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Hi everyone, I'm new to Cannes and would love to meet new people in the area...I'm in my 30s but have no age preference in my connections....A good sense of humor is all that counts.  

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hello all, I have been living here for some time now and have friends that come and go in and out of France. I would love to meet some more long term residents here in the south. I'm English and in my early 30s, I'd love to meet up for drinks lunch, sport activities and so on. Please pm if you feel would like to mak a new friend. thanks. im in the villeneuve loubet area!

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Hi, I do large paintings mainly of vintage race cars from the 60s and 70s, street art mixed with oil and spraypaint, etc. I have enough work to do a show nearly and want to get going. A recent painting appraised for about 2,400 euros in Monaco by a former gallery owner (the same person who now sells all the signed F1 helmets and race suits at Fontveille). If you have the ability to get interested art fans that love racing from the era of the Gulf 917, etc, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks

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Just to warn innocent people out there that there's been drink spiking going on in a particular bar/restaurant in Juan Les Pins, I don't want to mention the name as I don't want any repercussions from this posting. However I have since found out that it's Russian Mafia run. Please have your wits about you and do not accept any drinks offered by the barman as a gift for spending money there. The two victims were drugged and robbed and beaten up and ended up in hospital. The bar in question is in the Palais du congress and that's all I'm saying!!   

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There are quite a few talented resident authors on the Riviera. We often hear about their books at AngloINFO and thought you might want to hear about them too. So, we’ve decided to start a thread here with the ones we know about that you might find interesting. Feel free to add your favourite non-fiction books here and tell us why you like them. They can be books about the area, or they can be about France in general if you feel they have enriched your life here.  There is a separate thread about fiction books.***** Lonely Planet Provence & Southeast France Road Trips (Travel Guide)  A Concise History of France by Roger Price Fighters in the Shadows: A New History of the French Resistance by Robert Gildea  

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There are quite a few talented resident authors on the Riviera. We often hear about their books at AngloINFO and thought you might want to hear about them too. So, we’ve decided to start a thread here with the ones we know about that you might find interesting. Feel free to add your favourite fiction books here and tell us why you like them. They can be books set in the area, or they can be about France in general if you feel they have enriched your life here.  There will be a separate thread about non-fiction books. ***** A Run to Hell by Frederick Schofield Villa Fleurie by Deanna Maclaren Croissant the Channel: Next Stop, France by Peter Hanrahan Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind The French Riviera: A Literary Guide for Travellersby Ted Jones Toby’s Tails by Susan Keefe (about a Border Collie; good for younger readers and/or animal lovers)

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Hello Looking for walking partners (long or short walks/one off or regular walks) for Saturdays and/or Sundays starting January 06. I'm 26, female and would love to discover the countryside and do some coastal walks every weekend. Anyone interested - please email zannahlewis@gmail.com Whether you're fit or not, it doesn't matter, the aim is just to enjoy ourselves and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If there are any walking groups already established in the area please let me know, or if you're a regular walker and would like some more company, let me know! (as I'm new to the area and don't know many people and would love the opportunity to make some friends) zannah

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Does anyone know of a Ukelele payer who could perform at a party of English ex pats in a Nice restaurant on Victor Hugo on Saturday 19th? Must know the chords to Joe Brown's "I'll see you in my dreams tonight". Play for an hour. Get paid. Maybe stay and join us?

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Hello everyone. I would like to make new friends in my area (Nice, la Colle,Cannes,Cagnes sur Mer Vence...). I live&work in Saint Paul de Vence since april this year. Im 27 years old. Im a Sivananda yoga teacher, pranic healer, vegan. I like meditation, spending time with a nature, watching the sun and the sky, especially at night, peace, conversations without words, walking with no shoes, mantras chanting, drums, gongs and many other probably untypical things. I would like to meet people who have some spirital life, who are awaken, simple & positive people (your religion doesnt matter). I offer also free yoga\meditation classes if someone needs it,free healing therapies, my free time and my company :-) Please email me justyna.loranc@op.pl

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I am a 21 year old English girl looking to get to know some people on the French Riviera, and hopefully improve my French. I here for the summer period and am looking to have some fun, and make some friends. I live in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, near to Monaco, but can am willing to travel by public transport to meet up. Let me know if anyone is up for meeting up? Eva

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I am organizing a pop up  gallery for an exhibition October 15-18 and am looking for a sculptor and an artist who paints abstracts  to add to the 3 artists we have who will be exhibiting already. It will be a 4 day event and depending on the number of artists we have to rent the space and host a opening night reception there are some costs involved. If interested please contact me with either your website address of your artwork or photos.  

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Bonjour, I moved to South of France not so long time ago. I live in the little jolie...but sometimes too quiet village close to Saint Tropez:) I am looking for new friends (girls) to go out in the evening and chatt. I really like Cannes and area or Saint Tropez. I spend some time in Nice for my work. My french is in the process thats why I would prefer to meet some english speakers. Im 33 years. the_mysza2006@gazeta.pl Happy to meet you:) Paulie  

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hallo I live in Nice  now and will be nice to meet somebody to go out out in area.Let me know if live in south of france and we can meet for drinks, go to bars or clubs together ivanka488@hotmail.com

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Hello  looking   for   a  singer  at  Biot  church  5th  september  @4.30  pm ( 16.30 )The singer please note   the singer does not have  to   be  a  professional singer Just   long   as   you  enjoy  singingThe   two songs  are  the  Amazing  Grace And also the popular song   -  Hallelujah   ( with  new  words  to fit in with the bride and groom I am of course happy to pay for you singing at my son’s wedding – the  bride has asked  a family member  to sing this song but unfrotuanately they have just told me they cannot come to the wedding04  93  20  66  24   -or email kateguijarro@gmail.com

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Hello! Everyone, I had been looking for the journal The Times in paper for a while ,however, there is nowhere selling it.   I would be appreciated if someone tell me where to buy The Times in cannes?    Thank you very much!

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They will take place tomorrow instead

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. We are here on the Côte d'Azur because of our love of french things, the way of life, the weather, the countryside and the sea. A large part of our community is connected to the sea, via crew agencies, crews themselves, sailmakers, boat yards, purveyors, technical support, florists, caterers, surveyors, engineers, outfitters, the list is endless (forgive me if I have missed you).Most importantly, when we, our families, our friends are at sea, is the knowledge that there are volunteers ready to put their lives on the line to save ours in times of distress. The British community know the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, here in France we count on the Sauveteurs en Mer.  Both supported by voluntary contributions.  When I read Jay Rayner in the Guardian I discovered the RNLIs fish supper fundraising drive: The RNLI, the charity which does tireless work operating the lifeboats that save lives in the treacherous waters around these islands, needs money to pay for it. From 9-11 October they’re asking us all to stage a fish supper to help raise cash. For more information visit rnli.org/fishsupper. Having spent my life mostly by the sea if not on it, in it or under it, happily never needing assistance, I would like to make the effort to raise funds for both deserving charities.  I propose hosting a "fish supper" at my home just behind Nice....... except it would be lunch and a little earlier because of prior commitments.  The meal would be a "fishy" apero with sparkling wine, followed by a "fishy" starter, then a ... yes you've guessed it, a "fishy" main, followed by dessert, coffee. There will be a vegetarian option and a non shellfish option to be requested in advance,  guests would bring their own wine. 25€ would be paid in advance via PayPal upon confirmation of reservation. From those 25€ only the cost of ingredients would be deducted. A breakdown of costs plus total donation would be made available on the day.  The total will be shared 50/50 between the two organisations. I am willing to do this for 6, 16 or 60. I am well used to mass catering and some of you may remember my supper clubs.  So sign up for Sunday September 13, join in and let's make this a memorable event. If you can't be with us any donation would be gratefully accepted and passed on its entirety. Please share this with other interested parties.  

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Hey!  Can enyone please can recommend a nice lavender plantation,  to visit?!  Somewhere  around  cot' do azure? ! :)  Mercury beaucop  have a nice day! :) 

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Hi Everybody, We are from London ( Russian/ British) family with 14 y.o daughter ( tennis player ) . We would like to meet other people in Nice ( russian, british , french with or without children) to go out for dining , shopping, traveling to Italy etc. If anyone interested please message here or : tanyasmgn@hotmail.com. We would be very happy to meet up !

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HelloI would like some advise, which dating website do you recommand ? is there any international website or only in french ?I 'm 35 years old male living in Nice, and whish to meet new people, chat and why not a serious relation if feeling is here. the more important is to meet new people first, share activities... I don't like virtual connection (ok it's good and useful for the first step)I love to travel and sports, I speak french and english I have no criterion, just interesting people 

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