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Hi, My name is Ed and I frontman and songwriter in UK band The Dusty Stars (www.myspace.com/thedustystars). I also play solo (www.myspace.com/edcesaronline). I'm in the south of France for a few months and would love to get together with other musicians or just cool people into music and having a good time. You can can e-mail me at thedustystars@hotmail.com I hold my breath...

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MIPIM festival in Cannes 15th March.Stand needs musician(s)/singer to entertain and attract clients.Guitarist/vocal/violinist ? Any one out there who is interested in playing 3/4 slots during the lunch and afternoon period contact me please on lrv2003fr@yahoo.co.uk

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Hi I was just wondering how to book tickets for this cinema. The phone phone umbers given on angloinfo are incorrect. I found the correct 08 number which is 08 92 68 00 72 but this just gives the times of the films. The 00377 number number has also changed and you get through to someones office. Has anyone booked tickets here before or have the phone number. I have tried cinefil.com to book but the reservation page comes up blank. Any ideas. Thnaks in advance. Carol

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Anyone know the typical cost for simply pointing it in correct direction and fixing it? Any suggestions on good installer?

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Does anybody know of anywhere in the area that plays drum n bass..?

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I am trying to organise a Birthday treat for about 14 people and thought a lunch or dinner on a boat cruising along the coast would be pretty spectacular. Does anyone know if such a restaurant exists or how I could arrange such an event. Thanks

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Hi all, Does anyone know how to contact the 'Funky Dining' group, or if there's a website? A few friends and I would like to go this Thursday if it's on. Peter

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The 'Cinema Society', leaning toward an aesthetic venue of making English features in digital on the Riviera, is looking for creative talent ranging from actors, writers, directors to production crew (some apprenticeship). Some cinema or TV experience preferred. jimbomor

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We have just moved to Valbonne and our 17 year old son would like to meet and make friends with other English speaking people of his own age. Does not have to be English but he does not speak French. Any ideas? Thanks

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Does anyone know of reasonably organised fireworks tonight in the area? We've got visitors and would like to take them somewhere "cool" to see fireworks near/at midnight. -- Pjotr

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We have tried to contact MoochieMedia for the last few days - without success. Does anyone know if they still exist? Thank you for any reply. Frou

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We are looking for a singer, a guitarist, a keyboard  and a violon player for our band. Most of you need to be based in and around Cannes as rehearsal is taking place at Cannes once a week or more as the aim is to gig frequently.  if you speak french I will be more than happy as I can understand a  little bit english but I cannot speak. if you write first this would be the best to introduce you. I am the leader and the drummer of the band since 2007 and this year is the year I need to move and carry on with different musicians !!!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/H9-HANGAR9/86574131981      

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Hi, We are a tribute band for the band Weezer (the band that sings Island in the Sun on all the La Poste commercials). We play all the songs off of the Blue and Green albums. We are looking for gigs to play. For now since we are a newer band we will consider an unpaid gig if it can deliver a crowd to play for. We've played in bars in Nice and at Fete de la Musique and had great appreciation from the crowd singing along, etc. Our set consists of about 25 songs, allowing us to play for about 2.5 hours. Thanks

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I'm looking to join a choir or orchestra...does anyone know of any good ones in or near to Nice? I don't have any transport so really want to find something in or close to Nice/accessible on public transport. Thanks

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If you are a singer. musicien. or just like to sing. please contact 0771669169

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Hi there Does anyone have 'Greys Anatomy' or 'Breaking Bad' DVD box sets??? Have started to watch but missing lots of episodes, please let me know Many Thanks  

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Hi all,  can anyone recommend a good theatre performance either before or just after Christmas day? My French is a little limited and I can't seem to find useful reviews on the upcoming shows. It can be either ballet, opera, Orchestra in Nice or Monaco. I would like it to be a perfect Christmas present. Thank you in advance! Merry Christmas to you all :) 

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Does anyone know if there will be a firworks display on the beach tonight?  I cannot seem to find the information anywhere.  Thanks.

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Good evening everyone, I was just wondering if there is anyone here, who knows where I can board on a one day boat cruise. Actually I would love to spend Christmas or New Year there, but it sounds too good to be true!!! Anyway I just arrived to Cannes and I want to give myself the best I can, therefore I would love to see sunset in the middle of the sea, from a Boat.. is one of the bucket list items so I really need to get this done, is a heart wish :)) I know that during summer there are a lot of these cruises, but since Cannes has sun all over the year it quite seems like eternal summer and I think that this is a good site to take the chance and ask. If you have information about cruises from Antibes, Golf Juan or Monaco, is perfect because I can commute easily. No distance is too much for my dreams! :) Any tips of information would be much appreciated. Thank you very much for reading this. Lots of love for everyone and many blessings!   Aleksandra

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    Hi, I have subscribed to UKTV France, but about to explode with frustration, it buffers, freezes and catch up is non existant, what other options work successfully - I am in Mont Boron with a good broadband speed. I have tried rebooting to no avail, but losing the will to live   Help!

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