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Hi, I have 3 Rihanna Tickets for the 15th of July at the Stade Allianz Riviera if anybody is interested. I bought them for 150 euros each but I am willing to sell them for 100 euros each because I can no longer go. 

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Hello I got a Bbox from Darty in January but although I am being charged monthly for for the service I am receiving non. Darty send me to Bouygues and then all I get is a round around. Has anybody any helpful ideas. Kieran Murphy  

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Hi Everyone It is not  easy  to be  new even in paradise (Le Cannet:)If you are enthusiastic person, with a sense of humour ,  loving sport ( ski tennis kitesurfing ) good book and interesting or just a normal conversation just write to me :) Language : English , Polish , French ( horrible :) Im 33 y.o person 

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I am a cellist living in Antibes. I am looking for classical musicians in the area ( Nice, Cannes, Antibes etc.) to play with. I would like to start or join an ensemble to gig with or just have a regular practice with once or twice a week. Please contact me if you're interested.

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Folks,   For an apt. in Cannes, I'm looking for a TV solution that provides Sky Sport, Eurosport and BT Sport.  Any additional channels that are packaged will be a monus. Thanks, Michael

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Looking for a pianist for about one hour for a Vin d'honneur in Nice in June

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Hello Everyone, I'm an actor, new to the area and currently living in Vence. I'm looking for extra/background work in Nice, Antibes, Cannes or nearby areas. I'm learning French, so I'm far from fluent at this time and therefore looking to work as a background actor, unless the speaking role requires an English or Spanish speaking actor. Would also like to find out about any local talent agencies who represent English or Spanish speaking actors. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated!  Best Regards, Denice

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My partner and I have recently moved to the St Tropez area and are both looking to improve our French & make new friends. I speak English and German and want to learn to speak French and my partner is fluent in French but would like to improve his conversational French.  If you are interested in practicing English and would like to help us improve our French we would love to hear from you on 0678490399.   

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Dear members,For those who are interested in spirituality & well being in general, there is a psychic fair in Gattières on the 9 of April in ( Salle Vogade, just in front of the town Hall).The fair start at 9:00 AM till 18:00PM.Lady Cephee an English speaking psychic will be there.Enjoy the day

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Hi! Living and working in Monaco for some time now and would like to meet new professional people to share lunch (love food!) and experiences.  I am 32 y old, speaking English, French, Polish. Lived in Poland, France, UK.  Get in touch! alamaja1@yahoo.fr Alicja 

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HI Am 22 years old girl  just moved to the french riviera for university i would love to meet up with nice people around nice and monaco  i speak fluently 5 languages so it wont be problem with communication and i have good sense of humor :p my email emna.rifi@gmail.com

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Hello, I've just moved to Cannes to be an au pair for two kids.... and would love to meet some other young people nearby. I'm 18 and from Scotland, and will be here for many months! If anyone fancies going for a drink or something- because right now all the people I know are about 8yrs old- I'd love to chat so send me a message :)

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Hi! Living near la Turbie and working in Monaco and would like to meet new professional people to share lunch (love food!) and experiences.  I am 44 y old (maried 2 child), i m french but i want to improve my English Get in touch! kasav1806@orange.fr

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Hi, I've been in France for not long, I live and Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and I am looking to meet some nice people around the Monaco area, I am from Cancun, I'm 31 yo and have no age preference, I am up for a drink, running or other activities! Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to meet up!  DAGO

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Embarrassed about your French?? Don't be!!! Everyone has to start somewhere.. Here's your first step. Come and join in our new venture, practice your French and/or your English and exchange your own wealth of knowledge of your mother tongue with REAL people A great fun, interactive evening and NO books!  Don't worry about your level, we're all human and can communicate! Plus with professionals on hand and the old way.. - Entrance: 8€ : including 1 soft drink or 1 half pint or 1 glass of wine + the evening.At O'Sullivans Pub - MandelieuIf you want more information, contact me!

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Hello,  Looking for a ticket for Chris Cornell on the 19th April in Milan.  Anyone got a spare one?  Regards  Cormac

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I wish to purchase a children's CD of French songs so that I can sing them with my daughter when she comes home from Maternelle wanting me to join in with her.  I do my best, but some of the phrases are a bit questionable....  I looked at Cultura today and they had loads to choose from, but they aren't cheap and I don't want to buy one that I won't be able to stand listening to.  Can anyone recommend one to look out for?

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hi folks, just plugged in my Sky box for the first time in 6 months and all the paid channgels are lost ie movies. I get a message saying to phone a number to suscribe to them, but I am subscribed and the payment has been going out of my account. Any ideas on what may have happened? Was there a new viewing card sent out in the last 6 months? Boo, was so looking forward to watching a good movie tonight! Ro

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I am planning to take my husband out for a great lunch with Valentine's day. Does anyone have any suggestions.... Please a "normal" price level...so i can still spent some of it one a nice gift. Either in Cannes or Antibes...

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Two tickets for Tom Jones in the Sporting Monte Carlo. 26th August €140 each includes dinner. Original price €150.LMS

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