week to play through some sheet music let me know! 

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Does anyone know of any macrame courses in the area? English or even French or maybe other arts and crafts courses? Alex. 

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Since the recent changes to Sky, we now receive limited TV, mostly rubbish. As we live in Villefranche part of the year, we are considering installing the internet with a view to watching internet TV, for which I believe we would also need a box of some sort. Unfortunately, internet coverage eg wifi coverage in VF seems dire. Can anyone advise as to which providers and local installers are the best.

started by: Andy Russell-313828 · last update: 1483437840 · posted: 1483028734

We would welcome advice on how to receive English television in our apartment in Nice. It is a ground floor apartment with a small garden.

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Hi, Is anyone having trouble getting Filmon TV, up until last night it was ok, now it comes on for a few minutes and then disappears.  

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ARomantic comedy set in 1950’s New York, Guys and Dolls tells the story ofNathan Detroit, a small time gambler and long time finance of Adelaide, who istrying to find a venue for his floating dice game.  To raise the money hemakes a bet with Sky Masterson, a big time gambler, involving the demure Sarahfrom the Save a Soul Mission.  Packed with song like “Sit Down You’reRocking the Boat” and Luck be a Lady” performed by an energetic talented cast theshow is a testament to a time when “guys were guys, and dolls were dolls”!Adult 17.50€ and Student 12.50€3 evenings: 9th, 10th or 11th February at 7:30 pmTickets available on internetat:           www.ticketmaster.fr

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I'm looking for local choirs in Nice who would be willing to cooperate for an international choir festival. The cooperation is totally free of charge. Contact me if you need further details.

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Hi, does anyone know of any regular decent live music ( Blues, Rock etc) going on anywhere ?

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I'm thinking of having a 40th birthday party; can anyone recommend a party events company that they have used?

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Hi guys just wondering does anyone know of a place that will televise the Brook Golovkin boxing match the coming week in Nice? Thanks a lot!

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Hi, my name is Anette and I’m new in Cannes. I have lived in Cannes for just a few months now and I’m in France since almost 3 years. I live here with my husband and my little poodle Acai. We have moved to France from Sweden because we love this country and like living here.I’m interested in meeting people who are in similar situation as me, looking for a job, wanting exchange the ideas or experiences, maybe just take a walk or a cupof tea, or why not a glass of wine. In Sweden I have been working for many years as a Project Manager and coordinator of TV productions and have been engaged in different local organizations. I have always had a lot to do. Since moving here, the first 2 years were busy as well with all the administration work, getting into society, learning French, discovering the French system and environments etc. Now I feel we are really settle down here in South France, we found our place to live, Cannes, and it is time to move forward creating a business/friend networkaround me.  So are u a dog friendly person, like France as I do, live in Cannes and would like to be a part of a networking group, meeting new people, then contact me at anette.lionevent@gmail.com Hope to hearing from you!Anette and Acai

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WHO SAYS THAT WE ARE TOO OLD TO HAVE FUN??Starting in September let's get together to go out and do fun things:-theater-concerts-movies -hikes, etc...If you are interested, please contact me at teachandtranslate@yahoo.comThanks Lou

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hey there! my name's sim and i'm 24. i just moved to hyeres in january and i'm looking for people to meet up with for dinner or drinks in the area. i'm from san francisco and i'm taking a year to live in france to improve my french and am working full time remodelling houses. if anyone would be interested in having some fun and getting aquainted, let me know!! Sim

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The mayor of Cannes has decided that the fireworks will not take place Thursday evening in Cannes, as it is too soon after the Nice tragedyThe next fireworks display in Cannes will be on the 29th July

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Hi All! I guess the title sums up what Im looking forward to! Living in Cannes for 1,5 years but still strugling to meet new people...ladies in particular (below 50yo!) to hang out with over coffee shopping resto. Anyone interested email me back at babylovefrance@gmail.comG 36yo euro-asian

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Hi, I have two Sting tickets for sale.  Concert is in Milan on Friday 29th July.  Tickets (including postage and handling) cost 178 euros, but I'm happy to sell for the cost of the tickets only, so 130 euros for both tickets.Please contact me via carolinefrance2016@gmail.com, if interested.Thanks

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