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Hi to all We have sadly lost all our goods for our theatre company in our storage with  the terrible  Cannes floods . However we intend to continue on with our determination to bring the region great English Theatre. Just wondered if anybody has various items that they dont want or could donate to help us along our way in any condition ..large light wood panels, screens,  back screen and projector, costumes ( any) , large materials, shiny gllitzy, velvets etc. funny items.lights, stands, tools, paints, ... you name it. Plus we seek a rehearsal room near stations in Antibes, Nice or Cannes as that too went underwater and is unhabitable to use for the moment. Much appreciated and thank you.  

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Dear all, my mum, who is retired, has just moved to the area and is looking for people of a similar age to go for coffee, to the cinema, out for walks etc with. (English or French speaking, although her French isn't very good at all yet). She has a car. Please let me know if your own mum is in a similar position and we can put them in touch!

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Hello I’m a 57 Years old French woman I ‘have been living in “le Cannet Rocheville” and I would like to find an English or American person to speak friendly half English and half French I like sport, music, cooking and foreign languages I get used to learning Japanese for 5 years and I will be happy to find also a Japanese person to talk English or French Christine

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Hi All,  So glad I came across this forum! I live in Cannes for some months now been difficult to find meet-ups here.  I would like to know if anyone is available for coffee? brunch or drinks around Cannes? G 36F

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Buenos Días Lucy London by Iza MacLeod. Romantic fiction set in Argentina/England, with excellent reviews on Amazon. ONLY $0.99 / £0.99 / €0.99  to download from Amazon (no Kindle needed). Also available on Nook & Kobo. Offer ends 14th November, 2015. https://www.facebook.com/Buenos-D%C3%ADas-Lucy-London-1499561123590166/?ref=settings http://www.amazon.com/Buenos-D%C3%ADas-Lucy-London-MacLeod-ebook/dp/B00KOWZMP2/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1447355999&sr=1-1&keywords=buenos+d%C3%ADas+lucy+london

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Hi, a High School Dance in Nice needs a band that can play great covers and keep everyone dancing on the night of Friday 8th January, from 8 to 11pm. They haven't got a great budget - 650 euros - but it's a good chance to showcase a band for future work, given the crowd you'll be entertaining. if there is a band out there who would be interested, please email: serena.oakes@gmail.com   or answer this post. Thanks!

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Wondering, is there any sourse of information regarding local organised sales parties or bazaars for Christmas or in general. I am not quite sure what is the exact name of those events. I would like to showcase a small clothing collection plus meet new people in the area doing the same. Thanks for your help.

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Which button/setting do l use to change English speaking tv show/movies from the dubbed French to original voice? I remember on other tv's over here there has been an audio or ratio button on remote controls to change to original language? thanks for advice

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I have subscribed to UKTV france an fhav bought the mini box but I'm getting terrible buffering which makes watching tv hopeless, any ideas?

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We have booked to come and stay in Antibes between the 29th December and 3rd January and was wondering what is happening aroynd the town on New Years Eve. Does Antibes have a fireworks display of its own? if so where and how do we get tickets for it? And does anyone have any recommendations for restuarants for meals this night? I have two children aged 10 and 14.  All other ideas very welcome Hope you can all help Best wishes Sian

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Hello?I'm french, 35 y.o. male, living in Nice and wish to meet new people.Which website do you recommand me ? (I specify I don't like to spend hours on internet but it's a good way in order to have new contacts and meet in the real life);I like sports, travel...you can contact me also if you have the same interest 

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Hello everyone, who likes to sing, we are creating a new  gospel singing grup in Menton! Contact me, please  for info 0771669169 Lana Rosch

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We are two adults who want to follow english theater courses. we are totally beginners and living in Antibes. Thank you for giving us some informations where, what time, prices ....    

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Hello Does anyone know of a way to get hold of UK magazines at a reasonable price? I really miss my 'fix' of the weeklies and monthly magazines but cannot afford to pay the vastly inflated prices on the French newstands? Is there a way to import these ?  Thanks

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Hi everyone, I'm thinking buying one of these Internet-based TV boxes that delivers UK TV channels. Anyone any experience of the product from a company called Net dream systems. Thanks Alan

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I want to let people living on the Riviera and beyond about an opportunity to get involved (for free!) in an arts outreach programme being piloted in France. Arts Alliance are the leading distributor of Event Cinema worldwide – working with the Royal Ballet, the Royal Opera House, Exhibition on Screen (including The National Gallery, MoMA, the Royal Academy and Tate Modern), Globe on Screen, Faberge and all kinds of other really interesting arts related content. We are developing an Ambassador programme, to spread the word that people can see global standard arts content that might be inaccessible to them for reasons of geography, cost or lack of availability (or simply never believing opera, visual arts, or ballet, to be for them) - all in their local cinema………including in Valbonne, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Nice and beyond. Becoming an Ambassador for Arts Alliance could be of interest as a learning, community development, professional or personal networking opportunity – and indeed, as a way of accessing free tickets to screenings and exclusive content from the productions, chance to enter competitions, win trips to London, etc.Of course, there is no cost attached – rather, it’d be a super way of getting involved in some global quality arts content just round the corner from home. Anyone that loves art, opera, or ballet and would like to get free tickets to our screenings, access to behind the scenes content, the chance to meet other like-minded people in France and beyond, please be in touch for more information - kate.timperley@artsalliance.com or +44 7585005428

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Can anyone advise which providers can supply wifi/internet connection with a UK TV package? Thanks

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Hello?I'm french, 35 y.o. male, living in Nice and wish to meet new people.Which website do you recommand me ? (I specify I don't like to spend hours on internet but it's a good way in order to have new contacts and meet in the real life);I like sports, travel...    

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Hi - we're looking for a band for a senior Prom Night in mid January. They'll need to play for about 3 hours between 8 and 11pm (ish) Need to play covers of popular songs and get everyone up and dancing. The venue is Nice. Could you send details and an audio file if possible to :- trotsl@me.com Thanks!

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Hi! I am searching for friends in french riviera. I am 23 years old. Female :) The closest places for me is Grasse in Nice, but there is no problem to meet you for example in Cannes, Antibes, Monaco or Menton.

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